Call Of Duty: WW2 The Resistance DLC Guide – Classes, Complete Darkest Shore Zombie Map Walkthrough, And More

A complete guide for Call of Duty: WW2 the Resistance DLC.

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The Resistance is the first major DLC pack for Call of Duty: WW2 as it brings new game modes, new classes and more to the game. There are three new multiplayer maps released as part of this DLC and there’s also a new Zombies chapter known as ‘The Darkest Shore.’ If that weren’t enough, a new War Mode map will also be released as part of this DLC. If you’re excited to pick up your copy and delve into these new adventures, then let’s get started!


There are four classes that you can choose from in the Zombies map. If you want to have a good outcome, be sure to have a balanced combination of the following classes. The first of these classes is the Support class which has this strange ability to attract zombies towards it. However, this comes with an advantage. The Support class can take twice the damage. Next up is the Offense class which grants the player with unlimited ammunition for a limited amount of time. Thirdly, we have the Medic which is pretty self explanatory but it also grants the special ability to become invisible from players. And lastly, we have the Control class where players can take on zombies directly by stunning or damaging them.


Jolts are the in-game currency which the players can earn by completing in-game activities. As expected, Jolts can be used for a variety purposes such as upgrading and buying weapons. Upgrading the weapons is a simple task. Simply find an upgrade station and invest the number of jolts required. In short, if you want to upgrade your weapons, you need jolts which in turn will make your weapons more powerful.


There are a lot of Easter Eggs to hunt in this map mode, so be ready to spend quite some time in hunting down all the various Easter Eggs located throughout the map. There’s a lot to do including constructing a Ripsaw weapon, using a cannon to fire at a ship, and more.

Turning On The Power of the Elevator

To start off, use whatever weapons you have (including an on site turret) to take down zombies. After you are done with the zombie horde, you need to switch on the power to the elevator. However you need to get Elektroschnalle fuse for which you need to take a mine cart and go through three different paths. First off, go off from Submarine Pen to Bunker 1, then from  Beach to Submarine Pen and lastly from Bunker 1 to Beach. Once you find all the Elektroschnalle fuse, you can now power up the elevator. This will give you access to Pack-A-Punch which can be used to upgrade weapons.

Construct a Ripsaw

Constructing the Ripsaw is a rather easy task. However, you would need two parts in order to construct one. You can get the Ripsaw’s handle near the armor station at the Artillery Bunker. Next up is the blade component which you can find in Bunker 3. Once you have both of these components, you need to craft the Ripsaw at a weapon-crafting bench. You would need to use the Execution skill on the incoming zombie horder unless they drop a spin with attached fuse. Take this fuse and headback to the crafting station. More Zombie waves will start come in, just wallop them, collect their souls and the Ripsaw will be constructed.

Unlock the ancient door and using the cannon:

Now you need to access the ancient map which can be access in the mine area using the mine cart. The problem is getting access to it. The solution is simple. The players needs to lure a bomber zombie and then shoot at it when the creature is near the door. And BAM! The door will open. You would then to pick up the monk’s head and take it to the freezer in the U-Boat Pens. Next up: another zombie horde! You would be given access to a cannon. The cannon charge as you kill more enemies. The aim is to destory a ship. Using the map design here is of prime importance. So keep on killing zombies, charge your canon and take down that damn ship!non.

Son of Nerthus Sacrifice Three Different Zombies:

Okay, for this section of the guide, you need to find three tablets. This is where things start to become a bit complicated. For the 1st tablet, go towards the bunkers where you will find a part of radio at the entrance. The other part of the radio is hidden in a dead body on a cliff. Once you get both of the parts, you will be able to make the radio which will give you access to Bunker 2. From there, you will be given access to 750-point flak Cannon. The question is where do you fire the cannon? Well, there are rocks nearby…use the cannon on them! And surprise, surprise…there within the debris you will find the 1st tablet. Now time back to back track. You need to go to a room behind the ancient door and place the 1st tablet and place in the hole on a wall. The 2nd tablet can be found on a zombie. Once the correct zombie is taken down, it will drop a red spine. You need to go the U-Boats Pens and place the red spine in a bowl. However a zombie will appear. Your gaming instint will probably make you want to kill him. But don’t! Instead follow the zombie and guess what, it will give you the 2nd tablet. Talk about friendly zombies, heh?

