Dark Souls Remastered Complete Guide: Best Weapons And Armor, Boss Fight Strategies, Items, Farming Souls, And More

A complete guide for Dark Souls Remastered.

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If you didn’t get a chance to try out Dark Souls so far, now would be the perfect time to play through it since the remastered version of the game is now available. In this remastered edition, the content and the story remain unchanged, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements that it brings! This is a game that has a reputation for being very difficult and there are a lot of weapons and armor sets to collect, bosses to defeat, and secret areas to explore. This guide is here to help you out with any information you may want to know about the game.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Every Action Depletes Stamina

Almost every action you perform in the game will deplete some of your stamina, which is indicated by the green bar. Attacking, sprinting, and even blocking attacks with a shield will deplete stamina. Furthermore, going for larger attacks or blocking more powerful attacks will take up more of your stamina. Always keep in mind how much stamina you have before heading into battle.

Learn To Backstab

If you get right behind an enemy and attack, you can finish them ff quickly or at least take up a large portion of their health by performing a backstab. Learn to master this and fights with random enemies will get a lot easier.

Level Up The Right Stat

Your equipment will scale according to certain attributes. Based on the kind of weapon you are using, level up the related stat which will help you deal more damage with the same weapon.

You Can Get Help From Players Or NPCs

If you’re struggling with a certain boss, you don’t always have to tough it out. If you’re in your human form, you can interact with the sign outside boss battles to either summon other player characters, or even NPCs, which will make a fight significantly easier for you.

Don’t Give Up

This is a game in which you’re going to die a lot. When you die, you can always go back to collect your souls. If you find it hard to get past a particularly tough boss, just come back to it later once you have leveled up a bit and have got better equipment.

Pick A Class With A Shield

If you want to play a fighting class, pick one which has a good shield that deflect 100% physical damage. This will allow you to take your time with enemies. However, don’t rely on it too much because it will often serve you better to just dodge incoming attacks. Holding up a shield also makes your stamina regenerate at a slower pace.

Pick A Pyromancer For Easy Mode

Picking the Pyromancer class will make your first few hours with the game relatively easy. This is because you can maintain your distance while you hurl your spells at enemies. This is a perfect class to pick if you’re interested in playing as a magic user.


This is a game in which one of the main attractions are the different kinds of bosses you will come across. Some of these bosses can pose a significant challenge for the inexperienced gamer, so you can find below some strategies to defeat all of the different bosses in the game.

Asylum Demon

This is the very first boss you will come across in the game. When you first see it, don’t engage in a fight (unless you’re ready for a good challenge) and instead, run away using the stairs to the left of the room. You will come across the boss later and this time, you will have to fight it. Position yourself on the platform above the demon and then use a plunging attack to deal lots of damage to it. Be careful when standing on the platform because if wait too long before jumping down, the Asylum Demon will attack you from below.

Taurus Demon 

Before you get to fighting this boss, first take care of the Undead soldiers on top of the tower. Once you’ve done this, there are a couple of strategies you can use to make the fight easier. First, you can climb up the tower and then use a plunging attack, and then rinse and repeat. You can also climb up the tower and hurl some Firebombs at the boss to deal a lot of damage. If you fight the demon on the bridge, you may get lucky and the boss may fall off.

If you want to fight the demon without any plunging and Firebombs, then keep running in between his legs and attack his legs. Time your dodges carefully and he’ll be dead in no time.

Capra Demon

Capra Demon can be quite difficult because he is agile and also has two attack dogs with him. You should first try and get rid of the attack dogs before trying to fight him. One strategy you can use to make the fight significantly easier is to climb up the stairs and then to move to the edge of the arch over the door where the Capra Demon won’t be able to reach you. From this spot, you can take your time to dispose of the attack dogs and then the main boss.

Moonlight Butterfly

To fight this boss, it’s recommended to have a ranged weapon since the boss will spend a lot of time out of melee range. However, it is possible to defeat it with only a melee weapon since it will land after short intervals during which time the player can get close and attack with the melee weapon. You should also equip armor with magical resistance as all of the boss’ attacks are magical.

When the Butterfly is attacking from a range, you should try and stay as far away as possible. Additionally, when it lands, watch out for an area-of-effect attack that it will unleash after it emits a noise. The fight will be made much easier if you summon the Witch Beatrice to aid you in the fight.

Chaos Witch Quelaag 

The best way to defeat Quelaag is to summon Maneater Mildred who will be able to keep the boss at bay while you can attack from a range. You can also rush in and attack with melee attacks while the boss is focused on Mildred.

Bell Gargoyles

Once you get down the first gargoyle’s health to half, a second gargoyle will join in. Just circle around them and keep your shield up to avoid taking damage. When the gargoyle starts breathing fire, rush in and attack it from behind. If you sever the first gargoyle’s tail, you can gain the Gargoyle Tail Axe weapon. This fight can be made significantly easier by summoning Solaire of Astora and Knight Lautrec of Carim.

Iron Golem

Before you even get into the fight with the Golem, try and get rid of the giant who throws Firebombs. The giant can be found on top of the fortress. Once you have done this, you can get into the fight. Just focus on hitting the Golem’s legs and after you’ve hit it enough, it will fall over which will give you some time to attack it for a while. Whenever the boss is lunging for an attack, just roll under ts legs and then attack it. Rinse and repeat until you achieve victory. The fight will b a piece of cake if you summon Black Iron Tarkus.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

If you are going to fight Sif at close range, the best strategy would be to get underneath him and then attack his legs. However, watch out for a slam attack that he will perform once in a while. Rather than using a shield, it is recommended that you learn his attack patterns and try to dodge as much as possible. If you’re playing a ranged hero, just keep your distance from him and keep attacking.

Ornstein And Smough

This is one of the tougher battles in the game. Once you manage to kill one of the bosses, the other one’s health is restored and he will also become more powerful. The best strategy is to kill Ornstein first and to then go for Smough. Summoning a phantom will make the fight much easier for you! Try and pick a melee weapon with a good reach as it will help you land more hits while keeping your distance from the bosses. Make use of the pillars in the room as these will block their devastating charging attacks.

