Destiny 2 Guide: Which Class Is The Best For You?

Which class should you go for? We give you some tips.

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While class differentiation is’t all that great in Destiny, and you can realistically perform well in any capacity while playing any class, there are specific subtle differences and specialization to each class that can lend themselves very well to specific playstyles.

In my experience, the breakdown for the three classes is as follows:

  • Hunters: For relatively high skilled players who favor mobility and range
  • Titans: For beginners, and players who prefer up close combat, as well as a build that can take a beating
  • Warlocks: A middle-of-the-road class, which offers some great support as well as offensive abilities


Hunters may be the hardest class to play, if only because they are easy to take down, but they can be truly fulfilling if you master them. Hunters move quick, have a fancy triple jump, and can therefore dodge incoming attacks and projectiles far better than the other two classes. the trade-off, as implied before, is lower health.

If you prefer melee play (which really, you shouldn’t be playing as a Hunter if you do, but okay), select the Arcstrider subclass for the Gambler’s Dodge, which allows for better melee play. For ranged combat, select Gunslinger, so you get Marksman’s Dodge.


Titans are arguably the best class for newcomers- they can take a beating, they have a lot of health, and their abilities are tailored to get them through sticky situations. The trade off here is that what you get early on is what you get, period- and that, of course, they don’t lend themselves as well to mobility.

When playing as a Titan, you can either play as a Stroker, which gets you the hugely offensive Fists of Havoc ability, or you can play as a Sentinel, which gives you the Sentinel’s Shield, which blocks all incoming shots for your team. I would recommend the Sentinel, if only to have a more balanced build.


Warlocks are great for players who just want a good all round character- they have great offensive and support capability, they have some pretty good movement range, good health and shields, and they can lend themselves to almost any style of play.

Both your abilities for subclassses- Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb and Dawnblade’s Daybreak- are hugely offensive, and especially useful for when you are battling mobs, or high end enemies. Additionally, you also get Area of Effect abilities- Empowering Rift that raises attack for you, and every other team member who stands within it, and Healing Rift, which heals everyone who stands within it.

That’s not all, either- you also get multiple jump options. You can get gliding, air dash, air strafing, as well as the ability to be a marksman while in the air. For this, the best option is to try the different kinds of jumps out for yourself and see which one works for you the best.

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