Apex Legends Season 2 Is Live Now With Full Patch Notes

The next season of the battle royale shooter is here.

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It’s finally here. After a long wait, the second season of Apex Legends is live and ready to go across all platforms. The season is promising some big shake ups, which we’ve been covering. From dinosaurs, to a major shift in the map, to challenges, and a new ranked mode, Respawn Entertianment hopes to give the game a shot in the arm, and we’ve got all the changes described in detail now.

Apex Legends launched earlier in the year to some massive buzz, but unfortunately was unable to maintain that momentum, as the game had a very steep fall since its initial release. EA and Respawn hope the new season will step that back up, and it comes with a lot of changes. From the ones we mentioned above to a new Legend, Wattson. It also includes big changes to characters and weapons. We’ve got a partial list of the changes below, or you can go here for the full thing.

Apex Legends is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Season 2 is live now across all platforms.


To get the Battle Pass, jump into Apex Legends and head to the Battle Pass tab in the store. Grab the Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins or the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins (containing 4,700 Apex Coins’ worth of content!), and you’re all set.


Take on Daily and Weekly Challenges to score bonus Battle Pass XP and level up even faster. Read more here.


Skydive emotes, music packs, and unique loading screens are now part of the rewards track.


Grab even more Legendary skins from the reward track and earn enough Crafting Materials to create a Legendary item of your choice.


Everyone who plays Apex Legends Season 2 can earn:

  • Season 2 stat trackers for each Legend.

  • Five Apex Packs.

  • The Wattson Hot Rod skin.


Wattson has entered the arena and is available for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens.

  • PASSIVE: Spark of Genius

    • Ultimate Accelerants fully charge Wattson’s ultimate. Standing near the Interception Pylon boosts Wattson’s tactical recharge rate.

  • TACTICAL: Perimeter Security

    • Create electrified fences by connecting nodes. Fences damage and slow enemies.

  • ULTIMATE: Interception Pylon

    • Place an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields [can place up to 3 Pylons at one time].

    • General

      • Fortified [ Gibraltar, Caustic ]

        • Damage reduction increased: 10% -> 15%

        • Fortified Legends are now immune to slow effects from weapon fire.

      • Low Profile [ Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder ]

        • Low Profile increases incoming damage by 5%.


      • Eye of the Allfather

        • Enemies scanned now are tracked in real time instead of leaving a ghost image behind. The tracking lasts for 1.5 seconds.

        • Increased the angle of the scan to 110 from 90.

      • Tracker

        • Increased clue duration to 90 seconds from 60 seconds.

        • Fixed a bug where energy weapons wouldn’t leave behind weapon fired clues.

        • Fixed a bug where movement clues would sometimes not be generated.


      • Vanishing Act

        • Mirage can now cancel out of his ultimate cloak early.

        • Mirage now has a small delay when disabling cloak.


      • Nox Gas

        • The magnitude of the slow is reduced by 50% when effecting teammates.


      • Dome of Protection

        • Increased the duration by 3 seconds.


      • Updated the hit box to better conform with the base model.

      • We are also planning to make adjustments so his hitbox better reflects Legendary Skins as well for cases where it’s not matching up.


      • D.O.C. heal drone now gets destroyed after 2 damage ticks by the circle.

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