Knight Artorias 

This can be quite a challenging fight. Just try and learn his attack patterns. Once he loses about one-third of his health, he will start powering up, but you can interrupt it by attacking him repeatedly. Just keep dodging out of the way of his attacks and try to land in at least 1 or 2 attacks before rolling back to a safe distance.

After attacks such as the charging attack, he will take some time to recover during which time you can go in and attack him.

Gravelord Nito

When you first fall into Nito’s lair, you will lose some health because of the fall. Make use of the Fall Control Sorcery if you have it to avoid taking damage, or just heal yourself soon after you fall. Nito’s attacks are slow, so you can easily dodge them. There will be some skeletons you will have to deal with during the fight but they will be resurrected even if you kill them. The  only way to get rid of them permanently is by using a Divine weapon. Once you’ve defeated the skeletons, just go ahead and fight Nito and he won’t be very hard to take down.

Crossbreed Priscilla

As soon as you see this boss, try and get a few hits on her tail, as she will be neutral in the beginning. If you get enough hits on her tail, you can gain the weapon Priscilla’s Dagger. Once she is attacked, Priscilla will turn invisible. Just watch for her footsteps and attack her when you are sure of her location. After you attack her enough, she will turn visible. Priscilla’s attacks can cause a lot of Bleed damage, so wear any equipment you have that can counteract this status effect.

Gaping Dragon 

After the dragon uses its charge attack, it will not move for a little while, so you can get close and attack it a few times. The Gaping Dragon is especially weak against lightning based damage, so try to equip any weapons you have that deal lightning damage. Additionally, you can cut off the Dragon’s tail to gain the Dragon King Greataxe.

When fighting the Dragon, hitting its head will deal extra damage. One of the best and safest strategies is to stay to the side of the Dragon and attack its legs as it will not be able to attack you easily.

Dark Sun Gwyndolin 

When selecting your equipment for your fight with Gwyndolin, pick a shield which has 100% physical resistance and also some magical resistance since the boss’ attacks are magic-based. The fight happens in an endless corridor and you can dodge his attacks by hiding behind pillars on either side of the corridor. There is one attack that will go through the walls, so watch out for it! Gwyndolin will quickly move back, so try and get a few hits in before he does so.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Gwyn is a boss who moves quite fast so you won’t have much time to safely recover and heal. Using a normal shield won’t be very effective since his weapon deals Fire damage as well. If you want to go with a shield, pick one that has good Fire resistance. Furthermore, pick a fast weapon that doesn’t consume a lot of stamina. You can also make use of pillars in the surroundings to avoid some attacks. Additionally, if you are confident about parrying, it will lead to a quick victory as you can parry most of Gwyn’s attacks.

Stray Demon

You will fall through the floor when you first go up against the Stray Demon, so make sure you heal yourself in a safe spot soon after. To defeat the Stray Demon, just stay behind it and attack. Whenever it is going to perform an area-of-effect attack, just move back to avoid taking damage. Dodge-rolling is the best way to avoid his attacks, as using your shield will quickly deplete stamina.

Black Dragon Kalameet

This boss deals high physical damage and magical damage with his attacks, so pick a shield with good magical resistance. However, it is not recommended to rely too much on the shield as you will still take damage even if you block. The Dragon is also resistant to all elements, so picking a weapon with good physical damage is the best way to defeat this boss. The best way to avoid damage in this fight is to learn the boss’ attack patterns and then roll out of the way.

Seath The Scaleless

You can defeat Seath using  only a bow by maintaining your distance.When using a melee weapon, just stay to his side and attack him. Be careful because he has some deadly area-of-effect attacks and he will also use his tail to attack if you stay behind him. You can attack his tail to gain the Moonlight Greatsword.

Bed Of Chaos

In this boss encounter, you will have to focus on breaking down two roots so that you can gain access to the heart inside which is the Chaos Bug. If you destroy one root, it will stay destroyed even after death, so it is possible to achieve progress through multiple runs. A magic shield will be useful in blocking the boss’ attacks and a shield like Havel’s Greatshield can be used with two hands to completely block the boss’ attacks. There are some bottomless holes in the area that you will have to watch out for. You will have to make use of a branch to get close to the boss and you can then attack the Chaos Bug and defeat it.

Ceaseless Discharge

This boss has multiple arms that it will use for attacks. You should try to dodge these attacks and then when the arm is still for a while, rush in and land a few hits. You can stand in a safe part of the crevice and attack it with ranged weapons and the boss will not be able to attack back.

You can also use the stairs to bait the boss and the wait for it to attack. Once it attacks, you can go back up and land a few hits. You can just keep doing this until you achieve victory.


This is a boss with very low HP but he can be annoying because of the many clones that he will summon. As soon as the fight starts, rush in and try to deal as much damage as you can. Beware of the clones because they all deal as much damage as the original Pinwheel. You can lock on Pinwheel when he appears so that you know which one the real boss is amidst all the clones.

Centipede Demon

This boss is weak against lightning and magic, but is immune to fire damage, so pick a suitable weapon before engaging in the fight, You can sever the demon’s arm or tail which will then regenerate during the fight. The severed limbs will become their own entities and will attack the player. You can get the Orange Charred Ring by just defeating one of these autonomous limbs.

You can Summon Solaire of Astora for a much easier fight.

Demon Firesage

The strategy with this one is simple. Just stay behind the Demon and move away when it performs an area-of-effect attack. You  can easily roll away from most of its attacks, so just keep dodging and landing as many hits as possible to achieve victory.

Manus, Father Of The Abyss

It is possible to defeat Manus from outside of the fog gate. You can equip Symbol of Avarice to take down your health to then activate Red Tearstone Ring which will grant extra damage. Take off the Symbol of Avarice once the ring is active. Now, look for Manus’ red eyes on the other side of the gate, and once you see it, just keep shooting at him until his health gets low. You  can then proceed to enter the fog and kill him or just kill him from outside.

If you want to face him head on, just keep an eye on your stamina. Once his health drops to half, he will start using magical attacks, so equip any magic resistant items you may have to counteract this.

