Dark Souls 3 Mega Guide: Unlimited Souls Cheat Codes, Estus Shards, Undead Bone Shards And Covenants

Your guide to the eerie world of Dark Souls 3.

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Dark Souls 3 continues the series’ tradition of insane difficulty, challenging boss fights, amazing level design and in-depth inventory and upgrade system. If you are a newcomer to the Souls series, you need to know that you will die a lot but there are some ways you can limit that. Using this guide you will be able to find all Estus Shards and Bone Shards, learn cheats and cheat codes for unlimited and infinite souls, find secret locations for Untended Graves and Archdragon Peak.

Furthermore, we will also take a look at the various Covenants and their locations along with a look at how you can change and reset character appearance, skills and abilities sets. Dark Souls 3 is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game you can read our full review of the game here.

All Estus Flask Upgrade Shards Locations:

There are 11 Estus Flask Upgrade Shards in Dark Souls 3 and none of them are can be missed. You start the game with 3 Estus Flasks and 1 Ashen Flasks, so getting all of the 11 Estus Shards will grant you 15 flasks. For those who are not reliant on a magic based build, can select all 15 flasks as Estus Flasks. Finding them all will also unlock the Ultimate Estus trophy and achievement.

All Undead Bone Shards Locations:

There are 10 Undead Bone Shards in Dark Souls 3 and it goes without saying that along with Estus Shards they form the most important thing that you need to collect in the game. Once found, you need to burn them at the bonfire which in turn will improve the HP gained through the use of Estus Flask. Collect them all to unlock the Ultimate Bonfire trophy and achievement.

Dark Souls 3 Unlimited And Infinite Souls Cheat And Cheat Codes:

Although this is not the way to play Dark Souls 3, players who are struggling with the game’s insane difficulty can use this method to receive unlimited souls in the game. Just follow the steps below and make unlimited souls.

Equip a shield that you can use to parry and then equip a Boss soul and remove every other item from your inventory slot. Please note you only need to select a boss soul. Your usual souls won’t work here. Now put an empty estus flask in the first toolbelt slot and use the following cheat codes according to the platform you are playing the game on:

PS4: While holding Down-Button press L2, Square, Options, X
XB1: While holding Down-Button press LT, X, Start, A
PC: While holding Down-Button press [Strong Attack Left], [Use Item], [Open Menu], [Confirm]

How To Change Character Appearance And Skill Set After Allocation:

Dark Souls 3 allows you to reset your character skill set and appearance even when you have already selected them during the course of your playthrough. However note that this feature is not free and is limited to five times. You would need pale tongue which you can get by invading other players while being under the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant. You can also get pale tongue in the form of loot.

Secret Locations:

There are places in the game where you may not come across in your normal playthrough. We recommend visiting these places are they have optional bosses such as The Nameless King who is located in Archdragon Peak. Below you will find two complete video guides which will show you

Where to find Untended Graves Secret Area:

Where to find Archdragon Peak Secret Area

Covenant Guide And How To Join Them:

Joining a Covenant is a highly recommendable to extend the life of the game, specially through its online component. When you join a covenant, you will need to find and locate special items or armor. Below you will find everything about Covenants in Dark Souls 3.

Covenant: Way of Blue Location

Covenant: Mound-makers Location

Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Location

Covenant: Blue Sentinels Location

Covenant: Watchdogs of Farron Location

Covenant: Rosaria’s Fingers Location

Covenant: Aldritch Faithful Location

Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon Location

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