Cyberpunk 2077 Receives New Details On Progression, Dialogue Choices, Narrative Themes, and More

Details on inventory, character customization, and hacking mechanics also revealed.

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Certain outlets in Poland were recently shown new gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED, and thanks to information coming from Onet, WP GRY, and Miastogier (via DSO Gaming), we now have several new details on everything from character progression and customization to narrative themes, tidbits about open world gameplay, dialogue choices, and a lot more.

Dialogue choices, it seems, have seen an evolution from CD Projekt RED’s previous title, The Witcher 3, with the entire system becoming a bit more fluid and dynamic. For instance, players can now spark up conversations with NPCs while they’re still in their vehicles. Meanwhile, the outlets also describe a scene in the demo they saw that showed V having a conversation with another character, Placide. During that scene, one of Placide’s henchmen walked in- if players turn around and look at the henchmen, they get the option to interact with him with more dialogue options, and that conversation can have an impact on how your conversation with Placide goes.

Meanwhile, it also definitely seems like the game’s life paths – of which there will be three to choose from as you begin the game and customize your character – really will be having plenty of impact on the way you interact with the game, as the developers have promised. For instance, in the same conversation with Placide mentioned above, when V is forced to connect to the network by him so that he or she can be monitored during their mission, having a Street Kid life path can open up new interruption possibilities, since in that scenario V would know how gangs operate.

Other aspects of character customization have also been detailed- beginning with character creation itself, which will not be restricting players to binary gender options. For instance, players can choose to have a male body as well as a female voice, and this is something that would impact how NPCs interact with you in the game.

Street Cred is also something that will play an important role in the game. Items that are rare within the game will be harder to find on sale in stores, but the higher your Street Cred is, the higher the chances are that someone will sell it to you. Higher Street Cred will also result in vendors selling higher quality stuff to you. Vendors will also offer unique items and discounts at unique times, or for specific periods of time.

Several new details about progression and levelling up have also surfaced: Character level and street cred will, of course, both progress separately. Meanwhile, every skill and attribute in the game has a level cap of 10, while there are also five perks to each skill, with there being 60 perks in total. These perks, in turn, also have five levels of progression each. Skills are upgraded by finding specialized trainers, or by installing implants, though players can make minor improvements themselves, such as coating your Mantis blades with poison.

Combat also receives some new info. Damage numbers, for starters, have seem a change from what we saw earlier. While damage numbers still appear on the screen, they have been toned down a bit, and the screen is no longer flooded with them, while the developers have also added other damage indicators such as unique animations. V can also shatter glass bottles on enemies, and then use the remaining shard to stab other foes.

There are plenty of new details on hacking as well. Netrunning can yield in various programs for players to toy with, such as one that lets you hack into enemies’ eyes. Progressing through hacking skill trees can also allow you to control turrets, bots, cameras, and more, while players can also use bots to hack from a safe distance. Depending on what it is that you’re hacking into, the hacking minigames will also change.

A few other miscellaneous details that you might find interesting: bosses can use objects in the environment as they fight against you; hijacking vehicles in front of cops or gangsters will see them becoming alerted to your activities; religion is an important part of the world created in the game, and there will also be religious factions.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out on April 16, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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