Four Kings

When going in to fight the kings, equip any magic resistant equipment you may have. At first, you will only have to fight one king, but three others will join later on. Try and kill each king as quickly as possible so that you won’t have to deal with too many at a time. Just watch out for their attacks and time your dodges. You can also choose to keep your distance and attack with a ranged weapon.

Sanctuary Guardian

This boss is highly resistant to Magic and Lightning damage, and is weak against physical attacks. Your best bet is to rely on dodging the boss’ attacks instead of blocking, and then following up with some physical attacks. If you want to use a shield, pick one with high lightning resistance as the boss uses some deadly lightning-based attacks.


There are lots of great armor to find throughout the world of Dark Souls, but you can find below some of the best armor in the game. However, it is not recommended to try and get all of these as it would require you to kill some great characters such as Solaire of Astora. With that in mind, these are the best armors in the game:

  • Golem Armor
  • Armor of Favor
  • Iron and Sun Armor
  • Ornstein’s Armor
  • Xanthous Set
  • Dark Set
  • Smough’s Armor
  • Armor of Thorns
  • Paladin Armor
  • Armor of Favor

You can check out the video below to find out how to collect each of these sets of armor.


There are a lot of weapons to choose from in the game, but some are better than others. You can find below some of the best end-game weapons that you find through the game. Keep in mind that some weapons only become powerful when upgraded in a certain way.


There are not too many options to choose from here and the best dagger is the Bandit’s Knife which can be upgraded so that it becomes the Enchanted Bandit’s Knife which deals total damage of 355.

Small Weapons

The best small weapons are as follows.

  • Battle Axe
  • Washing Pole
  • DarkSword
  • Falchion

Out of these, once they are further upgraded, the best weapons will be the Enhanted Battle Axe and the Enchanted DarkSword.

Large Weapons

The best large weapons are as follows.

  • Murakumo
  • Bastard Sword
  • Man- Serpent Greatsword (lightning-based)
  • Greatsword of Artorias

Out of these, the ones that deal the highest total damage would be the Greatsword of Artorias and the Enchanted Murakumo.

Ultra Large Weapons

The best ultra large weapons are as follows.

  • Demon’s Greataxe
  • Demon Great Machete
  • Greataxe
  • Demon’s Great Hammer
  • Great Club
  • Grant

When upgraded, the weapons with the most damage will be Enchanted Great Club and Enchanted Greataxe


The best spears/polearms are as follows.

  • Halberd
  • Pike
  • Gargoyle’s Halberd
  • Winged Spear
  • Titanite Catch Pole
  • Dragonslayer Spear

When upgraded, the weapons with the most total damage are Enchanted Halberd and Enchanted Pike.


There are some secret areas you can find in the game where you will be able to gain some great treasure and even come across some boss fights. One of them is a DLC area. You can find instructions below on how to access the two main secret areas in the game.

The Painted World Of Ariamis

To get to the Painted World of Ariamis is no easy task. You will first have to make a trip to your starting location, the Northern Undead Asylum. To do so, you will have to first take the elevator from Firelink Shrine to Northern Undead Parish. On your elevator ride, you will notice some ruins ahead of you. Jump to these ruins and make your way up to a large nest and interact with it, and you will be taken back to the starting location. While here, you can fight the boss Stray Demon, who will be found just below where you had killed the first boss in the game. Inside the cell where you start the game, you will be able to find a Peculiar Doll, a key which is needed to access the secret area.

Once you have the strange doll, you can make use of it at the Anor Londo Cathedral where you will come across a huge painting. Just interact with the painting with the doll in your possession and you will be transported to The Painted World of Ariamis. It is in this location that you will be able to find the boss, Crossbreed Priscilla.

Great Hollow & Ash Lake

At the swamp in Blighttown, you will be able to see roots which form a path up a huge tree. Just walk up these roots and then attack the walls when you reach the top to reveal a hidden room with a treasure chest. Attack the illusory wall within the hidden room and you will open another entrance. This is the Great Hollow and you will have to make your way all the way down to reach Ash Lake.

At Ash Lake, you will be able to find a Hydra and The Dragon Covenant.

Oolacile Of The Abyss (DLC Area)

To get to this area, you will first have to get to Darkroot Basin where you will have to fight the huge Hydra. After the fight, leave the area and return sometime later to the same place where you had killed the Hydra. You will see a cave next to where the Hydra used to be and there will be a golem inside it. Defeat the golem and once you do, Dusk of Oolacile will appear.

Talk to Dusk to rescue her and then go on to the Duke’s Archive. At this location, you will come across Crystal Golem at the entrance. If you defeat this Golem after having rescued Dusk, then you will fain an item called Broken Pendant. Take this pendant back to the cave where you met Dusk, and after a short cutscene, you will find yourself in Oolacile.

At this DLC area, you will be able to find a number of bosses, including Manus- Father of the Abyss, and Artorias the Abysswalker.


This is a a game that can also be quite difficult but there are some status effects like Curse and Egg Parasite that can make the game truly frustrating. You can find below instructions on how to cure both these ailments.

Curing Curse

The curse status effect is something that will lower your health by half permanently until you get the cure. The next time you are cursed, you will turn to stone and die. You can purchase a cure from Oswald of Carim in Gargoyle Belltower location. You an also purchase a cure from Ingward in New Londo Ruins.

The other way to cure curse is by using purging stones. The Man-Eater Clams found in Ash Lake and Crystal cave drop these. You can also get purging stones in another way. First, collect Cracked Eye Orbs at the bottom of the elevator which goes to Undead Parish from Firelink Shrine. You can then trade these with the NPC called Snuggly at Northern Undead Asylum. You will get two purging stones per Cracked Eye orb traded with Snuggly.

Curing Egg Parasite

If you’re attacked by a certain parasite, it may lay eggs on your head. After about 5 minutes, these eggs will hatch and you will be stuck with an egg head which leave you unable to wear helmets. You will also receive extra fire damage when you have this status effect. The Egg Parasite can be cured with an item called Egg Vermifuge, several of which can be found in the secret are The Painted World of Ariamis. The other way is to find the hidden NPC called Eingyi. In the place where you fight Chaos Witch Queelag, you will come across a wall laden with eggs. Attack this illusory wall to reveal the hidden area where you can find Eingyi. This NPC will give you a free Egg Vermifuge whenever you are suffering from the Egg Parasite ailment.


