CoD Paid Service Incoming?

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“New service offerings” which are supposed to “enhance” online grossings from Call of Duty games are “in the pipeline,” Activision has revealed.

That probably means that Activision will be enhancing the CoD Online Experience to only make it better- and ask for just a little bit of hard cash. It makes life easier. Yeah, it does.

COO Thomas Tipp, when asked if Call of Duty would ever get a subscription model like that of World of Warcraft, told the Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Technology Conference: “I don’t think there’s a one size fits all…. There’s no doubt that we are looking to extend recurring revenue models and in many ways we have already accomplished that – even on Call Of Duty, although it takes a different form than subscription.

“Every year we have a great game, so every year we have recurring revenues that has a lot of zeros attached to it. We are expanding revenue during the in-between periods with additional content we’ve sold very successfully with map packs.”

He added: “As we look into the future, there are new and innovative service offerings that could give players more choice. What we’re not going to do is take anything away from players that they used to get today for the price they get it for today. I don’t think that would be a good and smart business decision.

“But I think we have a lot in our pipeline that we believe will provide great value for our players. So I think there’s continued opportunity to expand the player base and to provide them with service offerings and products that can also enhance revenue growth.”

“As long as we keep providing value – whether it’s in services, or new content or things like virtual items… There’s so much we can do to provide value to our customers,” Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, added.

“They’re willing to pay us for it and I think giving multiple entry points to consumers to figure out how to exactly play the game is something that’s really important to building our audiences.”

Interesting- would any of us ever pay extra for CoD online? This is unfair, we tell you! Bah! Humbug!

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