Capcom says Resident Evil reboot is a possibility

Could be open world, says Kawata.

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Capcom’s Masachika Kawata, Resident Evil: Revelations producer says that there is a possibility the survival horror-turned-shooter series could be receiving a reboot. What’s more, he also said that it could be open world.

When asked if the next Resident Evil game could be an open world one, he said: “”If we did [go with an open-world], we would want to preserve what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans, while also making it accessible to new players. It would almost entail having a slight reboot to get the series into a place where it would work with open-world gameplay. That’s just a personal opinion.”

“A lot of decisions would have to be taken before something like that is done to the series, but it is something that…” he left everyone haging, but not for long: “There is a possibility.”

“Once we see Revelations released on consoles,” he continued. “we’ll be looking very carefully at how the title is received and what feedback we get. I think we’ll get a lot of input from the fanbase and the media on what it means for Resident Evil, and what it could mean for the future of the series. We’ll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next.”

He also said that moving forward, the Resident Evil series will focus a lot more on horror aspects of the game. “Moving forward I can see us focusing even more on the horror aspect and fear in the series, and see us making something scarier than we have already,” he said.


Kawata was also quick to clarify that all this talk of these changes is not a reaction to the negative reception of RE6, rather than being just the organic way to grow the series.

He said: “We don’t want to respond directly to, for example, the reaction to Resident Evil 6,” Kawata explained, “[rather than] taking a chance to re-examine the series as a whole within ourselves, within the company, and decide where we want to take it from there.”

“If anyone is waiting for an open-world Resident Evil, I think it will certainly be quite a while,” he added. “So in the meantime, I recommend giving Revelations a try.”

Well, it certainly would be a very exciting prospect. What do you guys think?

Resident Evil: Revelations releases for the PS3, PC and Wii U in May.


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