Note: Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online or offline may lead to an immediate ban. GamingBolt or its staff members are not responsible for any problems arising due to their use.

You can now earn unlimited level, infinite health, strength, dexterity, resistance, intelligence and more using a cheat. You can check it in action in a video over here.


Titanite slabs and twinkling titanite are items that you will need to upgrade your weapons. Therefore, they are very useful items to farm, especially as you make your way to the end-game.

before you even get started, equip items such as the Symbol of Avarice and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring which will boost your item discovery. The Symbol of Avarice drops from mimics and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring can be found in Sen’s Fortress.

Twinkling Titanite

Twinkling titanite can be found in a number of ways. It drops from Man-Eater Clams in Ash Lake and Crystal Cave. It will also drop from the Crystal Lizard in areas such as Undead Burg, Catacombs, Darkroot Garden, Royal Wood, Crystal Cave, and more. You can also buy twinkling titanite from the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.

The best place to farm twinkling titanite is Ash Lake where you can kill the Man-Eater Clams as they drop the item. Crystal Cave is also a great place to farm this item.

Titanite Slabs

This is given by Siegmeyer as a quest reward. You can also find it in a chest in the Royal Woods area. Defeating the Stray Demon when you return to Northern Undead Asylum will also net you a titanite slab.

If you want to farm this item, you can try farming by killing Darkwraiths found in New Londo Ruins.

Demon Titanite

You can get demon titanite from titanite demons. To farm demon titanite, you’ll have to go to the only titanite demon that respawns. To find him, go to Lost Izalith, and then get past the Chaos Eaters and you’ll see a courtyard with demon statues. Go past the demon statues and you will find a titanite demon on the bridge. This is the one surefire way to farm demon titanite in the game.


You c an farm souls in a number of locations. Before heading out to farm, make sure you equip Symbol of Avarice and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring so as to increase the number of souls you gain from killing enemies. Once you’ve equipped the items, you can head down to any of the following locations to farm souls.

  • Undead Burg: Early on, this is a great place to farm souls. You will see a red dragon sitting atop a bridge. When you go past it nearby, the dragon will spit out fire, killing all of the undead enemies on the bridge. It’s an easy way to farm souls with no actual fighting involved.
  • Firelink Shrine: Once you unlock the aqueduct shortcut, you can farm in the area between the Firelink shrine and the aqueduct. This is great way to farm souls early on, and there’s not much risk involved.
  • Darkroot Basin: First of all, you should attack the illusory wall which is near a locked door in the area. This will allow you to access a bonfire and to then farm souls from the multiple enemies nearby.
  • Darkroot Basin (High Level): Once you unlock the large door near the bonfire in this area, you will enter a forest area filled with spectral enemies. These enemies are quite tough and can kill you quickly, but luckily there’s a way to farm souls from them without actually engaging in combat. Just use a bow to lure the enemies one by one and then go and stand towards the left of the forest on a ledge, near the entrance. As the spectral enemies try to approach you, they will fall off the cliff, which will net you a good amount of souls. 
  • The Painted World of Ariamis: Once you equip the Covetous  Silver Ring and Symbol of Avarice, you can farm souls here quickly by killing the phalanx enemies. There are quite a few of them near the bonfire and they grant a good amount of souls.


In the game, there are lots of secret treasures and areas hidden behind illusory walls. These can be hard to recognize, so you can find below the locations of all the illusory walls in the game.


There are 3 Illusory Walls to be found in Blighttown. The first can be found at the base of the poison swamp. Get yourself over to the far corner of this swamp and inside a large tree branch you will find there, there’s an Illusory Wall hiding a treasure chest.

Just behind the chest, you will find another Illusory Wall and this when opened leads via a secret path to The Great Hollow.

The third Wall is located at the bottom of Bloghtown, in Queelag’s Domain. Beside the second Bell of Awakening and next to the set of stairs, you will find your last Blighttown Wall and this one yields both a Bonfire and a secret path to the Chaos Servant Covenant. If you’re having trouble finding the Wall, just use ‘Seek Guidance’ and a Developer’s message on the ground will point you to it.

Sen’s Fortress

Head up the tall ladder that is your exit from the tar pit and you will find your Illusory Wall at the top. Remember that you have to attack this Wall and when you do, it’ll create a path to the rooftop above the gate. Once you get here you trigger a battle with the Giant that opened Sen’s Fortress. Some reward, huh?

Painted World of Ariamis

Climb down the well in this area and you will find yourself in a system of underground caves and Skeleton Wheels. Many of the walls you will see here are illusory and each reveals a secret something.

Darkroot Gardens:

When you find yourself in the area where the Crest of Artorias hides a door, head on to the path leading to the Forest Protectors and to the left there, you will find an Illusory Wall hiding a Bonfire.

Oolacile Township

Find the two-storey building in this township which houses Oolacile Sorcerers and the famous Dark Orb Spell. There is a walkway that leads to this building and on that path, a Developer’s message that hints that you need to ‘Cast Light’ or find another way to create a light to reveal the Illusory Wall hidden thereabouts.

To find the second Wall, you need to get to the top floor of a building with Bloathead enemies inside. Get past them then look around the wall near a broken floor on the other side of which is a treasure chest. ‘Cast Light’ here to reveal a path to the Chest.

New Londo Ruins

Search the area between the swamp and the haunted building and you’ll find a Darkwraith waiting outside. Defeat him to get inside the Illusory Wall which leads to another Darkwraith fight and just when you’re about to curse at the number of Darkwraith enemies you’re having to get past, lo your reward- a chest with a Chunk of Titanite!

The Catacombs

Head to the second rotating bridge and more specifically, to the area where there is a level that controls it. You will find a ladder nearby that marks the location to an Illusory Wall with statues around it that shoot spike traps. Evade there to get inside and find a hidden Bonfire.

Artorias of the Abyss

The Illusory Walls in this area are only accessible if you also get the DLC extensions.

Anor Londo

Get yourself to the building that housed the Silver Knights and to the floor where the Bonfire is merrily burning. On this same floor, an Illusory Wall masquerades as a fireplace and once you pass that, you can get to a room with treasure chests where you can find Havel’s Armor and a Mimic!

