Bloodborne The Old Hunters Guide: Boss Battles, Weapons, Attire And More

Your complete guide to Bloodborne’s latest expansion pack, The Old Hunters.

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Bloodborne is without a shadow of doubt one of the best games of 2015 and The Old Hunters takes the already awesome experience to an all together different level. We have compiled a guide that will hopefully make your trip through the game a bit easier [not that it’s going to happen given the brutal difficulty that the game is known for]. Using this guide you will find tips and tricks to defeat each and every boss battle, find unique weapons, Caryll Runes and their locations.

We have also covered guides on how you can transform into a beast, kin and find Madara’s Whistle. Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC expansion pack is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Boss Guide:

Ludwig the Accursed:

Ludwig the Accursed is a part human-like, part hooved creature with tendrils, open scars, scratches and burns all around an incredibly dirty and haired body with several limbs.

Laurence the First Vicar:

Laurence the First Vicar has the body of a massive tree torched and blazing fires everywhere. Antlers upon its head and tendrils scaling one side of its body, Laurence is a disgusting nemesis with huge hands.

Living Failures:

Living Failures are deep, ash colored faceless enemies. With a long, narrow body that appears almost featureless along with big hands and a lumpy head.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower:

Lady Maria works out of the clocktower. She is always armed with a sword in one hand and a pistol ready to fire on her side at a moments notice. Her tunic is ash colored and topped with a long, flowing cape and tricorn hat.

Orphan of Kos:

The Orphan of Kos almost mimics the exploders from Dead Space exactly. It is a humanoid, with one long arm and a disgusting, pink bubbly growth at the end. It has a scream of anger mixed with fear and is quick on its attacks.

Weapons Guide And Locations:

Gatling Gun

Location: Hunter’s Nightmare
Drop from the Gatling Gun Hunter.

Kos Parasite

Location: Lighthouse Hut
Acquired: Dropped by Orphan of Kos.

Amygdalan Arm

Location: Hunter’s Nightmare
Acquired: Location where Blood-Starved Beast was defeated.

Beast Cutter

Location: Hunter’s Nightmare
Acquired: Where you found 3 blood vials in the stairway.


Location: Underground Corpse Pile
Acquired: Dropped by Brador.

Boom Hammer

Location: Hunter’s Nightmare
Acquired: Within the dark house after the first explosive villagemen found on the first floor.

Fist of Gratia

Location: Underground Corpse Stack
Acquired: In the third room on the right in the Jail area.

Loch Shield

Location: Research Hall
Acquired: On a lamp above the balcony.

Piercing Rifle

Location: Hunter’s Dream
Acquired: Bought from a vendor after picking up the Firing Hammer Badge.


Location: Fishing Hamlet
Dropped by a Sea Giant found in the well.

Simon’s Bowblade

Location: Lighthouse Hut
Acquired: Dropped by Simon upon his death.

Caryll Runes:

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts Max Stamina +10%
Forbidden Woods.

Boosts Max Stamina +15%
Talk to Patches the Spider in Lecture Halls.

Boosts Max Stamina +20%
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice.

Arcane Lake

Arcane DMG Reduction +5%
Yahar’gul, Unseen Village.

Arcane DMG Reduction +7%

Arcane DMG Reduction +10%
Isz Root Chalice


Temp. boost to transform +20
Very bottom of Healing Workshop Tower.

Temp. boost to transform +50
Kill the Suspicious Beggar you meet in the Forbidden Woods.

Temp. boost to transform +100
Lower Ailing Loran Chalice

Beast’s Embrace

Covenant rune
Dropped by Laurence, the First Vicar

Blood Rapture

V.ATKs restore HP +200
Dropped by the Shadow of Yharnam.

V.ATKs restore HP +250
Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice

V.ATKs restore HP +300
Dropped by the Cainhurst Hunter.


Ups visceral attack ATK +10%
Droped from a hunter in the Hypogean Gaol Lamp room in Yahar’gul.

Ups visceral attack ATK +20%
Dropped by the transformed Gillbert at Central Yharnam.

Ups visceral attack ATK +30%
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice

Clear Deep Sea

Add slow poison RES +100
Forbidden Woods

Add slow poison RES +200
Nightmare Frontier

Add slow poison RES +300
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice

Clockwise Metamorphosis

Boosts Max HP +5%
Forbidden Woods

Boosts Max HP +10%
Nightmare Frontier

Boosts Max HP +15%
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice


Max vials held UP +1
Found above the Ward Lamp.

Max vials held UP +2
Lecture Building.

Max vials held UP +3
Iosefka’s Clinic.

Max vials held UP +4
Dropped by the Celestial Emmisary.

Max vials held UP +5
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice


Cont. heal near death +1
Cainhurst Vilebloods.

