Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Guide – All Flashback Tapes and Colored Gem Locations

Quickly unlock all of the Flashback Levels and four colored gems with these tips.

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crash bandicoot 4 it's about time

Toys for Bob’s Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a true-blue sequel to the original trilogy, going back to the classic 3D platforming formula while adding tons of new features. One of those new features is the Flashback Levels. These are tougher levels set in the past when Crash was captured by Doctor Neo Cortex. It essentially sees our hero trying to survive while plotting his escape.

To access the Flashback Levels, you’ll need to collect different Flashback Tapes. There are 21 in total, scattered throughout various worlds. Though not particularly difficult to find (some are right out in the open), you can check out the video guide below for their locations.

How to Find All Colored Gems

You’ll also need to locate four colored gems – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow – which takes significantly more time and effort than the Flashback Tapes. Each Gem is located in a specific level and requires solving a puzzle. For the Red Gem, head to N. Sanity Peak. Look for the bonus portal and move past it to the door. You’ll see a map on the wall – follow its instructions to find the Gem.

The Blue Gem is in Draggin’ On and requires getting to the very end without hitting any crates (yes, even checkpoint crates). Accomplish this and the Blue Gem is yours. The Yellow Gem is found in Run It Bayou and requires you to jump to a path on the right from the start (the crates in the water, essentially). The moving platform will lead to four crates. The gem is above so bounce on the crates to reach it.

The Green Gem is found on Hit The Road. You’re in a roll-cage during this level but once you’re outside of the big machine and hit the checkpoint, look for a trashcan on the left. Hit to cause a remote control to appear. Attack this and it will cause an RC car to move towards a nitro crate. Keep doing this until it explodes the crate and you receive the Green Gem. Once again, refer to the video guide below for specific locations and instructions.

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