Assassin’s Creed Unity: How Ubisoft Have Revamped The Stealth Mechanics

Finally, the assassins move back into the shadows, so to speak.

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assassin's creed unity

Here’s a divisive and very debatable subject. Is Assassins Creed a stealth game? Alex Amancio, the game’s creative director, seems to think so. Normally what happens in Assassins Creed is, you find your target, find the route of least resistance and then you (to quote little lady Stark) “Stick them with the pointy end.”

The stealth element of the game has never really been a crucial, or well implemented for that matter, mechanic. Sure, blending into the crowd is important in certain portions of the game, but only because the game tells you to do so and leaves no viable alternatives.

Recently, Alex told us that stealth will be hugely important in Assassins Creed Unity and that it will finally be implemented as a pillar of gameplay. He said, “Stealth has always been the main AC pillar. Honestly, I think we have never been able to push it as far as we have done it on ACU this year. We have added several elements to get to that level. We have re-designed all the pillars, but we are particularly proud of what we have managed to achieve on this one, because this element reinforces the very heart of Assassin’s Creed. First of all, we have added a stealth mode, with a crouch position.”

“It’s important to say that Stealth Mode is more than just a CROUCH BUTTON. You’re less conspicuous when you’re in Stealth Mode. So, in Guard Posts, for example, if you want to move silently behind the guards, in Stealth Mode that’s possible because they won’t be aware of your presence, but if you walk or run past them, then they’ll turn around and detect you. There’s a light cover system as well, so if you’re by a low wall or pillar, you’ll automatically snap to that and you can move along it. It’s a light snapping, though, so you can move away from it as well when you’re ready.”

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