Battlefield 5 Guide – Fortifications And How To Make Company Coins Quickly

Because every game needs a Fortnite like feature.

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Battlefield 5 has a bunch of mechanics other than the actual shooting, piloting, and objectives, that come into play. One is Company Coins, the in game currency that can be used to buy cosmetics. The other is fortification, which involves you building stuff, because after Fortnite, that is something that needs to be in every game.

This guide covers both of these.


Fortifications involve you building buildings and structures. They can be made mostly anywhere on the map, and if nothing else, give you some good makeshift cover or vantage points.

The process is mostly automatic—press the button on the D-Pad assigned to building, then select the outline from the ones available to build it on the spot. You can not build anything not available in the outlines—if you don’t see what you like, you need to move to a different spot and try again, because a lot of buildings can only be built on specific terrain.

The actual building process is automatic, but it leaves you exposed and vulnerable while it happens. It is always paramount that you have someone with you as you build, so that they can cover you while the building comes up. Don’t lone wolf this.

A couple of things more—buildings, much like anything else in the game, can be destroyed, but you can repair them if they come down. Secondly, support classes are always quicker at building than assault classes (though all classes can build), so if building is what you want to specialize in, choose your class accordingly (or switch to it mid match if it is just for that one game).


Company Coins are the in game currency that you use to buy cosmetics. You can either buy it with real world money, or earn it in game. Earning it in game is what you want to do, and thankfully, it’s actually easy enough to come by enough of it.

Complete Daily Missions. These net you Company Coins, and there will always be fresh ones every day.

Rank up in game. This always nets you Company Coins, so the easiest thing to do is play a lot and rake in the cash.

Complete Special Assignments. These also net you Company Coins. These are far more difficult and time consuming than Daily Missions, but the payoff is bigger too. You can have up to four active at a time. Think of these as this game’s version of Bounties.

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