CrossCode Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about CrossCode.

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CrossCode Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game


Radical Fish Games

PC, Mac, Linux, PS4

Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:PC, Mac, Linux: September 20, 2018; PS4: TBA

CrossCode is a retro 16-bit independently developed Role-playing game. It is developed by Radical Fish Games and published by Deck13.


CrossCode enter development in 2007, and after nearly 7 years of development, it launched on Steam Early Access in May 2015. After a little more than three years in early access Radical Fish Games and Deck13 announced that the game would launch in full on September 20, 2018. It launched for PC, Mac, and Linux. A PlayStation 4 version of the game is also planned, however a release date has not yet been announced for it.

Radical Fish Games have also confirmed that several features are yet to be added to the game, post its final release. These include a new game plus mode; additional NPCs, quests and enemies; and a new guild. Meanwhile, the Rhombus Square are within the game will also receive new content, which will include an Arena (which will play host to a boss rush mode), more maps, and more new quests.

CrossCode makes use of spite based 16-bit visuals to evoke the visual style of SNES and Genesis RPGs, while it also has a soundtrack that was composed with influences from games of that era.



CrossCode takes place in a futuristic science fiction setting, where citizens of a world play an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game called CrossWorlds, with the game (with their avatars) taking place on a moon that is in the same physical place as the world they live in. In CrossCode, players play as Lea, who is a mute who finds herself stuck inside CrossWorlds, with no memories of the past or her previous playthrough of CrossWorlds. She meets with a programmer called Sergey, and with him she sets out to regain her memories by playing through the story and quests of CrossWorlds, while Sergey enters coding for new phrases to say into her throughout the game.



CrossCode combines elements from RPGs with action adventure titles of the same era, such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, along with a heavy focus on puzzles as well. Players progress through dungeons, explore the game’s world, interact with NPCs, and occasionally fight in boss battles as well. Dungeons in the game are heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda games, and often rely heavily on puzzle solving. In keeping with the theme of being set within an MMO, CrossCode’s CrossWorlds also as several MMO like activities within the games, such as PvP (against in-game NPCs), raids, and MMO-like quests and grinding. Players can also join guilds.

CrossCode also offers plenty of side quests and optional content for players to indulge in. Lea’s avatar within CrossWorlds is a spheromancer, which means in combat she specializes in throwing spheres at her enemies. The combat system places a focus on being quick and frantic. The player can attack using four elements- Heat, Cold, Shock, or Wave. Each of these elements has four separate arts attached to then, namely ranged, melee, dash, and guard. Using arts requires Special Points, or SP, with attacks ranging between single-target focused attacks, or area-of-effect attacks. Players also get ratings for their performances during combat, and higher ratings yield more experience points.


Elements are at the core of the game’s progression system, which sees players upgrading specific branching skill trees attached to each of these elements in the Circuit by using Circuit Points, or CP, in a system similar to Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid. Players can choose to swap between Circuit branches at any time, without having to pay any costs, and the game often relies on players upgrading specific abilities during certain moments to counter specific challenges in combat. In combat, players can choose to take up to two party members with them, however, in dungeons and boss battles, party members become disabled. Players can also upgrade their gear and trade materials. Elements are also central to the game’s puzzles, which also often require players to make use of certain elements in certain ways.

Other than its main campaign, CrossCode also offers two separate additional modes. In exploration mode, players can explore CrossWorlds at their leisure, while combat mode is completely combat centric and sees players involved in numerous battles that will test their skills and abilities.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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