Awesome new Assassin’s Creed 3 details

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Polish gaming magazine PSX Extreme has some new details on Assassin’s Creed 3, thanks to an exclusive preview, and the game’s definitely looking really good.

The details are given below:

  • Besides the hidden blade and tomahawk, Connor will also use firearms, bows, throwing knives, a hammer and a heavy two-handed sword. Connor will also use weapons attached to wires to pull enemies from locations that are out of his reach, like trees, rock shelves. He will also use this to hang them when he has the higher ground.

  • The story spans the years 1753-1783.
  • Connor will be able to hunt, somewhat similar to what we saw in Red Dead Redemption. The scope won’t be so massive, however. Hunted animal will be skinned, and the method of killing animals will depend on the value of the acquired skins.
  • The game will be over 30 different animal species.
  • The size of uninhabited land in Assassin’s Creed III is 1.5 times greater than that of Rome in AC: Brotherhood and can be almost entirely be explored without any invisible walls.

  • AC3 will also feature “leaps of faith”. You’ll mostly be jumping from tall trees.
  • The game will have the ability to show as much as 2000 moving characters on the screen at a time. It will also feature some large scale battles.
  • Animation in AC3 will also be largely improved, and Connor will be able to avoid obstacles in the environment with ease.
  • AC3 will feature not only a day-night cycle, but also a weather cycle.
  • Snow has a huge impact on characters’ mobility – wading waist-deep in snow will effect movement heavily. Trees will come in handy here, for the sake of movement.
  • The game will also include children.
  • NPCs can interact with each other.
  • AC3 also features several set-pieces akin to tried and true formulae from Hollywood movies, like running away from soldiers in the midst of someone’s home.
  • AC3 will have plenty of NPCs, but will not have guilds or groups.
  • Enemies in AC3 will probably be able to track us with the help of dogs.
  • Opponents can be used as living shields.
  • Despite the game’s 18+ rating, dismembering our opponents and other such brutalities will not be a focus.
  • Desmond will be a huge focus this time around.
  • The combat has bee heavily improved, and they won’t wait around while you finish them off one by one as it was in previous Assassin’s Creed titles.

So, sounds great, right? It does to us, for sure. Tell us what you think in your comments below.


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