Borderlands 3 Guide – Where To Find Rare Spawns and What Loot They Drop

Looking for some unique Legendary items? These Rare Spawns might help.

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Gearbox is celebrating the anniversary of the Borderlands series in the only way it knows how: With more loot. A five week event is currently underway in Borderlands 3 and each week offers increased rewards for different activities. The second week’s modifiers are still available and focuse on Rare Spawns.

Though Rare Spawns can be located outside of the event, they have higher chances of appearing during the event. Each Rare Spawn has its Legendary loot which have higher drop rates at this time.

There are 14 Rare Spawns in total. Here’s where to find them and what they drop.

  • I’m Rakkman: On Pandora, look for Carnivora’s main diving area – you’ll find a cave. Check inside to find Rakkman, the legendary Batman spoof from Borderlands 2. Defeat him to unlock the Night Flyer, a Legendary Pistol.
  • Road Dog: In the central location of the Splinterlands on Pandora, you’ll find a bandit camp. Road Dog is located near it – kill him to get the Redline, a Legendary Torgue Shotgun with +113 Splash Damage Radius.
  • Indotyrant: In Floormood Basin, near the Crimson Radio, you’ll find Indotyrant. Kill him to unlock a random customization item.
  • Maxitrillion: On Eden-6, before the ship’s end in Voracious Canopy, is Maxitrillion. Defeat him to receive The Horizon, a Legendary Shotgun.
  • Force Troopers: The Force Troopers can be found on the top-most floor of Atlas HQ in Promethea right near a Typhon Log. Kill them and you’ll receive random Legendary Class Mods.
  • Thunk and Sloth: Head to the south part of Konrad’s Hold on Pandora where the vending machines and Typhon Log are. Kill the boss to obtain a Legendary Grenade Mod called It’s P**s.
  • Demoskaggon: From the fast travel point in the Droughts on Pandora, travel in the north west direction. Demoskaggon will appear and drop a random Legendary Shield when killed.
  • The Unstoppable: In Ambermire on Eden-6, you’ll find some Eridian writing and a Typhon Log. Head east from that location to find The Unstoppable. Defeat him to receive the Band of Sytorak, a Legendary Shield.
  • Red Jabber: Despite the name, the enemy is actually a Tink. Head to Ambermire and proceed through the Jabber area until you find the Red Jabber. Defeat it to obtain a random Legendary Grenade Mod.
  • Borman Nates: Yes, that is a Psycho reference. Head to the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea. You’ll find an elevator that will take you to the west side. Upon reaching the Bandit camp, Borman Nates should appear. Defeat him to obtain the Psycho Stabber Legendary Pistol.
  • Urnest McEnforcer: On Promethea, head to Lectra City and find the subway. Proceed inside until you find Urnest McEnforcer – killing him drops the Masterwork Crossbow, which is a Legendary Sniper Rifle.
  • Princess Tarantella II: On Pandora, in the Splinterlands, head to the Western Bug area. The princess will be there – kill her to obtain the Legendary Rocket Launcher known as Hive.
  • El Dragon Jr.: This can only be found in Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode while the event is ongoing. Near the beginning of the Jakob’s Estate on Eden-6, you’ll see some Eridian writing. El Dragon Jr. is located here. Kill him to receive Unleash the Dragon, a Legendary Artifact that provides guaranteed Ignite Chance for melee attacks, sliding and ground slams along with increased Incendiary Damage.
  • Mother of Grogans: On Eden-6, there’s an area called The Anvil. First head there, then look for an area that’s in the sewers called West of Gross. You’ll locate the Mother of Grogans there. Defeat her for some random Legendary Artifacts. This Rare Spawn can be found in Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode only while the event is ongoing.

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