Battleborn Mega Guide: Level Up Faster, SHIFT Codes, Loot, Farming Credits, Legendary Items And More

A complete guide for Battleborn.

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Gearbox’s newest game is now out. Just like Borderlands blended loot grinding RPGs with shooters with spectacular results, Battleborn takes MOBAs, the genre that is all the rage on PCs this day, and mixes them up with shooters with equally intriguing results. In the end, we get a great game that is addictive, compelling, and fun to play.

It is also a game that has almost way too much to keep track of- between the actual multiplayer shooting mechanics, and the MOBA elements, it can be a bit hard to keep up with everything. Which can be a bit of a bummer, if you’re trying to stay abreast of everything, after all. That’s where we come in- from trying to understand how you can level up faster and quickly, getting the best gear, general tips and tricks, getting legendary items, loot items, earning credits, shards, heroes’ abilities and skills, SHIFT codes to a guide to unlocking some of the Trophies/Achievements in the game.


If you are a newcomer to Battleborn (and at this stage, most of you are), then it can be daunting to play the game for the first time- there’s just such a ridiculous amount of stuff that’s going on. However, if that is the case, then we recommend you follow these general tips and tricks we have- they’ll help you master the game better, and faster:

Play the single player campaign. Look, we know the single player has been almost entirely de-emphasized for Battleborn, but the campaign exists, and it’s actually pretty good. From a practical perspective, it’s even better, because it will let you get a feel for the game, and all of its mechanics- extremely helpful when you’re trying the game out the first time. Playing the campaign will also provide you with an easy way to level up to Commander Rank- this is a good thing.

On a related note, play some games against AI bots. This will further give you a feel for the game in multiplayer matches.

Experiment with gear. Each time you unlock something new, test it out and see how it fits your loadout. Look, I understand being comfortable with what you have- and I am sure in the long run, you’ll have your loadout that you will be comfortable with, and that will be that. But that comes later- for now, make sure to experiment, experiment, experiment.

On a related note, try out the different Battleborn. Again, it is understandable that you will eventually develop a preference for one over all others- but until then, at least get a proper feel for all of the other ones, so you understand how they play.

Teamwork is paramount in Battleborn just like it is in most MOBAs and MOBA-likes. Battleborn is not like Call of Duty, where you can effectively lone-wolf an entire game. In Battleborn, it is paramount that you communicate with your teammates at all times, that you understand your role in the team, and perform that as and when necessary, and that you don’t try to strike out on your own.

The video below will help you understand some general suggestions for playing the game further:


Leveling in Battleborn is split into two: your character’s level, and your profile’s level. Each character, or Battleborn, can be leveled up to level 15-ranking up a character unlocks additional abilities for their Helix System, and new character skins.

One of the most unique aspects of Battleborn is definitely the Helix System- that is, if you are new to MOBAs. If you’ve played them before, then it’s pretty par for the course. Think of it like your level during a League of Legends game- that is what the Helix System is and does in Battleborn.

During any game, your character can level up up to 10 times- each level unlocks two separate abilities for them, of which only one can be selected and activated. These abilities come in the form of upgrades for your Battleborn’s weapons, skills, health, and more. This is in addition to your Battleborn’s damage and health increasing with each Helix level gained.

You can unlock more abilities for your Helix System by leveling up your Battleborn- at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, and 12, you unlock more ‘augmentations’ for your character’s Helix.

Remember, your Helix System Rank is only tied to your current multiplayer game- it always resets at the end of the game, and starts back at 0 at the start of your next one, even if you are playing with the same group.

And now, if you’ve wrapped your heads around all of that, this video will help you gain a better understanding of leveling and how you can level up quickly and faster in Battleborn:


Of course Battleborn has gear and loot- every game needs to have gear and loot these days, especially shooters. Plus, Gearbox’s own Borderlands pioneered the concept for the genre, so really, are you that surprised?

Gear and loot works rather simply in Battleborn: you buy it in the Marketplace using credits you earn in game (no spending real money to jump the queue) in the form of Loot Packs. After purchasing a loot pack, you open it at the gear menu. The items you get can then be placed into your gear bank or sold back for a few credits, if they are duplicates or rubbish (this is highly recommended- it ensures you never have anything you don’t need, and that you always have some cash ready to go). A max of 40 items can be held in a gear bank at a time.

Inside a gear bank, you can place up to three items in a loadout slot at the side of the screen- this lets you bring those items with you to battle. To activate this gear, you need to collect enough Shards (more on that later).

Items remain in your gear bank and loadout forever- this is why it is necessary to buy more gear banks if you are running out of space, or more loadout spots. Selling weaker gear for stronger stuff is also a good way to regulate your inventory.

