Apex Legends Guide – How To Heal Other Players, Restore Shield, and Use Knockdown Shield

A guide to healing and remaining shielded in Apex Legends.

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It goes without saying that in a Battle Royale game, you can’t survive for long if you don’t coordinate with other players. One of the elements of coordinating is to heal other players. You can heal and restore shield by procuring the necessary items. These are health packs and batteries which are located in random locations like buildings. Get hold of them whenever possible.

When one of the players falls down, you need to get close to them and press the required button based on your platform, so as to begin the healing process. Note that it will take a few seconds before the player is completely healed, so you need to ensure you do it in safe place like behind a cover. Furthermore, if a Lifeline character decides to heal you, they can do so using their healing drone ability.

Another method is to use the Knockdown shield. As the name suggests, this item will form a protective shield covering the downed player. However, note that this shield will only protect you from one side leaving other areas exposed for other players to take you down. Just like other items, Knockdown shield can be found by exploring the game’s map.

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