Destiny 2 Beta Guide – Crucible, Exotic Weapons, Inverted Spire Strike, Infinite Super Glitch, and More

A complete guide to the Destiny 2 beta.

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It tells you about how big Destiny is when its beta is one of the biggest gaming events of the summer. But whether or not you agree that it is deserved, such is the case- the beta for Destiny 2 is one of the most hotly anticipated and frantically devoured games of the season. It’s so popular, in fact, that people are actually going above and beyond and trying to max out the beta, and get everything there is to get within it.

That’s where we come in- from helping you get all the Exotics in the game to helping you get through the Strike, from helping you build up your loot stash, to mastering the Infinite Super glitch, to tips for the Crucible and the Titan class, we cover everything. So let’s get started.


Exotics in the game are tied to the class- the Warlock gets the Risk Runner Submachine Gun, the Titan class gets the Sweet Business Assault Rifle, and the Hunter gets the Sunshot Hand Cannon. You need to complete the first mission to get the Exotics, and you cannot have more than one Exotic per character in the beta- in the final game, you will be able to transfer loot and weapons to other characters via The Farm, a social space.


After you complete the story mission in the beta, you get access to the Strike. The Strike is actually not that difficult to make your way through- but if you want a leg up anyway, the video below should help.


There’s not a lot of loot in Destiny 2– but there is enough that players probably want to grab as much of it for themselves as they can get. Here are some tips on grabbing some of the rarer loot for yourself:

  • Completing the Strike gives you a second set of armor
  • You get eight Legendary weapons to begin with. You can get more by playing either the Strike or the Crucible
  • Competing in the Crucible gets you a third set of armor.


The Infinite Super glitch lets you have, well, an infinite Super without draining the meter. You can only use it during the Strike- which means you can’t use it during the mission, or during PvP modes (obviously). As for how to do it- it’s not that hard, actually.

At the start of the Strike, you get a Fallen Pike. Go to where you spawned and pick up a Pike. Jump on to the Pike, and activate your Super right as you are jumping- people familiar with the glitch suggest pressing your Super button about half a second before holding the button to mount your Pike. Once you get on the Pike, you will see your Super animation still active. At this point, open up the menu, switch your Primary weapon to something else, and go on your rampage.


The Crucible is the PvP competitive mode of Destiny, and in the beta, it unlocks after you are done with the story mission. The Crucible can be a bit… difficult. So we’re here to help you out and make your life easier with these tips and suggestions for surviving it:

  • Control now begins with you already in control of a zone. You can wrest control of a zone from another team directly, rather than first having to neutralize control and then claiming it- this keeps things faster.
  • Power Ammo is found near each team’s spawn point
  • In Countdown mode, learn to co-ordinate with team members. Bunch together when attacking, split up when defending.
  • One member can claim and maintain control
  • Scout rifles are the most effective weapon in the beta. If you are playing as a Titan, you may want to look into the Shotguns for your Power weapon.
  • Don’t bother camping. It doesn’t work in Destiny due to the flow of the game. Keep moving, and try to track down the enemy.


The heavy hitting class in Destiny 2 is the Titan class- and in this part of the guide, we’ll walk you through all that there is to know about it.


  • Seismic Strike: Shoulder charge an enemy with a melee attack while running and create an Arc explosion
  • Aftershocks: Seismic Strikes recharge your grenades
  • Terminal Velocity: Your Super leaves a damaging field behind
  • Magnitude:  Gain an extra grenade charge

Protector Perks:

  • Defensive Strike: Kills the enemy with melee and creates a shield around you and teammates
  • Ward of Dawn: When Super meter is full, lets you create a protective dome
  • Rallying Force: Melee kills restore health for you and teammates
  • Turn The Tide: Overshield from Defensive Strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed

Striker Subclass Super: Fists of Havoc:

  • L1/LB+R1/RB: Slam the ground with your fists

Sentinel Grenade Abilities:

  • Magnetic – Sticky grenade attaches to enemies and explodes twice
  • Suppressor – Disables enemy abilities for a short period of time
  • Voidwall – Creates a wall of Void Light

Aggressor Perks:

  • Shield Bash: Used after sprinting to attack and disorient enemies
  • Second Shield: Get a second shield after throwing the first one while Sentinel Shield is still active
  • Superior Arsenal: Grenade kills recharge your grenade energy
  • In The Trenches: Cooldown time for Super shortened when you are surrounded by enemies and kill them

Striker Grenade Abilities:

  • Flashbang: Grenade that explodes in blinding light
  • Lightning: Sticky grenade that emits lightning
  • Pulse: Grenade that goes off intermittently and damages everything in its radius


  • Towering Barricade
  • Rally Barricade

Sentinel Subclass Super: Sentinel Shield

  • L2/LT: Guard
  • L1+R1/LB+RB: Void Light Shield summoned
  • R1/RB: Attack with Shield
  • L1/LB: Throw Shield


The only playable story mission in Destiny 2‘s beta is called Homecoming: it’s a short mission, with very little in the way of true challenge, but this vieo below will walk you through it regardless.

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