Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC: Glitches, ‘Meat Is Murder’, Traps, Achievements

A complete guide for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC.

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Check out this complete guide for Ascendance which is the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Using this guide you will be able to unlock every trophy/achievement in the game including the difficult ‘Meat Is Murder’. We also take a look at Grapple mode which is a new playlist available in Ascendance along with several glitches such as high rounds pile up, out of map teleport and a glitch that will allow the player to have the grappling ability while the player is in a Goliath.

Furthermore, we also take a look at all the maps in the game along with new zombie types, weapons and traps.

Meat Is Murder Achievement/ Trophy Guide:

Starting off you will want to open the door going to the command center and then go to the sewer. Once you are there, you will find four red circular handle. Turn all of them. Depending on how many players are with you, you will either see one, two or four. Once you are done, it will open up the wall behind the waterfall. Now you need to go back from where you started and look for two missing windows. You need to find a golden skillet in them. Once you get it, go back to the the waterfall area.

Kill all the zombies there and make sure you fill the grate with blood, this will raise the pedestal and now you can get the pan. Take the pan and place it on a grill. You will find the grill in Burger Town Restaurant. You are not done though as you still need four pieces of meat. You will find one in each area of the map. Once you find them, drill some rounds into them until they start to vanish. Use a magnetron to heat the burger and kill zombies in Burgertime clothes to make buns out of them. Go back and put them on the grill and take the burger. Bam! You will become an infected yourself. Run back to the sewers and find Bubby and feed him.

Bubby will tell you that his battery is draining out. Go to the command centre and find a screen which shows Bubby. Once you activate it, run towards a building on the right side of the power area. This is where you will find a box. The batter is in it, collect it. However there is no charge. Go to the gas station, charge it. While charging it will create a lot of noise so it may attract zombies. Do what you need to do and take it back to Bubby. You will then get a Hamburger key. Go there and you will find yourself in a sewer. Here there are a ton of zombies, take them. Activate the instigator as you need to collect a hand from a zombie when it’s floating in the air. Now once again, go back to the starting area and use the hand on the keypad. Inside you will find a key card which you need to take it to Bubby.

Grapple Mode:

Grapple Mode is a new playlist available in Ascendance. Players will be given access to a new Exo Grapple that fills the Exo Ability slot. This ability allows players to launch a grappling hook to travel quickly in a map. However the ability can only be used twice before it recharges. Each recharge takes 2.5 seconds, that means a total of 5 seconds.


As with every Call of Duty game and DLC, Ascendance has a few as well. Check them out below.

High Rounds Pile up Glitch:

Out of Map Glitch:

Teleport Glitch:

Goliath Glitch:

You can be in a Goliath and still have the grappling ability using this glitch.


All Maps Overview:

The video below take a deeper look in to the game’s four maps: Climate, Chop Shop, Perplex and Site 244.

New Weapon: Magnetron:

New Zombie Types and Traps:

Achievements and Trophies Guide:

Alright, Alright

Survive until round 10 in Infection. Here is a guide on how you can survive 10 rounds of infection.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Survive until round 25 in Infection. You will obviously struggle to last these many rounds but you can make it easier by finding a solid online team and by preserving points and not completely utilizing them for weapon upgrades.

One Man’s Poison…

Use the cure station to kill 5 host zombies at once in Infection.

Indirect Fire

Kill 100 zombies with traps in Infection. You have to kill zombies who have been stucked in traps. For example, the video below shows how you can kill a lot of zombies in one go using the “Summon Alligator of Death” trap.

Burgertown Escort Service

Rescue 1 survivor in Infection.

Abandon All Hope

Rescue 4 survivor’s in a single game in Infection. You need to make sure that all the doors on the map are open and you need to have at least two weapons for tracking drones or nano swarm and contact grenades. When the match begins, the four survivors will spawn at different places in the map, so follow them to the flare and then you need to wait for the war bird. Get the free upgrade when you have escorted the survivors. If any of the survivor dies, all the players will be given a penalty called as Power Drain which will last for 60 seconds. During this time all weapon stations will be shut down. Each of them must be activated manually once Power Drain ends. Also, make sure you keep an eye on the color indicator of the survivor. If they turn red, it means they are going to die soon.

Blood-Spattered Savior

Rescue a total 20 survivors in Infection. Refer the Abandon All Hope guide above.

Love Tap

Kill a Goliath with a melee attack in Infection.


Cook 50 zombies with the Magnetron in Infection.

Meat Is Murder

Activate Bubby in Infection. Refer the guide above.

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