Call Of Duty: WW2 The War Machine DLC Guide – Complete Shadowed Throne Zombie Map Walkthrough, Achievements, And More

A complete guide for Call of Duty: WW2 The War Machine DLC.

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The War Machine is the second multiplayer DLC pack and it brings some new maps along with a new Zombies chapter called ‘The Shadowed Throne.’ The Zombies Easter Egg Hunt challenge can be rather difficult to figure out, so if you’re looking for some information regarding how to go about completing it, then this guide will be of use. You can also read below how to earn the different achievements/trophies, and also how to make use of the melee weapons to earn bonus items.


Make sure you get a good team together as you try and face the many challenges that await you in this new Zombies chapter. Before you begin the Easter Egg Hunt challenge, you’ll have to get a few things ready.

Unlock The Pack-a-Punch Machine  And Turn On The Power

The first thing you’ll have to do is to turn on the power and after this you will be able to get the Pack-a-Punch. The video below will help you out!

All Perk Locations

There are a total of 6 perks you can get. In this section, you can find out how to get all of 6 of them.

  • Self-Revive: Lebensblitz spawn room.
  • Stamina Up: Laufenblitz Main Street
  • Electric Cherry: Schildblitz Cabaret
  • Double Tap: Kugelblitz Plaza
  • Speed Cola: Schnellblitz Church
  • Slappy Taffy: Faustblitz Museum.

The video below will show you the precise locations for each of these perk machines.

Using The Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon

There are a number of steps involved in getting the wonder weapon. First off, at Main Street, you will be able to find a radio in the back. Look for a code on the radio and remember it. Next, go to the church and you will see a red pin in a named location on a map. This is your first clue. The next thing you should do is go to the chart on the wall and use the code to find the right frequency.

Next, you’ll have to set off some flares from a box which can be found next to a soldier around the plaza. Set off the flares by attacking it at melee range. Following this, an airship will come and bomb  zombies with geistbolts. When you see a zombie is glowing red and sprinting at you, it means the zombie has been hit with the geistbolt. Just use melee attacks on the zombie to collect the geistbolt from it.

Next, you’ll need to get a battery but its location changes each time so look around for a bit and you’ll be able to find it. Once you have the battery, place it next to the gates of the wonder weapon room to get inside but remember to get it again once you gain access to the room. Now, go ahead and build the wunderbuss weapon using the battery and geistbolt.

Finally, just outside the spawn room, look for a power box behind some bars. You can now use a grenade to open the plate and then charge the power box using the Wunderbuss. Now, go to the next room and repeat the same steps with another power box.

After all this is done, the elevator doors will open, thereby granting access to the Pack-a-Punch machine. You can check out the video below for more information on how to do all of this.

Unlock The Secret Camo

The following video will show you how to unlock the secret Thule’s Errand camo.

Main Easter Egg Hunt Quest

Finally, you can get started on the main Easter Egg Hunt challenge. The following video will show you all the necessary steps you need to follow to finish the Easter Egg Hunt challenge in ‘The Shadowed Throne.’


While exploring in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, you’ll come across many different melee weapons. Some of these weapons can be used to scavenge some really useful items like ammo and bonus points. Melee weapons such as the shovel and pickaxe are great to use to harvest these useful items from zombies.

You can find the pickaxe by entering the Museum. In the first floor, you find the pickaxe on a display case.  Take the pickaxe and equip it. Use the special attack with the pickaxe by sprinting up to an enemy and then using your attack. This will result in an instant kill against any standard zombie and you’ll gain bonus items like extra ammo, jolts, and more.

There are some other melee weapons that can be found in other areas, each with their own unique special attacks. You can find the shovel in the Underbelly. To use the shovel’s special attack, hold Left Trigger and then attack with Right Trigger.

You can find the Spiked Bat in the main street. You can trigger the special attack by holding Left Trigger which will result in a long-range attack.

The Trench Knife can be found in the cabaret near the backstage door. Hold Left Trigger and attack with Right Trigger to trigger the special attack.

There are a total of 10 Trophies that can be earned.

Das ist gut(Bronze): In The Shadowed Throne, find the Ubersprengen.

Ballistics Be Damned(Bronze): In The Shadowed Throne, reach wave 15 using only melee weapons.

Something Wunderful(Bronze):  In The Shadowed Throne, kill 50 Gekocht with the special weapon in one match.

Putting on a Show(Bronze): In The Shadowed Throne, keep a Gekocht alive on the stage for 1 minute.

Equal Opportunity Destroyer(Bronze: In The Shadowed Throne, collect geistkraft from each zombie type in a single match.

Lumberjack(Bronze): In The Shadowed Throne, kill a Wustling using each melee weapon in a single match.

The following are the secret trophies.

Stadtjager Down(Silver): In The Shadowed Throne, defeat the Stadtjager.

Ammo Conservation(Silver): In The Shadowed Throne, obtain the Blade without firing a gunshot.

This Belongs in a Museum(Silver): In The Shadowed Throne, while inside the museum, kill 250 zombies with the Blade in a single match.

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