Battlefield 2042 Receives New Update Alongside Battlefield Portal XP Fixes

Developers DICE and Ripple Effect Studios have released new updates for Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal respectively.

Posted By | On 20th, Jan. 2022

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DICE and EA have been very quiet when it comes to communicating with the players about the state of their first-person shooter Battlefield 2042. Well, it seems that is going to be changing soon, along with the state of the game.

Through a blog post, the developers of the polarising first-person shooter revealed details on the newest patch that has now gone live for the game. The patch, update 3.2, is fairly smaller in size, but a few important fixes are worth mentioning nonetheless.

For starters, infantry slowdown when getting shot by enemy weapons or vehicles is being removed. Another thing that is getting fixed is the hit detection for Sundance while landing using the wingsuit, as well as the vehicle weapon hit detection. The more requested fixes by the community, such as in-game scoreboard, are unfortunately not getting added via this update, though that will be addressed through another patch in February.

Apart from the above, Battlefield Portal is also getting fixes today. This comes in days after a developer at Ripple Effect Studios confirmed that they are working on the continued issues with earning XP and tier progression.

As shared recently via the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter, the developers are increasing the per minute XP cap across all the Battlefield Portal modes to 300. The mastery and weekly missions are also getting tweaked and can be progressed within Portal, but only in certain cases. The developers have also mentioned that via a future update, further improvements are planned, such as a UI indicator showing if a created mode will have progression restrictions. The changes are currently live, alongside the 3.2 updates for the game.

To read the changes in more detail, check out the full patch notes and tweets for Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal updates down below.

Update 0.3.2

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements


  • Fixed an issue where leaving a party during matchmaking could make the game unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to EA servers after signing up with a new account would not work on the first attempt
  • Updated behavior of the quit button during gameplay so it now returns you to the correct screen
  • Fixed an issue where the loading music would stop playing during level load


  • Fixed a rare occurrence where after landing with the Wingsuit, hits wouldn’t always register on some parts of Sundance’s hitbox
  • Fixed occurrences of rubberbanding when running behind friendly players
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause you to be stuck in both an alive, and downed loop
  • Fixed a variety of issues with attaching to ladders that could cause you to get stuck in a state where you could fly away or lose control of your Specialist
  • Fixed an issue where soldier movement speed was impaired by nearby explosions that spawned craters
  • Fixed an issue where camera shake and audio for landing would unintentionally trigger when dropping from very small heights
  • Fixed an issue where weapons from a Loadout Crate would sometimes inherit ammo from the previously selected weapon
  • Fixed an issue where being spotted when firing a weapon would spot you for too long


  • Added multiple fixes to improve overall game stability 
  • Fixed a rendering related crash that could occur for AMD Radeon VII users while Sundance was visible on screen


  • Sniper and SOFLAM scope glints now show from a further distance


  • Fixed an issue where passenger weapons would no longer be in sync whenever the driver’s turret would rotate, causing bullets to not register when firing at enemies
  • M1A5, T28 – improved the effective range and reduced spread on Canister Weapon Pod
    • Reduced Bullet Spread from 1.6 -> 1.1
    • Increased Damage Fall Off Distance from 35 -> 40

Battlefield Hazard Zone

  • Fixed a black rectangle being present on screen during Hazard Zone end of round when hitting quit at the level progress screen

Battlefield Portal

  • The Server Info tab now persists after hitting Refresh in the Portal Server Browser
  • Fixed an issue where text would overlap when joining a Team Deathmatch game during the end of round sequence
  • Rules Editor – the “IsInventorySlotActive” value now correctly handles melee weapons
  • Certain admin commands can no longer be spammed

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