Check Out This “52 And A Half” Movie And Learn More About Geralt

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CD Projket RED have published a new video about their protagonist – Geralt of Rivia. The movie called “52 and a half” is made using the game’s REDengine. Want to learn more about Geralt? Read our quick guide about the things you see in the latest video.

The witcher’s swords: The witcher wields two types of swords. The silver one is the sign of his profession. Magical creatures Geralt is contracted to slain are more vulnerable to the silver blade. But in this dark world it is sometimes impossible to know the difference between a human and a monster. That’s why the witcher has to carry a blade of steel – people can be the most fearsome and non-human of beasts . So the creature slayer is prepared – with two weapons on his back he can stand against everything or everyone who tries to kill him.

Signs: The witchers are not sorcerers. But during their training they learn how to use a weaker kind of magical energy. The witcher’s signs are much simpler than spells used by those who have absolute knowledge of mystic arcana. With the proper gesture of his fingers and wrist the witcher may set his enemies ablaze, push them back with great force or set magical traps to gain even more advantage over his foes

Potions: The witchers undergone many mutations as children. This allows them to drink potions that are toxic for normal people. One flask and the witcher’s senses become sharp, his moves even more fast, his whole body starts to work in a different manner – with one purpose only, to kill and stay alive.

Medallion: Geralt’s medallion is another emblem of his profession. When witchers leave their lair and start to venture on the trail they are recognized by these magical medallions. Geralt wears a wolf-head medallion all the time around his neck. When near a source of energy or a dangerous creature the lupine head starts to shiver and warns its bearer of the danger he is approaching. This way, the witcher is rarely in the position of prey and is the ultimate predator.

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