Borderlands 3 Guide – How To Level Up Fast And Gain XP Quickly

Ain’t no rest for the wicked when there are levels to gain. Here’s how to hit max level quickly.

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Hitting level 50 in Borderlands 3 may feel like the game’s end but it’s when the true min-maxing and build perfecting shines. How do you hit level 50 as quickly as possible and get to the loot grinding goodness? Here are several tips that should help you out.

First and foremost, focus on the campaign as much as possible since it will provide different benefits (like being able to smash Eridium and unlock Mayhem mode) and upgrades to gear slots. In that respect, try to save most of the side quests for later since they’ll offer weapons that scale with your current level. This allows for an array of potential rewards when you’re, say, over level 35. Legendaries closer to max level become much more useful in the long run.

Slaying enemies will be necessary for experience but ensure that you’re not wasting time on foes that are several levels beneath you. The amount of experience earned diminishes as the level gap grows.

When you get the chance, try to go for different collectibles like Typhon Logs, Dead Claptraps and so on as they provide experience. That being said, save the collectibles run for when you’re almost done with the story since each planet will be fully populated with them by then. An Artifact that provides bonuses to XP gain is also good even if the benefit is just an additional 5 percent of total experience earned.

After finishing the campaign, you have a few options for leveling up and increasing your Guardian Rank. There are the repeatable quests, Proving Grounds trials (which you must first unlock by locating the Eridian writing on each planet), the various Circles of Slaughter where you battle waves of enemies and farming bosses for Legendaries.

Whichever you decide to partake in, make sure to unlock Mayhem Mode. This increases enemy health, damage and HP along with adding different modifiers (like increased elemental damage, reduced gun damage for certain weapons etc). In exchange, you receive more money, Eridium and loot. While its loot gains have been slightly reduced following a hotfix, Mayhem Mode is where you’ll be earning the best quality gear before starting up True Vault Hunter Mode.

If possible, try to get a higher level friend to power level you. Recommended for any alternate characters, this means you can quickly level up since the XP gains are very high. It’s also worth matchmaking into the Circle of Slaughter with four players on Mayhem 3 (but only if your build holds up). This lets you rack up XP at an incredible rate, which is good for farming Guardian Ranks after hitting max level.

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