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Gaming Bolt is proud to bring you our Top 10 Ending of this generation in console history. Remember there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to read about it or watch the video don’t if you have not played the game. You can just look at the names and see, “Hey, maybe I should go buy or rent this game!”

10. Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 goes in depth with the campaign with the struggle you will see with Dom searching for his wife, Maria. You will use new plot developments with new characters and just a few strands hanging for the first game. The ending, you see Marcus Fenix and his crew fight the giant monster, Brumak. You drop a bomb on Brumak which causes Jacinto to fall into pieces with the roads cracking and building falling on top of each other. This is one of the best cut scenes we have seen in a long time. This is why we at Gaming Bolt give it the number 10 spot.


9. Portal

Fighting GLaDOS is an amazing boss fight with throwing the metallic spheres of the core of GLaDOS into the incinerator while GLaDOS is insulting you the entire time by saying she “flooded the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin,” and also says there is nothing Chell can do because she can just do so again. After Chell has destroyed the final sphere, the portal malfunction just rips the room apart and throws everything to the surface, including GLaDOS and Chell.

The final scene of the game shows the camera moving rapidly though the bowels of the facility, then you see selves filled with the metallic spheres, which look identical to the ones you just through into the incinerator and the Black Forest cake. The spheres then begin to light up as a robotic hand comes down to extinguish the flame on the candle with its fingers. The credits then begin to roll and the song “Still Alive” begins to play.


8. The Darkness:

You are the playing the role of Jackie Estacado. In the end Jackie finally gets to his enemy Paulie. The way The Darkness lures Jackie to take more lives is really fascinating. In the closing scenes The Darkness finally lures Jackie in to killing his long time nemesis  Paulie and  hence gets fully consumed by The Darkness. In the end The Darkness full consumes Jackie and shouts ” You are finally mine”. Truly epic!


7. Grand Theft Auto IV

What makes Grand Theft Auto IV such a good story is the fact that there are different possible endings depending on how you play the game. You can take Revenge on Dimitri or take a Deal with Dimitri.

If you take Revenge on Dimitri by showing up surprisingly at a tanker and kill Dimitri, and a lot of his men. In anger, Jimmy Pegorino who feels like he got betrayed, shows up and does a drive by at Roman and Mallorie’s wedding at the church and kills Kate McReary. Roman, Niko, and Little Jacob then begin to chase Pegorino’s men to an abandoned casino. Niko then proceeds in and kills everyone, but Pegorino escapes in a boat. You then chase in a helicopter to “Happiness Island” and kill Pegorino. Niko then talks about the “American Dream.”

If you take Deal with Dimitri, he ends up turning on you anyways, and Pegorino gives you a call stating he is teaming up with Dimitri. Some assassins sent by Dimitri show up and do a drive by killing Roman. This angers Niko, so he and Little Jacob then proceed to follow the car to an abandoned casino. They then proceed to the casino to do some havoc and Dimitri betrays Pegorino (Oh “how ironic”) and kills him. You then chase Dimitri to “Happiness Island” to kill Dimitri. And the “American Dream.”


6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

While the squad is escaping on a bridge, it is then destroyed by a nearby gunship. Zakhaev (the bad guy) gets there with his guys and kills most of them. It is now looking bad for Price and his squad. Griggs is then shot while trying to pull MacTavish to safety. Zakhaev and two of his guys then shoot Gaz and the rest of the squad. Zakhaev then proceeds to get closer to Price and Soap. The tension gets bigger and bigger with every step closer to you. Then a huge explosion behind Zakhaev distracts him, and he then turns to see what is was. Price then slides his pistol to you (Soap), you have three guys to take down and it is in slow motion which just makes it that much more impacting. You then aim your gun at the two guys and take them out fast and then you shoot Zakhaev right in the head. This is why it is our number 7 spot on the Best Endings list. This is one of those games where the entire game just flashes before your eyes before that final shot. Well at least for me it did.


5. Fallout 3

The Brotherhood of Steel also enlists his or her aid in assaulting the Jefferson Memorial with Sarah Lyons, who is leader of an elite squad of Brotherhood Knights, and a gigantic pre-war robot built to liberate Alaska named Liberty Prime. After breaking through to Project Purity you must deal with Colonel Autumn. Doctor Li informs you that due to the damage caused by the recent fight, someone must activate the system before it overloads, destroying the facility. Unfortunately, the one who activates the system will have to be sacrificed due to the chamber being close to overwhelmed by lethal amounts of radiation.

You then have the choice of you going in there to save the day or try to convince Lyons to do so. Come on what is more heroic. The choice is yours on whether you want to purify the water (what your father wanted), or taint the water with the FEV virus. This is another reason why we liked the ending of Fallout 3 because you had the choice of being bad or good.


4. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Daedra begin a desperate final assault of their own and overrun the Imperial City. You,Ocato, Martin, and several soldiers fight their way to a small temple dubbed the Temple of the One to find that a 200-foot tall being is wreaking havoc in the city, revealed to be the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon himself. You then fight your way to the temple where Martin breaks the Amulet of Kings to become merged with the spirit of Akatosh, Dragon God of Time. Then the fight roars on and Dagon is defeated and then the Dragon is turned to stone. The outcome is: Martin disappears, Amulet of Kings is destroyed, and the gates of Oblivion are forever shut. The throne of the entire empire is now empty. You are then crowned as Champion of Cyrodiil. The epic fight of the 200+ monster is just one of the reasons that just make your jaw drop and one of the reasons why is it crowned number 4.


3. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Nate is out to return to Elena just to find her held hostage by Roman and Navarro. Nate then follows then to save her and meets back up with Sully. Nate and Sully are then captured at gunpoint and to the bad luck of Nate. Roman has the statue. Navarro requests Roman to open it (while Nate is pleading no), which inside is the Mummy of El Dorado. Roman inhales the dust and begins to mutate. Navarro knew all along that this is what was going to happen and shots Navarro right in the head. Navarro’s plans all along were to steal it and use it as a weapon.

Navarro then has it picked up by a helicopter and Nate runs after it while the mutated Nazis are chasing him and jumps onto the statue. Remember Elena is still hostage of Navarro. Well she then kicks out the gunner and his is flying and a bullet of his hits the pilot right in the head. The helicopter then crashes. A fight then breaks out into a fist fight and Nate knocks him unconscious. Nate rushes to pull Elena from the helicopter. Navarro starts to get back up with a gun. With the helicopter barely hanging onto the tanker. Nate pushes it off and the rope connecting the helicopter to the statue has become tangled around Navarro’s leg. This pulls the helicopter, Navarro, and the statue under the water for good.

Then they (Nate and Elena) are about to kiss and Sully pulls up in a speedboat (interrupting them about to kiss) barely escaping the island but with a lot of gold. Elena tells Nate that she lost her camera, so he still owes her a story. Nate then tells her that he will not break the promise. This all leads to Uncharted 2. So the shocking twist of this story (that no one say coming) and the ending of how Navarro gets to be with the statue forever just show us how the story and ending is one of the best we have seen yet this generation.


2. Bioshock

You (Jack) eventually meets up with Ryan in his office. Ryan tells you the truth that you were actually born in Rapture only two years ago, but genetically different to grow older faster. You are Ryan’s son. Frank Fontaine designed you to obey orders that had “Would you kindly?” in them. You were sent instructions to get on the plane to hijack it and crash near the lighthouse, which would allow you to return to Rapture.

So with this, Ryan has Jack kill him. With the knowledge with the “Would you kindly?” Jack realizes this is what Atlas has been using him. Atlas then comes out to be in actuality Frank Fontaine. He then activates the security system to get Jack. The Little Sisters come and save you.

This is not the end of the game but very close and with a shocking twist that will blow your mind. This is one of the best stories to date. Hopefully Bioshock 2 can keep up with this one.


1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Snake is before the grave of The Boss, having a gun in his mouth ready to take his life knowing that he is becoming a biological weapon. But he doesn’t end his life. Big Boss comes up and is not dead. Explains of the body that we all saw burn was his clone, Solidus Snake. He then reveals that the Patriots were actually an interpretation of the Boss’s will, founded by Big Boss, Eva, Ocelot, Major Zero, Sigint, and Paramedic. But two rose from the Patriots. One being Zero and the other being Big Boss. Zero wanted control of everything, and Big Boss wanted a soldier’s world.?

Eva and Ocelot joined Big Boss. Zero let the AI network get more and more control which led to a war economy, which is what The Boss did not intend on. Big Boss then shuts down Zero’s life support.

Drebin injected Snake with a “new” FOXDIE which was programmed to kill the rival Patriot faction and get rid of the old FOXDIE. So Snake can never be a biological weapon. Big Boss succumbs to FOXDIE, but not before he makes amends to Snake. Snake decides to live out the rest of his life peacefully, well the time that he has that is.

So this is why Metal Gear Solid gets all its acclaim and honor from. A great story with shocking twist from all the games of the tale of Solid Snake. Will we ever see Snake again in another Metal Gear Solid? Will he be in Metal Gear Solid: Rising? I guess we will have to wait and see.


So folks what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Credit goes to Keith Deitz for writing this article.

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