Deep Sea

Add frenzy RES +100
Hintertomb Root Chalice

Add frenzy RES +200
Forbidden Woods

Add frenzy RES +300
Isz Root Chalice

Dissipating Lake

Bolt DMG Reduction +5%
Forbidden Woods

Bolt DMG Reduction +7%
Ailing Loran Root Chalice

Bolt DMG Reduction +10%
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice


More items from fallen enemies (Item Discovery +50)
Obtained in Nightmare of Mensis

More items from fallen enemies (Item Discovery +70)
Drop from Master Willem.

More items from fallen enemies (Item Discovery +100)
Isz Root Chalice

Fading Lake

Fire DMG Reduction +5%
Nightmare Frontier.

Fire DMG Reduction +7%
Ailing Loran Root Chalice

Fire DMG Reduction +10%
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice.

Formless Oedon

Max QS bullets held UP +1
Send the little girl to Iosefka’s clinic.

Max QS bullets held UP +2
Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice

Max QS bullets held UP +3
Dropped by the Oedon Chapel Dweller

Great Deep Sea

Add all types of RES +50
Hintertomb Root Chalice

Add all types of RES +100
Nightmare Frontier

Add all types of RES +150
Isz Root Chalice

Great Lake

All DMG reduction +3%
Hintertomb Root Chalice

All DMG reduction +4%
Upper Ward

All DMG reduction +5%
Isz Root Chalice


Stamina recovery speed UP
Complete Eileen the Crow’s questline


Increases max health by 2% while in co-op
Covenant rune: The League
Join The League via Valtr.


Physical DMG reduction +3%
Obtained from a corpse at Hemwick Charnel Lane

Physical DMG reduction +5%
Depth 4 Pthumeru Root Dungeon

Physical DMG reduction +7%
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice


Slight increase to Item Discovery
Covenant Rune, transforms player into a Kin.
Lady Adelain.


More echoes from slain enemies (+10%)
Downstairs of the Hypogean Gaol lamp post.

More echoes from slain enemies (+20%)
During Micolash boss fight in Nightmare of Mensis.

More echoes from slain enemies (+30%)
Obtained in Nightmare of Mensis.

Oedon Writhe

V.ATKs grant QS bullets +1
Kill Adella in Hypogean Gaol

V.ATKs grant QS bullets +2
Found after killing Iosefka in Iosefka’s Clinic

V.ATKs grant QS bullets +3
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice


Vial HP recovery UP
Received from Alfred’s corpse after he killed Analise.

Stunning Deep Sea

Add rapid poison RES +100
Hintertomb Root Chalice.

Add rapid poison RES +200
Nightmare Frontier.

Add rapid poison RES +300
Lower Loran Root Chalice

How To Transform Into A Beast:

Get over to the Hunter’s Nightmare. Find a glowing beast that’s lying on an altar. Grab the Eye Pendant off of the glowing beast that will be used later to get into the Research Halls. Get over to Ludwig, the first boss. After defeating Ludwig, find the stairs that lead to two members.

Defeat them and put the Eye Pendant in the altar. The altar will lift into the next location. Once on top go back to the Hunter’s Dream. Teleport to the Underground Corpse Pile. Then make your way back to where the Eye Pendant was inserted.

There is a new altar in place of the old. You’ll find Laurence’s Skull. Collect it. Defeat a beast and you will get the Beast’s Embrace rune. Go back to the Hunter’s Dream and equip the Beast’s Embrace Rune. That allows you to become a beast. Equip the Beast Claws for maximum power. While in beast mode you can give more damage, but you will take more damage as well.

How To Transform Into A Kin:

In the Research Halls, you will need to help out the character strapped in a chair to acquire the Milkweed Rune. She requires you to collect Brain Fluid. One is in a blood blob past an old man in his wheelchair. On top in the rafters of the Research Halls is the second blood blob. Defeat it and collect the Brain Fluid. Take the Brain Fluids back to the woman strapped down.

She asks for more Brain Blood. She will then turn into a blood blob. Kill her and acquire the third blood blob. She then comes back to life. She will then thank you for giving her the fluid when she comes back to life then she will give you the Milkweed. Go back to the Hunter’s Dream and equip the Milkweed rune. You then become Luminwood.

Getting Madara’s Whistle:

To acquire the Madara’s Whistle, don’t kill Master Valtr. Talk to Master Valtr in the Forbidden Forest. You will then receive the Impurity rune. Access the League ranking screens and complete co-op matches successfully. Doing this will grant you the Vermin award. Now head back to the Forest and talk with Valtr, you will then receive a League Staff item and League Oath gesture. Go back to Hunter’s Dream and go back to the Forest again. On returning, you need to kill NPC Hunter Defector Antal. Kill him to get the Madara’s whistle.

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