The second Wall can be found near the rotating bridge. Get yourself to the bottom floor and put on the Darkmoon Séance Ring beside the Darkmoon Tomb Bonfire and the Illusory Wall hiding there will dissolve to reveal the location of the optional boss- Dark Sun Gwyndolin and the fabled Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant.

Chasm of the Abyss

When you encounter your first group of Humanity Phantoms, you will find yourself on a sloping path. Continue until you reach a fork in the road, take the left path and you’ll find a pit in front of you as the ground vanishes under it. Across this pit is what appears to be an illusion of Alvina. But she disappears just as you make out a Wall behind her and this is an Illusory Wall that will lead you to her friend.

Lost Izalith

Get to the second large structure in the lava-y area, there’s an Illusory Wall there that leads to a hidden Bonfire.

Tomb of the Giants

Go forth to the tomb where you found Large Divine Ember and beside it hidden on the left wall is the next Illusory Wall that leads to the exit from the pit where you have Patches waiting for you with a less than cheerful welcome.


You can find below the locations for all of the different rings you can find in the game.

  • Dusk Crown Ring: Gifts extra sorcery and pyromancer but halves max HP. Pick up after defeating Hydra in Darkroot Garden.
  • Ring of Sacrifice: This ring is your only loss upon death in-game. Oswald the Pardoner sells these. Snuggly the Crow will exchange Humanity points for them but only once.
  • Wolf Ring: Increases Poise. Found in Darkroot Garden.
  • Rare Ring of Sacrifice: This ring also breaks upon your death. Acquired by trading 2 humanity points with Snuggly the Crow, only once though. Can be found also at New Londo Ruins, Sen’s Fortress and Lost Izalith.
  • Ring of the Evil Eye: Draws HP from fallen enemies. Found in The Depths.
  • Red Tearstone Ring: Increases ATK while HP is low. Found in Valley of the Drakes.
  • Slumbering Dragon Crest Ring: Shields all sounds of wearer from monsters. Found in Sen’s Fortress area. Also found in the clothes of Big Hat Logan’s Apprentice upon death.
  • Ring of Sun’s Firstborn: Increases miracles. Found in Anor Londo area.
  • Hornet Ring: Increases Critical Attacks. Behind stone pillar in battle with Great Wolf Sif.
  • Old Witches’ Ring : Allows you to talk to Chaos Witch Queelag. Can be acquired from character creation or through a one-time trade with Snuggly the Crow.
  • Havel’s Ring: Increases maximum equipment load. Acquired by defeating Havel in Darkroot Basin.
  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring : Increases item delivery. Found in Sen’s Fortress.
  • Hawk Ring: Boots range of all Bows by 50%. Behind Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.
  • Ring of Favour and Protection: Increases HP, Stamina, Load and breaks upon removal. Can be bought in one-time trade with Snuggly the Crow in exchange for a Xanthous Crown. Also got by defeating Lautrec in Undead Parish or Firelink Shrine. 
  • Dark Wood Grain Ring: Changes rolling action. Found in Darkroot Garden after joining Forest Hunter Covenant. To acquire, kill Shiva the curved sword merchant outside Alvina’s door.
  • East Wood Grain Ring: Decreases weapon durability loss. Can be bought from Shiva for a 10000 souls while with the Forest Hunter Covenant.
  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring : Additional souls absorbed for each kill. Located in the Tomb of the Giants, after the second Bonfire on a ledge. In the open area there is a beast and a Giant Skeleton that will attack you once you jump up and grab it.
  • Rusted Iron Ring: Improved balance. You can hereafter run on water and through swamps and other such difficult terrains. Found in Northern Undead Asylum Part 2. Key for the door is found in the Firelink Shrine.
  • Cat Covenant Ring: Answer Alvina’s summons. Found in Darkroot Garden, Alvina the cat gives it to you after joining the Forest Hunter Covenant.
  • Blue Tearstone Ring: increases DEF while HP is low. Search the Black Knight area in Undead Burg.
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring : Increases fire defence. Found in Sen’s Fortress area.
  • Ring of Steel Protection: Increased defence against physical attacks. Found in Sen’s Fortress area.
  • Ring of Fog: Wearer’s body is almost invisible, cannot be locked on to by other players and far off enemies cannot spot you. Alvina gives it to you after you defeat 3 intruders. Also acquired by exchanging a Skull Lantern for it with Snuggly the Crow.
  • Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn: Increases miracles. Found in Anor Londo, beside the entrance to the Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Cursebite Ring: Boosts Curse Resistance. Found in New Londo ruins, on a corpse opposite Ingwald.
  • Bloodbite Ring: Boosts Bleed resistance. Acquired upon giving Oswald of Carim 10,000 souls.
  • Tiny Beings’ Ring: Small increase in HP. Acquired through character creation. Also Siegmayer of Catarina gives it to you after defeating 3 Silver Knights in Anor Londo.
  • Poisonbite Ring: Boosts poison resistance. Acquired upon giving Oswald of Carim 15,000 souls.
  • Orange Charred Ring: Lowers damage from lava. Dropped by Centipede Demon’s spawn. Will be lost upon entering NG+.


Apart from all of the deadly monsters who want to kill you, there are also some friendly souls out there in the game’s world. These characters may offer some important side quests, rewards, and may even assist you in boss battles by fighting by your side. Listed below are all of the NPCs in the game.

