Call of Duty: WW2 Update is Live, Resistance Community Event Now Available

Numerous fixes arrive for issues in multiplayer and exploits in Nazi Zombies.

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Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: WW2 received a new update to commemorate the launch of the Resistance Community Event. There’s a lot more it does than that so make sure to download it before starting the event.

Along with adding Winter Carentan to the aggregate pool of maps, the update removes shell shock from allied explosions. Health generation has also been increased and a number of exploits associated with Nazi Zombies have been fixed. It also seems the Camouflage ability has been nerfed.

Multiplayer has seen a number of fixes as well including a fix for an issue with the spectator mode; the game crashing from a fatal error or lost host connection upon accepting an invite to HQ; a game crash issue in Operation Neptune; and hard crash issues that can take place mid-match. Check out some of the fixes below with the full patch notes available here.

Call of Duty: WW2 will see its first paid DLC The Resistance releasing on January 30th for PlayStation 4. It will arrive, like past DLC packs, a month after for Xbox One and PC.


Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

  • Integrated spectator issue fix that went live on PC. The issue is network connection dependent, however this fix prioritizes model streaming order to eliminate the delay seen on initial start. We will continue to monitor on all platforms for any Phase 2 fixes needed.
  • Fixed issue with equipping scorestreaks upon spawning in after dying
  • Fixed issue where when player accepts invite to HQ, game crashes with a fatal error or lost host connection
  • Fixed game crash issue in Operation Neptune
  • Fixed various console performance/lag issues with low frame rate, teleporting, delayed hit markers, and hitching
  • Sped up health regeneration
  • Removed shell shock from friendly explosions
  • Fixed issue where scrolling causes game to crash
  • Improved map voting functionality
  • Fixed unlock Token issues with split screen
  • Fixed hard crash issues occurring mid-match
  • Fixed various functionality and disconnect issues due to host migration/inactivity
  • Fixed issue where player is stuck on launcher tier after simultaneously killing self and another player with Panzerschreck
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to connect and receiving error “Couldn’t connect to server because the data is incompatible.”
  • Fixed various split screen functionality issues


  • Fixed issue in Operation Griffin where buildable wall leading to Fuel Depot A is nonexistent after supposedly being built
  • Fixed various out of map exploits


  • Fixed issue where players were unable to win Gun Game by killing enemies with the throwing knife
  • Fixed rare issue where player loaded into an unbalanced 7v5 Gridiron match
  • Fixed issue in S&D where players are temporarily stuck after Planting the Bomb or executing a Fatal Melee
  • Fixed issue with Gridiron AI dropping ball and not playing to objective
  • Fixed issue in S&D and CTF where players were seeing incorrect Draw/Defeat messages

Party System/HQ

  • Fixed issue with invitees being “kicked for inactivity”
  • Fixed various Firing Range issues
  • Fixed issues with party members’ functionality loss results from leader’s actions
  • Fixed issue where players experience a hard crash when attempting to join HQ after a match
  • Fixed issues with party invites
  • Fixed various party system functionality issues


  • Fixed split screen issue where first-time users see placeholder images/text after leaving first match and selecting HQ
  • Moved HQ from being the first default option
  • Fixed issue in Mail where false notifications were appearing
  • Fixed issue where weapon attachments were not appearing in AAR
  • Fixed issues with Payroll collection UI
  • Added message stating that using open NAT and network cable could improve UX
  • Fixed various UI issues with emblems
  • Other various UI fixes and improvements

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