Here is the list of everything you can currently buy in the Marketplace:

Blank Page 7125 Credits, Available At Rank 3

Common Loot Pack 475 Credits, Available At Rank 3

Uncommon Loot Pack 1425 Credits, Available At Rank 5

Eldrid Loot Pack 1900 Credits, Available At Rank 8

Jennerit Loot Pack 1900 Credits, Available At Rank 13

Rogue Loot Pack 1900 Credits, Available At Rank 18

Additional Loadout 4750 Credits, Available At Rank 20

LLC Loot Pack 1900 Credits, Available At Rank 23

Rare Loot Pack 2500 Credits, Available At Rank 25

UPR Loot Pack 1900 Credits, Available At Rank 29

Epic Loot Pack 4750 Credits, Available At Rank 30

Earning Credits

With all of that out of the way, you now naturally need to know how to earn some credits so you can actually get all of that stuff. This video below will provide you with some tips and tricks so you can stay ahead of the process:


Shards are the second form of currency in Battleborn– they can be used either to activate items in your loadout slots, or to build various items around the map in a multiplayer game. You can earn them in the singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Shards can be collected in a variety of ways:

  • You can collect a small amount of Shards by walking over a small orangish-red shard cluster on the ground
  • You can collect a large amount of Shards by destroying Medium and Large Shard clusters that are placed throughout the map.

Once you have Shards, you can either use them to activate Gear in your Loadout (select the Gear in your inventory, and Activate it), or to build Items on the map. Building Items can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

These are the items you can build- you build them on a node:

  • Traps
  • Turrets
  • Drones
  • Minions


There are 25 heroes, also known as Battleborn, in Battleborn. You get 7 of these unlocked straight up- the other 18 have to be unlocked by Ranking Up and completing challenges:

  • Shayne & Aurox are unlocked at Rank 6. You need to comoplete 5 co-op missions or matches with at least one other player
  • Reyna is unlocked at Rank 8. You need to get 50 Assists in Versus matches.
  • Benedict is unlocked at Rank 10. You need to win 5 matches as a Peacekeeper.
  • Galilea is unlocked at Rank 12. Kill 800 minions (of any type).
  • Ambra is unlocked at Rank 14. Win 5 matches as a Jennerit.
  • Whiskey Foxtrot is unlocked at Rank 16. Win 15 matches.
  • Kelvin is unlocked at Rank 18. Win 5 matches as an Eldrid.
  • El Dragon is unlocked at Rank 20. Win 5 matches as an LLC.
  • Phoebe is unlocked at Rank 22. Kill 50 enemy players.
  • Toby is unlocked at Rank 24. Win 5 matches as a Rogue.
  • Boldur is unlocked at Rank 26. Complete the Experiment.
  • Caldarius is unlocked at Rank 28. You need to complete the Renegade.
  • Isic is unlocked at Rank 30. Complete The Algorithm.
  • Attikus is unlocked at Rank 32. Kill 800 Jennerit enemies.
  • Mellka is unlocked at Rank 34. Complete the Heliophage.
  • Kleese unlocks at Rank 36. Earn a Silver rating in all Story Missions.
  • Deande unlocks at Rank 38. Complete the Heliophage on Advanced.
  • Ghalt unlocks at Rank 40. Complete each story mission on Advanced with a Silver Rating.

You can earn Lore and Titles for each characters by completing challenges as them in single- and multiplayer modes.

The video below gives an overview of all 25 Battleborn and their abilities and skills:


Each Battleborn has a Legendary item. This section of the guide should let you know, at a glance, how you get that item for most of the heroes. Beware- it can be a bit of a grind:

  • Shadow Mote Overflow for Galilea: Block 25,000 damage using Sentinels Greatshield
  • U.P.R. Synchronographh for Ghalt: You need to deal 500,000 damage with Revolver Shotgun
  • Shard of Jenner for Ambra: Heal 50,000 Damage
  • Air Mail AGM Loader for Benedict: Fire 425 Rockets in a single match, five separate times
  • Rune of the Bear for Boldur: Deal a total of 25,000 damage using Axe Toss while energized by Runes of Power
  • Blade of Transfusion for Caldarius: Kill 750 Jennerit enemies
  • Fan of the Retreat for Deande: Deal 60,000 Damage with Blink Storm
  • Charged Champion’s Belt for El Dragon: Hit 4 enemies with a single clothesline a total of 100 times
  • Plasma-Infused Plating for Kelvin: Stun a total of 100 enemies using Ice Wall
  • Blindlebooster for Marquis: You need to deal 100,000 damage using Predatory Strikes
  • “Smack Attack” Slinger for Shayne & Aurox: With Shayne and Aurox separated, hit 60 enemies with Shayne’s Boomerang
  • Aelfrin Memory Band for Thorn: Kill 1000 Jennerit troops
  • The Double Hug for Toby: Detonate a total of 50 Arc Mines with Toby’s Custom Railgun
  • Spores of Mikollopria for Miko: Get 50 assists
  • Custom-Fit Flak Vest for Montana: Slow down a total of 5 enemies at the same time using Hailstorm a total of 20 times
  • Variable Morpher for Orendi: Deal a total of 100,000 damage with Orendi’s secondary ranged attack
  • Improved Genetic Syphon for Rath: You need to hit 3 enemies with Crossblade a total of 100 times
  • Mutated Magazines for Mellka: You need to deal a total of 250,000 damage to envenomed targets
  • Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece for Reyna: Kill 100 enemies with the Laser Pistol


