Agents of Mayhem Guide: Relic Trading Company Posts, Warp Points, Intel And Region Keys

A guide to tracking down some of the locations in this game.

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Agents of Mayhem is an open world game- worse, it is a western AAA open world game, which means there are loads of stuff scattered around all over the place.

We know that most people won’t bother doing that- but you, brave soul, will. You will try and aim for a full 100% completion rate in this game after all- that is why we are here to help you. In this guide, we help you gain some of them in this game.


  • Level up your agency
  • Once you reach a certain level, you unlock the Requisitions department which will unlock Relic outposts on the map
  • Capturing Relic outposts gets you $180 per minute


There are two main ways of earning Intel in the game- Recon Run missions (can be repeated and are easy, but with very small yields), and Hostage Rescue objectives (similar to Recon Run).

Taking down Legion Controlled Outposts also nets intel, usually 30-40 at a time- so that is what you want to try for whenever you can.


  • Reach Level 8
  • Unlock Global Conflict
  • Send agents around the world to capture Regions
  • Capturing Regions gets you their keys


Warp points help you quick travel around the world- what’s not to like? Of course, you need to discover them first. You will find the warp points in the Northeastern, Northwestern, Southeastern and Southwestern parts of the map.

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