Anthem Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Anthem.

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Anthem Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game




PS4, Xbox One, PC

Genre:Third Person Shooter

Release Date:2019

Anthem is the newest IP to come out of Electronic Arts and BioWare studios. Expected to release in 2019 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, the online multiplayer third person shooter brings in role playing elements and asks players to become a Freelancer, an individual who leaves their civilization to explore and protect.

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While the first whispers of a new Bioware IP were heard during E3 2014 when statements from key Bioware personalities like Casey Hudson teased that their Edmonton studio was working on something completly different while Montreal finished the then next Mass Effect game, Anthem was first shown three years later on Microsoft’s E3 2017 stage with a demo which showed off two classes of the Javelins that players will pilot during the game. The release window of 2018 was revealed at the conference as well. Bioware General Manager Aaron Flynn would reveal in an interview with CBC that the studio had been working on Anthem for the better part of 5 years at the time.

Anthem was designed in such a way that both Bioware and Electronic Arts will ensure that the game will have some serious legs. Patrick Söderlund, Executive VP of EA Worldwide would state to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb during the Xbox Daily Live show at E3 2017 that the game was the beginning of a 10 year journey for Bioware and EA. The team was pushed to create the massive world of the game without any sacrifices, hoping to create the quality of an enclosed map on an open world scale.

Due to the fervour around microtransactions following Star Wars Battlefront II, there was concern from the player base that EA would force Bioware’s implementation of predatory loot box economies, and Brennon Holmes, a member of the development team would speak up on the matter to say that the Bioware team is full of gamers who want to discuss the best way to move forward with the idea, and that they weren’t set in stone.

On January 31st 2018, following rumours of its delay, Anthem was moved to 2019, with EA saying that “It wasn’t a delay” during the investors meeting where the delay was announced. Shortly following the announcement of the delay, it became apparent that Bioware was throwing everything they had into the game to make sure they hit that 2019 deadline. The company went on a hiring blitz and announced that they were shelving all other projects until the game went gold.

One of the writers of the game was Drew Karpyshyn, who’s credited with helping write some of the biggest hits in Bioware’s history, including the first two Mass Effect games. In March 2018, Karpyshyn would move on from the project and Bioware well before the release of the game. Casey Hudson, Bioware General Manager would take to Twitter to calm the fan’s reactions, saying that Karpyshyn finished his work on the game before he moved on and his departure would have no great impact on the game.

It would be later confirmed on a Reddit thread, answered by developer Brennon Holmes that the lead writers who were shaping the story of the game were Cathleen Rootsaert and Jay Turner.

Holmes also commented on how seriously Bioware is taking the PC version, helping to quell fears in the sub-reddit that they would rush out a poor console port and call it a day. He would confirm that the PC version is constantly being worked on, with the implication that it was being handled in house as a major version.


There are currently no story details for Anthem beyond its premise. Humanity survives behind a massive wall, separating the good people in Fort Tarsis from the horrible beasts and other dangers of the outside. Player characters, called Freelancers, brave those dangers to explore the primeval landscape, protect humanity and take on whatever awaits them with their different Javelin Exosuits.


Freelancers can take on the wilds of Anthem either Solo or within a team of up to four players. Each player will be able to own a wide variety of customizable exosuits called Javalins, which function as different classes and builds that players can switch between. The mobile, all purpose Ranger and the tank style Colossus were shown within the gameplay demo at E3 2017. It can be assumed there will be a variety of base Javalins, that have their own strengths and weaknesses, and can be customized with different weaponry. The special weapon, the Mortar, was shown off attached to the Colossus during the demo.

The world of Anthem can be explored seamlessly, without visible loading or returning to a menu. Players are rewarded with EXP for battle, discovering major landmarks, exploring ruins and attempting dynamic challenges in the world, such as the Shaper Storm. Anthem is using a mixed progression system between pure gear related stats, such as those seen in Destiny, and a system where gear will grow in power as you use it. No further details were elaborated on, unfortunately.

Different weapons are said to operate differently. According to another tidbit left on Reddit by Holmes, weapons in Anthem will be either Hitscan or Projectile depending on the weapon, though most of the projectile based bullets moves very quickly, almost making them like Hitscan weapons.

Out of consideration for colourblind or deaf players, Bioware is including options for different kinds of colourblindness, and being mindful of offering different visual cues for puzzles.


There is currently no information on major characters for Anthem. Stay tuned to Gamingbolt as we update this Wiki closer to release.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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