Go back to the hidden room behind the ancient, place the 2nd tablet and run towards the cliffsides. Here your Ripsaw will be of great use as you need it to destroy the red rocks. Once destroyed, you will find the 3rd tablet, right there waiting for you to pick among the debris.

Now for the fun part! In order to progress ahead, the player needs to sacrifice three zombies. The entire logic behind killing three different zombies is to get their head and place them on the sacrificial hook. However, you need to spawn them. In order to do so, keep killing zombies unless they drop unique spines and place them in the U-Boat Pens.

The first zombie is the Pest zombie. Take out the your trusted Ripsaw and fire at the nearby fuse box which consists of fuses of different color. You need to fire the fuse which has the same color as the zombie. As expected this process is rather annoying but when you get it right, the zombie will run away to the secret room. Kill it and take hold of its head and place it on the sacrificial hook.

Next up is the Wustling zombie. If you thought Pest zombie was annoying, Wustling is an even bigger headache. You need to lure him to various perk stations and that too in a very specific order (yes…really!). The correct order is below:

  • Kugelblitz
  • Faustblitz
  • Laufenblitz
  • Lebenblitz

Eventually you will lead him to the secret room. And you know what needs to be done here. Kill it, take its head and place it on the sacrificial hook.

And lastly we have the Meuchler Zombie. And he’s a bit of a teaser. He will run away in the fog make it difficult to track. However you can spot him because it’s brainless enough to scream giving you enough hints about where he is currently heading.  Once you find the bad boy, start hitting it and eventually he will run away to guess what? The secret room! You know what needs to be done here…kill it, take its head and place it on the sacrificial hook.

The Final Boss Fight

Remember the monk’s head? Yes, we need it now. Take it out from the freezer in the U-Boat Pens and then place it on the hook as well. This will unlock a door along with waves of zombies. Take them out and access the Barbarossa’s Pommel and throw it towards the radio you constructed. Now, here’s the big deal. The entire team needs to interact with the radio so that the boss battle can begin.

As expected, this is a multiple phase fight. You will fight off against waves of zombies (and its different types) until the mine cart is activated which in turn starts a new phase. Rinse and Repeat the process four times to complete this mode.


Consumables are basically items that can be used once that grant temporary benefits or powerful weapons. Check out the full list of consumables below.

  • Bazooka will let you Equip a M1 bazooka for a limited amount of time.
  • Refund Coupon will net you 25% refund on any purchases you made with the jolts.
  • Flamethrower will allow you to get hold of flamethrower for a limited amount of time.
  • Vernichten will bring down a  nuke that will kill enemies. However, only weak enemies will be killed.
  • Blitz Machine Coupon will net you 50% discount on any purchases you made with blitz machine.
  • Self-Revives allows players to pick themselves twice from Last Stand.
  • MG15 Guarantee is well, as the name suggest, guarantees that the next weapon will be assembled by the Mystery Box.
  • Uberladen will allow the meter to fully  power-up which in turns charges up player’s ability to the max.
  • Elektromagnet doubles the amounts of jolts earned as long as it’s active.
  • Taschen Voll will grant max ammo to all players.
  • Totengriff  will insta kill your enemy.


  • Over the fog, be the fog: In The Darkest Shore, kill a Meuchler in the fog
  • The Bakers dozen massacre: In The Darkest Shore, line up and kill 13 zombies with one Ripsaw shot.

  • Going Up….: In The Darkest Shore, unlock the Ubersprengen.
  • Still lurking: In The Darkest Shore, find and shoot Dr. Straub.

  • Always on spine:  In The Darkest Shore, rip out the spine of every Zombie type.

  • I Got This: In The Darkest Shore, survive the initial beach rush without using any machine gun turrets.
  • This Damn Island: In The Darkest Shore, explore the entire island.

The following are the secret achievements you can earn.

  • Making History: In The Darkest Shore, escape from the island before the bombing starts.
  • Black Winds to Darker Lands: In The Darkest Shore, retrieve Barbarossa’s pommel.
  • Severe Pommeling: In The Darkest Shore, kill 250 zombies with Barbarossa’s pommel in one match.

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