Destiny 2 Clan Guide: Perks, XP, Guided Games, And More

The perks of being a part of a Clan in Destiny.

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Clans go back to the original Destiny, but they were far more limited then. They have been formalized in Destiny 2, to allow for groups of players to get comfortable with one another, and keep playing. Clans are also a great way for you to be able to find a squad for a Raid or a Nightfall Strike, in case you have mostly played the game solo.

Okay, so let’s walk you through some stuff:

  • Once you are a part of a Clan, go talk to Hawthorne, and equip your Clan banner
  • Once you have your Clan Banner, you start earning more collective perks and bonuses as your clan grows in power:
    • Level 2 – Gain additional Glimmer from engrams.
    • Level 3 – Public events rewards are increased.
    • Level 4 – Eliminating Cabal results into better awards
    • Level 5 – Get reputation tokens when completing activities.
    • Level 6 – Receive engram when completing playlist activities along with a clan member
  • Clan Members will earn up to a weekly maximum of Clan XP every week. You can get Clan XP in the following ways, while part of a clan:
    • Crucible games will net you 500XP
    • Patrol activities will bet you 250XP
    • If you finish a story mission you will get 500XP
    • Adventure will net you 500XP

Joining a Clan

Okay, all that is well and good, but… how do you join a clan to begin with? As it turns out, there are a few methods, but, in true Destiny fashion, they are every bit as obtuse and obfuscated as you might imagine.

  • First, let’s start with the (what I think is) the only way to join a clan in game- if you are playing with someone who is in a clan, you can pull up their menu, and select Join Clan. Depending on what the Clan’s membership is (Open, Review, By Invite Only), you will join right away, pending a review by the admin, or not at all
  • The easiest way to join clans is via the smartphone app- select a player, and ‘Join Clan’, or alternatively, accept an invite you have received to join one
  • You can join by directly going to a clan’s webpage on Bungie’s website, as long as you know the URL- to ask for a clan member to share the URL, ask them to go to ‘My Clan’ on the Bungie site.

Yeah, like I said, this is needlessly complex- but stick with it! Clans make Destiny 2 far more fun than it would be otherwise.

Guided Games

Guided Games is a new feature introduced instead of traditional matchmaking for a clan to guide players through end game content (such as raids)- an excellent way for you to be able to engage in content you might not have been able to otherwise, if you don’t have enough friends playing it.

The Seeker is the clan member who will initiate the search for the guided. There are some requirements here:

  • The seeker needs to meet the level requirements of the activity they want to guide the guided through
  • The seeker needs a Guided Game Ticket, which is a consumable item
  • The guided needs to meet the minimum power level of the necessary activity as well

Guided Game Tickets can be received from the Postmaster at the farm. Note that there will be a ‘score’ (similar to your Reputation on Xbox Live) that will keep track of your behavior and etiquette- how likely you are to play nice and help out, that sort of thing. This is called the Oathkeeper Score. So- don’t engage in Guided Games unless you are willing to commit to sticking around for the game session- things like rage quitting have penalties associated with them.

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