Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trophy List Revealed

Spoilers ahoy!

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Batman: Arkham Origins will be releasing next week for home consoles, but there will also be a handheld off-shoot developed by Armature Studios for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita releasing at the same time, namely Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. The game will be a Metroid-vania style, 2.5D platformer set in the Blackgate Prison and looks to incorporate many of the mechanics from the Arkham franchise. The Trophy list for the game has been revealed, which contains its fair share of spoilers. You can check it out below.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
“The Dark Knight”
Unlock All Other Trophies

“The Collector”
Find every pickup and detective case

“Last Laugh”
Defeat Joker

“Cobblepot’s Plot Was All For Naught”
Defeat Penguin

“Face Off”
Defeat Black Mask

“Cage Match”
Defeat Bronze Tiger

“Born on a Monday”
Defeat Solomon Grundy

“The Man Who Sometimes Misses”
Defeat Deadshot

“Domestic Disturbance”
Catch Catwoman in Gotham City

“Cat Scratch Fever”
Defeat Catwoman

“Bad Case of the Mondays”
Defeat Grundy using the Shock Batarang and water

“CSI: Blackgate”
Complete your first detective case

“Party Pooper”
Defuse all Joker presents

“Flew the Coop”
Rescue all Penguin hostages

“Circuit Breaker”
Disarm all Black Mask junction boxes

“Now You’re Getting It”
Get a 12 hit combo

“In the Flow”
Get a 25 hit combo

“Unnecessary Roughness”
Get a 50 hit combo

Get a 100 hit combo

“Fresh Beats”
Beatdown 10 thugs

“He’s Sleeping”
Perform 20 stealth takedowns

Die from inhaling gas

“Grave Digger”
Unlock the Zombie Suit

“World’s Greatest Detective”
Complete all detective cases

“Oral Hygiene”
Find and destroy all Joker teeth

“Bird on a Wire”
Find and destroy all Penguin bird cages

Find and destroy all of Black Mask’s masks

“World’s Snazziest Dresser”
Obtain all Batsuits attainable through gameplay

“Armored Edition”
Find all armor upgrades

Find all RUSH upgrades

“Talk to the Hand”
Find all gauntlet upgrades

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate releases on October 25th alongside the home console version.

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