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Disney Infinity
Disney Infinity Box Art

Disney Infinity

Publisher:  Disney


Platforms:  PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, iOS, PC

Genre:  Adventure

Release Date:  PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS - NA: August 18th 2013, EU: August 23rd 2013, JP: November 28th 2013 (Wii U and 3DS) - PC (Downloadable Toybox) - WW November 14th 2013 - iPad - EU: September 18th 2013, NA: September 18th 2013 - Wii U - NA: August 21st 2014

Disney Infinity is an action adventure video game that is set in a sandbox world that was developed by the Disney subsidiary, Avalanche Software. The Wii U and Wii builds of the game were developed by Heavy Iron Studios.

The game was released across 7th generation of hardware and multiple platforms including the Nintendo Wii U, Wii and 3DS as well as the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and iPad. Given the variety of platforms and it’s widespread release, the game was published by three bodies. They are Disney Interactive Studios, Bandai Namco Games in Japan and Microsoft Studios on Xbox 360 and PC.

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Disney Infinity involves using real-life figures and scanning them in order to use the characters in-game. The origins of how Disney infinity came from the idea on developing a potential tie-in game to Pixar’s Toy Story 3, say.

While coming up with various ideas on they realized rather than making a game that followed the events of the story, they focused on the possibility of playing with the Toy Story characters ,like playing with actual toys. Different characters had different abilities, and tests revealed that children play testing the game would learn how to use the abilities together in emergent, evolving gameplay.

Disney Infinity_Monsters University (4)


Activision’s vice president of consumer marketing, John Coyne, told in an interview We are thrilled by the incredible success that the Skylanders franchise has had in such a short period of time, “We are also flattered that one of the leading family entertainment companies is joining our toys to life category. We continue to focus on delivering innovative and immersive entertainment experiences to kids around the world and are pouring more creativity into our games. As a result we are well positioned to continue leading the category.” [reference]

The game expands upon the idea that basing the game around the idea of imagination and interaction between the various Disney intellectual properties that include Cars pal around with Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean who can be visited by Mr. Incredible[reference]


There is no set story per-se but players will take on the role of a variety of popular characters Here are some of the names  of the characters that will make an appearance in Disney infinity.

Bullseye-Woody’s horse from Toy story

Buzz Lightyear-one of the main protagonists from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise.

Captain Barbossa-The undead captain of the Black Pearl.

Dash Parr-Dash is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. He can run very fast.

Davy Jones-Davy Jones is the squid-like creature of the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films. He is captain of the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman

Dumbo- As Appeared as a summon character in Kingdom Hearts

Edna Mode-A fashion designer for the super heroes in The Incredibles.

Emperor Zurg-Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Alliance is an evil villain from the Toy Story series.

Francesco Bernoulli-A character in Cars 2. Not an antagonist, just very rude to Lightning.

Grem-one of the antagonists in Cars 2

Holley Shiftwell-A young British agent in Cars 2.

Jack Skellington-is the tall, skeletal ruler of Halloween Town. He’s hospitable, but his repetitive life causes him to do things he doesn’t quite understand, just for variety.

Jack Sparrow-The main character of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jessie-Jessie is one of Woody’s best friends & Buzz’s girlfriend

Joshamee Gibbs-Often refered to as Master Gibbs. He is Jack Sparrows right-hand man.

Lightning McQueen-The main character from the Pixar movie Cars. This car, although only a rookie, has big dreams of winning the Piston Cup race and getting sponsored by Dinco.

Luigi-The character in Cars, he likes Ferrari cars and racing. He change tires as a job.

Maccus-the first mate aboard the flying dutchman under Davy Jones.

Mater-This tow truck from the Pixar’s Cars movie, is Lightning McQueen’s best friend.

Mirage-Mirage is Syndrome’s right-hand.

Mr. Incredible-His real name is Bob Parr,he is a powerful superhero with super strength.Mr. Incredible is the father of Violet, Dash, and Jack jack Parr.

Sulley-the lovable blue monster from the Pixar film ‘Monsters Inc.’ who scares small children with help from his friend Mike Wazowski.

Violet Parr-the oldest daughter of Mr & Mrs. Incredible, she has the ability to make herself invisible. Violet is also able to make force fields to protect herself or someone else.


The player can place their Disney Infinity Figures onto the Disney Infinity Base to jump into the game and make them come alive in it have adventures. There are two main modes in the game, Play Set and Toy Box.

Play Set Mode has Disney Infinity Play sets of films. The player takes control of characters and plays as them in original adventures in different worlds. The player can battle enemies, complete a variety of other unique quests while solve puzzles, overcomes obstacles. Each play set is essentially a world in itself, and is based on a specific movie or series with recognizable characters, game plays, and storylines. Characters from one world cannot enter into another world, but players can put any character together in Toy Box Mode.

Disney Infinity_Monsters University (5)

While Toy Box Mode allows the player to create their own world and stories, similar to Toy Box Mode in Toy Story 3: The Video Game. It will allow the player to mix characters from different franchises.

The game has a two-player mode, though four players can play online. The player can also add new Disney Infinity Figures, or also use Disney Infinity Power Discs to unlock character powers, gadgets and new ways to customize their world.

In summing up what exactly is Disney Infinity gameplay : There is one part of the game that is driven by missions and the desire to unlock new items: and another part Garry’s Mod, the sandbox

Physics game that offers a breadth of creative possibility and finally where you can exercise your creativity through design (aesthetic or play environments), programming (a whole host of basic logic programming space) or in collaboration with others (up to four players can play at once through a two-player split screen that can also connect to two others over wifi. [reference]

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