Another Cryptic Message From Gabe Newell?

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So I just got up and as usual habit, I checked my emails. Much to my surprise I saw Gabe Newell’s email and the subject was a “test”. I never thought that much about it since I already used to get emails from Valve since I am on their press list. But when I scrolled up I saw a cryptic message…I was like wth:

The image is below:

Interestingly the image was named as ‘sorbet cooper’.

Whats your take on this?

Update: So I was feeling a bit uneasy, so I googled a bit and I found several sites have been sent different parts of the bigger puzzle and apparently when you combine all of those you get the following:

The name of the images were “berets or scoop”, “bee torso crops”, “sorbet coopers”, “sort eco probes” are anagrams of each other. When you use these letters “Reboot Process” seems the most relevant anagram. Potentially a reference to GLaDOS coming back to life?

At the moment we are clueless, but we will keep you updated.

Update 2:

Looks like more and more sites are getting clues and this what the final puzzle looks like, although we dont have the final part yet.

Apparentlty someone at facepunch, speculate that the image is of a diving bell.

Thoughts, people, thoughts!

Update 3: See that numbers on that image? Now when you X-OR those with 0XFF you get the following message:

Now Mr. Gabe Newell is truly messing with us!

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