  • Big Hat Logan: He can be found locked in a cage in Sen’s Fortress. Once he is freed, he will sell you sorceries. You can also choose to kill him to earn a powerful staff, the Tin Crystallization Catalyst and he will also drop the spell called White Dragon’s Breath.
  • Maneater Mildred: She will invade you when in Blighttown if you are in human form. If you defeat her, you can summon her for the fight against Chaos Witch Queelag.
  • Solaire of Astora: He can be first found in the Undead Burg where you can talk to him, and he will give you the White Sign Soapstone. If you have Faith higher than 25, then he will ask you to join his covenant.  when you meet him at the Sunlight Altar.
  • Andre of Astora: Andre is the first blacksmith you will come across in your journey. He can be found in the Undead Parish, and he offers a lot of useful items for sale. he can also upgrade weapons into Standard, Raw, Divine, and Occult.
  • Snuggly the Crow: When you revisit the Undead Asylum, you can find Snuggly in a small nest on a ledge. You can trade items with him, but an item can only be traded once.
  • Anastacia of Astora: If you do not kill Lautrec of Carim, he will kill Anastacia. She can be found in a cell below Firelink Shrine. You can use Anastacia’s Firekeeper’s soul to either bring her back to life or to upgrade your Estus Flask.
  • Oswald the Pardoner: Oswald can be found at the bottom of the Undead Parish Bell Tower. He can pardon sins and also sells some important items. He can also cure curses for a fee of 3000 souls.
  • Knight Lautrec of Carim: He can be found in the Undead Parish and the players can choose to free him. regardless of whether he is freed by the player, he will kill Anastacia of Astora. You can then choose to invade him later on at Anor Londo.
  • Siegmeyer of Catarina: You will first encounter Siegmeyer at Sen’s Fortress and following this, you will encounter him quite a few times at different places and you can also choose to aid him in his quest, and earn some great rewards along the way.
  • Crestfallen Merchant: This merchant can be found atop Sen’s Fortress. He is an important merchant because he sells titanite shards and a set of Catarina armor.
  • Patches: Patches can be found in the Catacombs where players will have a brief interaction with him.
  • Dusk of Oolacile: Dusk can be found in Darkroot Basin nearby the Hydra. You will have to free from a golden golem, and she will then offer you her assistance and also sell you some useful items and spells.
  • Shiva of the East: This character can be found in Darkroot Garden close to Alvina’s ruins. You can buy items from him if you join the Forest Hunters’ covenant.
  • Rhea of Thorolund: This NPC can be found in the Catacombs.
  • Kingseeker Frampt: Once you have rung the second bell, this character will appear at Firelink Shrine. He trades items and will also break larger titanite into smaller pieces.
  • Giant Blacksmith: You can find this blacksmith in Anor Londo. He will upgrade weapons with either Crystal or Lightning upgrades.
  • Laurentius of the Great Swamp: He can be found in the Depths near the second butcher. He will be in a barrel, and it is recommended that you roll to break the barrel. You will later see him at Firelink Shrine, and he will sell you Pyromancies.
  • Undead Male Merchant: He can be found near the first bonfire in Undead Burg. He sells some basic equipment and items.
  • Domnhall of Zena: He is a merchant who can be found near the entrance to Blighttown in the Depths. later on, you will find him under the aqudeuct in Firelink Shrine.
  • Vamos: This blacksmith can be found in the Catacombs just in the area before you fight the boss Pinwheel.
  • Gwynevere: This character will grant the player the Lordvessel after defeating Ornstein and Smough.
  • Quelana of Izalith: Quelana is a Pyromancy trainer whom you can find just outside of the area where you fight Chaos Witch Queelag.
  • Undead Female Merchant: She is a merchant who can be found in the aqueduct connecting Firelink Shrine and The Depths. She sells items mainly related to poison and curse effects.
  • Marvelous Chester: This merchant can be found just outside the area where you fight Artorias the Abysswalker.
  • Rickert of Vinheim: This blacksmith can be found early on just below Firelink Shrine. He can ascend weapons to Enchanted.
  • Griggs of Vinheim: He is a merchant who can be found in the lower parts of Lower Undead Burg. Once you talk to him, you will find him later in the stairs going up to Undead Burg from Firelink Shrine.
  • Petrus of Thorolund: He is found at the Firelink Shrine and after talking to him twice, he will give you a copper coin and trade with you. You can buy items and miracles and even join the Way of the White Covenant by talking to him.


There are many different items you will come across in the game, and you can find them all listed below.


  • Darksign: Causes the player to go back to the previously used bonfire after death.
  • Dragon Torso Stone: Turns the player’s body into that of a dragonoid.
  • Dragon Head Stone: Changes the player’s head to that of a dragon.
  • Silver Pendant: Creates a field that will deflect dark magic for a short while.
  • Skull Lantern: Used like a torch to light up an area surrounding the character.
  • Black Eye Orb: Used to invade the world of one who has murdered the Firekeeper.
  • Binoculars: Allows you to see farther into the distance.


  • Heavy Bolt
  • Feather Arrow
  • Sniper Bolt
  • Moonlight Arrow
  • Wooden Arrow
  • Wood Bolt
  • Large Arrow
  • Standard Arrow
  • Dragonslayer Arrow
  • Gough’s Great Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Lightning Bolt Fire Arrow
  • Standard Bolt


  • Estus Flask: Used to fill with Estus which is consumed to recover HP.
  • Firekeeper Soul: Upgrades Estus Flask.
  • Repair Powder: Repairs broken equipment.
  • Egg Vermifuge: Cures Egg Parasite affliction.
  • Humanity: Increases humanity by 1 and also restores HP.
  • Homeward Bone: Used to go back to last used bonfire.
  • Purple Moss Clump: Reduces poison effect and dispels it.
  • Green Blossom: Boosts stamina recovery for a short period.
  • Purging Stone: Cures Curse affliction.
  • Elizabeth’s Mushroom: Recover health for 30 seconds.
  • Gold Pine Resin: Adds Lightning damage to weapon.
  • Charcoal Pine Resin: Adds Fire damage to weapon.
  • Rotten Pine Resin: Adds Poison damage to weapon.
  • Blooming Purple Clump: Reduced poison effect and used to dispel Toxic status effect.
  • Bloodred Moss Clump: Reduced bleed effect.
  • Divine Blessing: Used to fully recover health and remove all negative status effects except for Curse.
  • Twin Humanities: Increases humanity by 2 and also restores HP.
  • Transient Curse: Used to allow you to damage ghosts for a short period.
  • Prism Stone: Used to see how high and damaging a fall would be.


