Best Horror Game of 2016

Which horror game filled us with the most fright this year?

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Horror games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – and for good reason because who likes to be terrified for hours upon end? While previous years may have seen more memorable titles, 2016 wasn’t bereft of horror games by a long shot. Here are our nominees for best horror game of the year.


Layers of Fear

layers of fear

Painting an intricate portrait of madness and depravity, Layers of Fear took the first person horror perspective to new heights. The simple yet mind-bending narrative saw you as a painter struggling to complete his masterpiece as the tools became more and more macabre. Despite relying on a few jumps here and there, Layers of Fear brought a creepy atmosphere that was hard to shake off.

Dead Rising 4

More “dark comedy” than straight up horror, Dead Rising 4 did present some horrifying things happening. If the dozens of zombies don’t possess much threat, then perhaps the newer, faster variants will be enough to set you running. As a whole, despite a cheesier approach, Dead Rising 4 is an interesting new addition to the horror genre.

Dead by Daylight

Still waiting for Friday the 13th: The Video Game? Dead by Daylight has you covered, offering asymmetrical PvP with four survivors and one relentless serial killer. Objective-wise, the game is straightforward but it’s the tension, the variety in killers and the sheer thrill of trying to save (or abandon) your friends that makes Dead by Daylight so much fun.

Kholat (PS4)

Though released last year on Steam, Kholat finally made its way to PS4 this year. With narration by Sean Bean and survival horror mechanics, Kholat tells a relatively chilling tale of nine missing Russian college students. Some technical issues abound but Kholat made for an unconventional and interesting diversion for survival horror fans.

Amnesia Collection

The Amnesia Collection is required playing for any horror game fan. It collects Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: Justine, making for one must-play experience and  two incredibly solid additions. Granted, it’s only available on PS4 but it only highlights the excellence of the series in this day and age all the more.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Some may not appreciate another HD remaster of a classic Resident Evil game. Resident Evil Zero itself divided fans at the time but the point stands – if you loved Resident Evil HD Remaster, you’ll love this. The story is pretty well done with better visuals and the introduction of an AI partner for the first time. For a side-story in the Resident Evil universe, Resident Evil Zero is actually a pretty good addition.


Layers of Fear

To many, Layers of Fear was a walking simulator that saw you opening doors, solving puzzles and bending reality. For us, it was a horror game that placed us in the very psyche of a mad man, tunneling deeper and deeper into the abyss as the world responded in kind. It was harrowing, it was frightening and it looked pretty darn beautiful in its own demented way. Layers of Fear may not pioneer many new innovations but it’s an extremely compelling and well-made horror title that deserves your attention.

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