Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Guide – All Safe Combinations

Cracking the safes in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

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As you make your way through Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, you will find a number of safes in each mission- and each safe can often have some really valuable loot that you would do well to procure for yourself. Of course, there’s the small issue of each of these safes also being, you know, locked.

That’s where we come in, guys! In this guide, we list the combination for any known safes, so you can open them, and secure what’s inside them for yourself. Alright, you ready? Then let’s get started.


  1. The first and only safe in this mission is found when you take out your first group of guards. There is a balcony over the train tracks- make your way to it (via the pipes to the side), and enter inside. The safe combination is 451.


  1. This safe is in the journalist’s office. To get the combination for this safe, get the Key from Ivan, enter his office and look for a painting of an owl. Move that to find the vial of blood and give it to the journalist- the appreciative journalist will give you the code.
  2. This safe is in Shan Yun’s study in his home. The safe has no combination, and must be opened by his voice singing the right song. Head to the gallery, steal the golden record, and play it on the audiograph which should be right next to the safe.


There are four safes in this mission, and frankly, getting to them all can be a major pain.

  1. Find this in the sub-basement of the Inner Atrium. The code for this one is in the office of the Operations Manager, in the form of a crumpled note on his desk
  2. This one you should get as long as you do the Rags to Riches contract- the combination for this one is the amount of money the person who gave you the contract states on the contract that they had when they first came to Karnaca.
  3. Okay, so the combination for this is elaborate- a note in the Office of the Financial Controller states that Dr. Galvani, whom the safe belongs to, claims that the code is the most important date in his life. Now, you can read Galvani’s memoirs in the sleeping area of the archives room, where you will also find a calendar to match said memoirs to.
  4. Yeah, okay, this one is far too elaborate- you have to work five safes to get to this one. We’ll let the video below do the talking for this one.


Happily enough, this one doesn’t have any safes for you to go out and collect. Whoo!


There are two locks again that need to be opened in this mission- which is, thankfully, far less elaborate than the madness that was the third mission (seriously, what the hell was that?):

  1. The first lock is on the door leading to the Shindaery North Mining Quarry, near two cultists. Just head into the building to the side of the gate, go up the stairs, find the piece of red cloth, go into the attic, crawl through it to exit into an office where you will find a Supervisor’s Note with the key to the gate.
  2. This one is  a chest in the room of Malchiodi- you need to find his body in the void to get the key to his room to begin with. Once you do, you will find the rune of the Outsider carved everywhere- but this rune is actually a combination of three separate runes, top left, middle, and right. Decode the ruins, and enter them left to right on the chest, and voila!

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