  • Lloyd’s Talisman
  • Poison Throwing Knife
  • Alluring Skull
  • Firebomb
  • Throwing Knife
  • Black Firebomb
  • Dung Pie


  • Crest of Artorias
  • Key To New Londo Ruins
  • Archive Tower Giant Cell Key
  • Big Pilgrim’s Key
  • Residence Key
  • Sewer Chamber Key
  • Undead Asylum F2 East KeyMystery Key
  • Archive Tower Cell Key
  • Key to the Seal
  • Basement Key
  • Archive Tower Giant Door Key
  • Annex Key
  • Master Key
  • Peculiar Doll
  • Blighttown Key
  • Undead Asylum F2 West Key
  • Watchtower Basement Key
  • Broken Pendant
  • Cage Key
  • Key to Depths
  • Crest Key
  • Dungeon Cell Key
  • Archive Prison Extra Key

Key Bonfire Items

The boss souls and Lord Vessel listed below are required to get to the location where you can find the final boss of the game, Gwyn.

  • Soul of Bed of Chaos
  • Armor Smithbox
  • Soul of Seath the Scaleless
  • Soul of Gravelord Nito
  • Bottomless Box
  • Soul of Four Kings
  • Weapon Smithbox
  • Rite of Kindling
  • Repairbox
  • Lord Vessel


Ores are used to upgrade your weapons.

  • Demon Titanite
  • White Titanite Chunk
  • Titanite Chunk
  • Dragon Scale
  • Red Titanite Slab
  • White Titanite Slab
  • Green Titanite Shard
  • Blue Titanite Chunk
  • Large Titanite Shard
  • Twinkling Titanite
  • Titanite Slab
  • Red Titanite Chunk
  • Titanite Shard
  • Blue Titanite Slab

Multiplayer Items

The following are items used for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

  • Red Eye Orb
  • Sunlight Medal
  • Black Separation Crystal
  • White Sign Soapstone
  • Servant Roster
  • Eye of Death
  • Purple Coward’s Crystal
  • Red Sign Soapstone
  • Blue Eye Orb
  • Book of the Guilty
  • Indictment
  • Orange Guidance Soapstone
  • Dragon Eye
  • Cracked Red Eye Orb
  • Souvenir of Reprisal
  • Dried Finger

Items That You Cannot Equip

  • Copper Coin
  • Gold Coin
  • Rubbish
  • Silver Coin
  • Pendant

Different Types Of Souls

You can find different kinds of souls scattered throughout the world and you can use them to gain a significant amount of souls instantly.

  • Soul of a Hero
  • Soul of a Nameless Soldier
  • Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
  • Soul of a Proud Knight
  • Large Soul of a Brave Warrior
  • Large Soul of a Lost Undead
  • Soul of a Great Hero
  • Large Soul of a Proud Knight
  • Soul of a Brave Warrior

Boss Souls

After defeating bosses, you will gain some of their souls which be very useful. They can be used to upgrade weapons and also form unique weapons.

  • Soul of Queelag
  • Soul of Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Soul of Artorias
  • Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  • Guardian Soul
  • Soul of Manus
  • Core of an Iron Golem
  • Soul of Gwyndolin
  • Soul of Priscilla
  • Soul of Ornstein
  • Soul of Smough
  • Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly


You can use embers to upgrade weapons and different types of embers will allow you to upgrade weapons down a specific path.

  • Dark Ember: Used to craft occult weapons. Found in the Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Large Flame Ember: Can add +10 Fire upgrade to weapon. Found in Demon Ruins.
  • Crystal Ember: Cad add +5 Crystal Upgrade. Found in The Duke’s Archives.
  • Large Ember: Adds +10 Normal upgrade. Found behind first butcher in The Depths.
  • Enchanted Ember: Adds +5 Enchanted upgrade. Found in Darkroot Garden.
  • Chaos Flame Ember: Adds +5 Chaos weapon upgrade. Found underneath Quelaag’s lair.
  • Large Magic Ember: Adds +10 Magic weapon upgrade. Found in The Duke’s Archives.
  • Large Divine Ember: Adds +10 Divine weapon upgrade. Found in Tomb of Giants after meeting Patches.
  • Divine Ember: Adds +10 Divine weapon upgrade. Gained after killing the boss Moonlight Butterfly.
  • Very Large Ember: Adds +15 Normal Weapon upgrade. Found in New Londo Ruins after the place is drained.


Below are all the sorceries you can find in the game along with information regarding their locations.

  • Soul Arrow: Fires off Magic projectile. Starting spell gained from Griggs, Logan, Rickert or Sorcerer.
  • Repair: Equipped weapons and armour are repaired. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Cast Light: Illuminates the caster’s surroundings. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Chameleon: Changes the caster into a non-living object. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Remedy: Cancels out all negative status effects. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Great Soul Arrow: Stronger Soul Arrow, decreased cast time and uses. Spell gained from Griggs or Logan.
  • Crystal Soul Spear: A sronger version of Soul Spear. Acquired from Big Hat Logan.
  • White Dragon Breath: Crafts a magic line of crystals along the floor.  Acquired from Big Hat Logan.
  • Magic Weapon: Imbues right handed weapon with Magic. Acquired from Griggs or Logan.
  • Hidden Body: Cloaks the caster’s presence. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Resist Curse: Resists Curse build-up. Acquired from Ingwald.
  • Dark Orb: Fires a massive Dark Orb. Acquired from Oolacile Township Chest.
  • Great Magic Weapon: A more powerful version of the Magic Weapon. Acquired from  the Anor Londo Chandelier.
  • Great Heavy Soul Arrow: A spell stronger and slower than Heavy Soul Arrow. Acquired from Griggs or Logan.
  • Homing Soulmass: Conjures Soulmasses that lock on to targets within range.  Aquired from Griggs or Logan.
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass: Stronger but slower than Homing Soulmass. Acquired from Big Hat Logan.
  • Soul Spear: Fires off a potent  Magic Soul Spear. Aqcuired from Griggs or Logan.
  • Strong Magic Shield: A concentrated magic shield. Acquired from The Duke’s Archives.
  • Aural Decoy: Creates a diversion to lure enemies. Acquired from Griggs of Venheim.
  • Hush: Creates a diversion to distract enemies. Acquired from Sen’s Fortress Corpse or Griggs drop.
  • Crystal Magic Weapon: Stronger kind of Magic Amplification Sorcery.  Acquired from Big Hat Logan.
  • Magic Shield
  • Increases Stability of left handed shield. Acquired from Griggs or Logan.
  • Heavy Soul Arrow: Much more powerful but slower than Great Soul Arrow. Aquired from Griggs, Rickert or Logan.
  • Fall Control: Decreases damage and sounds from falling. Acquired from Griggs of Venheim.
  • Hidden Weapon: Boosts right handed weapon. Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile or from Elizabeth.
  • Dark Bead: A volley of Dark Orbs. Acquired from the Corpse of the Chasm of the Abyss.
  • Fog: Releases Poisonous fog. Acquired from Oolacile Township Corpse.
  • Pursuers: The ultimate version of the Homing Crystal Soulmass- stronger and even slower. Acquired only from Snuggly the Crow in exchange for a Soul of Manus.