SHiFT Codes will allow players to earn in-game rewards in Battleborn through Gearbox Software’s fan rewards program. Once you have signed up, all you have to do is enter SHiFT codes at the SHiFT option under the Extras menu during a specific time frame to unlock the rewards.

The videos below will share some SHiFT Codes:


Battleborn: Reach Command Rank 100 and earn the Battleborn title

No Rest for the Wicked: Win 30 Story Missions or Versus Matches

Solus War Hardcore Hero: Complete All Story Missions on Hardcore

Solus War Hero Advanced: Complete All Story Missions on Advanced

Tour of Duty: Win A Match on Each Versus Map

Commander and Collector: Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn

Sir Hon. Lord Baron Oscar Mike Jr IV, Esq.: Collect 25 Titles from completing Challenges

First Among Heroes: Complete a match or mission and reach rank 15 with a Battleborn

Perfectionist: Complete a Story Mission without losing any Lives

The Ol’ One-Two: Get 5 Double Kills

Behold My Death Lasers and Despair: Activate a piece of Legendary Gear

Solus Sentinel: Achieve a Gold Rating on any Story Mission

Gotta Punch ‘Em All: Land the killing blow on at least each Battleborn at least once

Decked Out: Activate three pieces of Epic or better Gear in a single mission or match

Grow Forth and Conquer: Activate a Mutation in a Match

New Guy, Everybody. Everybody, New Guy: Complete a Challenge that unlocks a Battleborn

When You Roll Up With The Squad Like: Enter matchmaking with a full team of 5 players

The Blossom’s Fury: Complete all Thorn Lore Challenges

Brotherhood of the Mikes: Complete all Oscar Mike Lore Challenges

Keeper of the Blades: Complete all Rath Lore Challenges

Titanium Dandy: Complete all Marquis Lore Challenges

Acres and Eras: Complete all Miko Lore Challenges

It’s My Only Name, Chief: Complete all Montana Lore Challenges

Rise of the Valkyrie: Complete all Reyna Lore Challenges

Champion of the Pits: Complete all Caldarius Lore Challenges

Love and Fire, Death and Kisses: Complete all Orendi Lore Challenges

Elegance in Engineering: Complete all Phoebe Lore Challenges

Flyboy: Complete all Benedict Lore Challenges

The Bears and the Beers: Complete all Boldur Lore Challenges

Priestess of the Sustaining Mother: Complete all Ambra Lore Challenges

Hate Furnace at Maximum! :): Complete all ISIC Lore Challenges

Me ‘n’ My Monster:Complete all Shayne & Aurox Lore Challenges

The Wrath of Bliss: Complete all Galilea Lore Challenges

Civil Ice: Complete all Kelvin Lore Challenges

Anarchy Rules: Complete all Attikus Lore Challenges

The Once and Future Champ: Complete all El Dragon Lore Challenges

Anxious, Angry, and Adorable: Complete all Toby Lore Challenges

The Captain: Complete all Ghalt Lore Challenges

Lost Little Eldrid: Complete all Mellka Lore Challenges

The Spymistress: Complete all Deande Lore Challenges

The Curmudgeon: Complete all Kleese Lore Challenges

The Mike Who Lived: Complete all Whiskey Foxtrot Lore Challenges

A Booming Business: Complete The Saboteur on any difficulty

Desperate Measurements: Complete The Experiment on any difficulty

Divide by Zero Hour: Complete The Algorithm on any difficulty

Mister Wolf’s Wild Ride: Complete The Void’s Edge on any difficulty.

Remnants of Codex: Complete The Archive on any difficulty

Shock the Trooper: Complete The Renegade on any difficulty

Traps and Treasure: Complete The Sentinel on any difficulty

A Tyrant Undone: Defeat Rendain

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