6 Game Wars That Are Getting On Our Nerves

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“Game X is better than Game Y.” “I’ll buy this game, not that one.” “Game X sucks, Game Y is much better.” Every time you go to a gaming forum, these are the kind of posts you see the most. At first, everybody enjoys them, but soon, everybody gets tired of them. We did too. Some of the ongoing “game wars” have taken a toll on us- either they make no sense at all, or either the developers/publishers or gamers have blown them out of proportion. Can’t the gaming world be a peaceful world?

Anyhow, we’ve prepared a list of six such battles that we’ve gotten the most sick of. You can list yours in your comments below.

Gears of War vs Uncharted

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Okay, these arguments don’t even make any sense. Yes, both these franchises are flagship franchises for the two rival first party publishers. Yes, both of them rely heavily on cover based third person shooting. And yes, both these games have a lot of similarities. But at the end of the day, despite all the similarities, Uncharted and Gears of War are very different from each other. To compete them against each other would be like competing Final Fantasy and Zelda- both have many similarities with each other, but are also very different in nature.

We’ve tried to make sense of these arguments several times, but with no luck. I mean, even the protagonists are two very different people. Marcus Fenix is a burly, muscular guy who swears at everyone and kills whatever he doesn’t like, and Nathan Drake is a womanizing, likable, somewhat funny, younger version of Indiana Jones. And how do you even decide which of the two franchises is better when they’re so far apart from each other in spirit and nature? No sense at all, I tell you.

FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer

FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer is a rivalry that makes perfect sense. The two franchises have been at each other’s necks for many long years, and, well, you can’t really fault people for pitting these two together, seeing as they are basically in direct competition to each other. But after so many years of rivalry, stabbing remarks about the opposite game, senseless arguments and shootouts, rabid fanboy wars and countless horrid video features, we’ve had just a little too much of it.

We know this argument probably will not die ever, but we can still bitch about it. Both are extremely good franchises that produce enjoyable, memorable football games each year. Sometimes, one has features that the other doesn’t, and one has disadvantages that do not hinder the other game, but at the end of the day, they’re both really, really good games. So stop it with the fighting, people! Just like a Manchester United vs Chelsea argument, you’ll never ever get a straight result.

Gran Turismo vs Forza Motorosport

There are several racing simulation franchises out there in the gaming market, like DiRT and F1 and the Shift games, but the two main competitors in the genre are Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport franchise and Sony’s Gran Turismo franchise. After recent installments, people have started claiming that Forza has defeated Gran Turismo as the ultimate racing sim franchise. Many others, however, still believe that Gran Turismo is the best racing sim out there.

Our take? Why give a damn? Both are really good, excellent titles that provide with unfounded realism, enjoyable races, impressive visuals and some groundbreaking features. No one franchise is better than the other here. Yes, the weights keep tilting in favour of one or the other often, but very marginally, and at the end of the day, both remain equally good franchises that provide us car fanatics with awesome experiences.

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