Below are all of the miracles in the game along with information regarding where you can find them.

  • Darkmoon Blade: Must be in Blade of the Darkmoon covenant to be able to use it. It enhances your right hand weapon with rays of Darkmoon. You can gain this miracle by reaching +1 in the related covenant.
  • Great Heal: This miracle restores a large amount of HP. Gained from Rhea of Thorolund.
  • Lightning Spear: Hurls a lightning spear at enemies. Gained when you join Warrior of the Sunlight covenant.
  • Bountiful Sunlight: Only usable if you are in the Princess’ Guard covenant. Grants gradual HP recovery for the player and allies. This miracle is dropped from the Pisaca enemy in The Duke’s Archives.
  • Tranquil Walk of Peace: Slows down walking of everything in the area. Can be found as a treasure in Catacombs.
  • Seek Guidance: Displays guidance from other worlds. Gained from Rhea of Thorolund or Petrus of Thorolund.
  • Karmic Justice: Allows you to auto-counter heavy damage for a short while.  Gained from Oswald of Carim.
  • Great Lightning Spear: More powerful version of the lightning spear. Gained when you reach +1 in the Warrior of the Sunlight covenant.
  • Gravelord Sword Dance: Gravelord Swords erupt in the area. Gained when you join Gravelord Servant covenant.
  • Replenishment: Slowly restores HP. Gained from Rhea of Thorlound and The Tomb of Giants.
  • Sunlight Spear: Stronger version of the lightning spear. Must be in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant and offer Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder at the Altar of Sunlight.
  • Vow of Silence: Prevents anyone from casting magic in the area. Found as treasure in the Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Heal: Restores a little bit of HP. Starting spell for Cleric and can also be gained from Petrus of Thorolund, Rhea of Thorolund, and Patches.
  • Gravelord Greatsword Dance: Makes Gravelord Greatsword erupt in the area. Gained by reaching +1 in the Gravelord Servant covenant.
  • Emit Force: Emits a powerful rush of force which can stun enemies or knock them down. Gained from Siegmeyer of Catarina at Firelink Shrine.
  • Great Heal Excerpt: Heals a large amount of HP. Gained from Petrus of Thorolund, Rhea of Thorolund, and Patches.
  • Great Magic Barrier: Protects self with a powerful magical coating. Found as treasure in Ash Lake.
  • Homeward: Use to return to the last used bonfire. Gained from Rhea of Thorolund and Petrus of Thorolund.
  • Sunlight Blade: Adds strong lightning damage to right hand weapon. Found in Anor Londo.
  • Magic Barrier: Protect self with a magical coating. Gained from Rhea of Thorolund.
  • Soothing Sunlight: Must be in the Princess’ Guard covenant to use. Restores a large amount of HP for yourself and any allies. Can be gained from killing Pisaca enemy in The Duke’s Archives.
  • Force: Sends a shockwave that does not deal any damage. Gained from Petrus of Thorolund and Rhea of Thorolund.


You can find below information about all of the pyromancies along with information about where to find them.

  • Fire Orb: Hurls a ball of fire that creates an explosion upon impact, perfect for damaging clusters of enemies. Can be gained from Laurentius of the Great Swamp and Quelana of Izalith.
  • Fire Whip: Attack enemies with a fire whip. Gained from Quelana of Izalith.
  • Acid Surge: Breathe out an acid cloud that damages the equipment of enemies. Found in The Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Toxic Mist: Breathe out a mist that inflicts the Toxic status effect on enemies. Can be gained from Eingyi.
  • Great Fireball: Hurls a large fireball that has a large area of effect. Gained from Quelana of Izalith.
  • Firestorm: Pillars of fire erupt around the player. Gained Quelana of Izalith.
  • Iron Flesh: Turns player’s body to metal which increases physical and fire defense, but makes the player heavily encumbered. Gained from Laurentius of the Great Swamp.
  • Flash Sweat: Reduces fire damage by a lot by covering self with water. Gained from Laurentius of the Great Swamp.
  • Fire Surge: Shoot fire from your hand like a flamethrower. Found in The Painted World of Ariamis.
  • Great Chaos Fireball: Hurls a huge chaos fireball that leaves molten lava where it hits. Gained after joining Chaos Servant Covenant.
  • Power Within: Increased attack and defense at the cost of slowly draining health. Found in Blighttown.
  • Fire Tempest: More powerful version of Firestorm. Gained from Quelana of Izalith.
  • Black Flame: A powerful melee spell that can quickly break guards. Found in Chasm of the Abyss.
  • Combustion: A burst of flame will shoot of the player’s hand and ignite enemies. Can be gained from Laurentius of the Great Swamp and Quelana of Izalith.
  • Fireball: Hurls a fireball that has quite a large area of effect. This is a pyromancer starting spell and can also be gained from Laurentius of the Great Swamp and Quelana of Izalith.
  • Undead Rapport: Undead will become allies for a short period. Gained from Quelana of Izalith.
  • Poison Mist: Breathe out a mist of poison that inflicts Poison status effect on enemies. Found in Blighttown and can be gained from Eingyi.
  • Great Combustion: More powerful version of Combustion. Gained from Quelana of Izalith.
  • Chaos Storm: Pillars of fire erupt around the player and leave pools of lava where they had erupted. Gained by reaching +2 in the Chaos Servant Covenant.
  • Chaos Fire Whip: Attack enemies with a chaos fire whip that leaves lava in its wake. Found in Lost Izalith.

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