Binary Domain- multiplayer and player classes detailed

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Yakuza Studio has released some muliplayer and player classes details for their upcoming game Binary Domain. The game, as we know, is a mixture of several famous IPs, like Vanquish and Yakuza, and uses many features of its own.

Here’re the details:


DATA CAPTURE- Here each team must race to capture the other’s data module. This must then be returned to the team console in order to steal the data and score. Supports up to 10 players.

DOMAIN CONTROL- The attacking team need to gain control of the areas defended by the opposition within the time limit of the level. Supports up to 10 players.

TEAM SURVIVAL- A straight forward game of last-man-standing with the team to have the last player remaining being crowned the winner! Supports up to 10 players.

OPERATION- One team defends the supplies, whilst the other must race to destroy them. Intensifying objectives maintains variety and requires adaptability. Supports up to 10 players.

INVASION- Working together, players must defeat progressively harder waves of robot attackers. Supports up to 4 players.

TEAM DEATHMATCH- Teams must kill their opposition as often as possible before the time runs out, when it does the team with the highest frag count wins. Supports up to 10 players.

FREE FOR ALL- Bring chaos to the world of Binary Domain in an every man for himself scenario of destruction. Supports up to 10 players. 


HEAVY GUNNER- A class for the damage givers and takers. The heavy gunner is slower, hardier and starts with the heavy firing Light Machine Gun (LMG).

RECON- The Recon class is more nimble, long range support with the Sniper Rifle is a speciality.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS- Best for varied style, rapid movement players – the Special Ops class starts with a Sub Machine Gun.

DEMOLITIONS- Up close and personal destruction of targets and opponents is the demolition classes remit. This class starts with a Shotgun to get straight into close quarters.

ASSAULT- The Assault class is designed to be first in the fight. A combination of firepower and manoeuvrability that sees these players start with an Assault Rifle.

Binary Domain releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 14 next year. Stay tuned for more info.

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