8 Recent First Person Shooters That Had a Great Artistic Style

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Most First Person Shooters this gen have great graphics, technologically perfect. A lot of them do not, but majority of them do. It is rare, though, in today’s day and age, to see an FPS with great artistic style, that shows the creative and artistic streak of the developer. Below we have compiled a list of eight recent first person shooters that had a great artistic style, better than most of the other games in the genre.

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Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2’s African jungle setting was awesome- the art style was simply amazing. I was stunned by just how beautiful every scenery in the game looked, and the beauty of the game was compounded by its technical fidelity. Mountains and forests are my favourite landscapes in real life, and to see them rendered so beautifully in a game gave me great satisfaction.


Crysis is, perhaps, to this day, the best looking game on any system, from a technical standpoint. But Crysis’ visual appeal was not just in its technical powers, but in its art style too. The tropical, forest and mountain setting was very well rendered in the game, and remains, perhaps, not only one of the best looking First Person Shooters of all time, but one of the best looking games of all time, period.


How do you describe a game like Bulletstorm…? Technically, it wasn’t a very impressive game. No, it didn’t really have any setbacks from a technical standpoint, but it wasn’t extraordinary either. It was its art style that impressed me greatly. It was just so fresh, so unique. Not just things like buildings or enemies, but other small things like plants, boxes, wires, or hell, the ground were so craftily created, and just so refreshingly creative, that I still consider it to be one of the best looking games I’ve played, despite not being Crysis-level good looking technically.

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