Destiny 2.0 Launch Day Marred By Ridiculously Slow Download Speeds

Bungie servers are having a tough go.

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Destiny The Taken King

Destiny 2.0 is supposed to have officially landed but there appears to be a bit of a problem with the mothership. The massive update which is supposed to prepare players for the launch of the Taken King DLC next week is apparently downloading very slowly, no matter which console you are using. Users have reported hangups in the middle of the download or the content just coming at a crawl.

Some users, according to Hardcore Gamer have said that the only way to correct the slow download problem is to do a hard reset of both the console and the WiFi modem. Others are saying this has no effect and the “good” news appears that it isn’t actually a hardware issue. Because the problem is occuring on all consoles, the slow downloads are likely due to an overload of Bungie’s servers. The drawback there is, that we’ve run into yet another company that didn’t calculate well enough when looking at how much server space it needed in order to do the job its customers needed done.

The other piece of good news is that the problems started yesterday and that sooner or later, the download speeds should be starting to speed up. On the flipside, Destiny 2.0 is by all accounts a pretty big change and therefore no matter how good a shape the servers are in, the upgrade might take a while. The slowness in which people have gotten their downloads has led to some rather comical statements on various social media sites including “Mine hasnt stopped at 1 percent. its just going as slow as a prius in a 75 zone. been around 1.5-2 hours. 38% downloaded and like 70% on content transferred. I’ve passed 2 kidney stones and this comes close.”

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