Dragon Ball FighterZ Complete Guide: All Combos And Super Moves, Zeni Farming, Cheat Codes, And More

A complete guide for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ has been out for a few days now and it’s likely that you were impressed by the game’s visuals which remain true to the spirit of the original anime the game is based on. Apart from flashy visuals however, there’s a lot to learn in this game whether it’s complex combos or strategically building a team with fighters who complement each other well.

Whether you’re a player who just wants to beat your friend with some amazing combos or whether you’re serious about the game and  intend to defeat many other aspiring fighters online, there’s surely something in this guide that will be of use to you. If you’re ready to unleash your inner Super Saiyan, then let’s get started!


Learn to use the super dash

Especially in your early hours with the game, the super dash is one move that you’ll be tempted to use a lot. It’s a move that’s relatively easy to use as you only have to press the Right Trigger or R2 to activate it. if the hit connects, you’ll also be able to unleash combo attacks that devastate your opponents. However, it is not too difficult to counter the super dash so be careful when you use this move so that the situation doesn’t turn against your favor.

Learn to counter the super dash

The easiest way to counter the super dash is to simply hold your guard against their attack. However, you can turn the situation more to your advantage by using a Down+ Heavy Attack move that will send opponents flying upwards. Furthermore, many Super Attacks can easily counter the super dash by dealing massive damage if they are timed right.

Be clever when you assemble your team

Every character in their game has their own unique assist attack which will significantly affect how you chain combos together when taking on opponents. Make sure you try out as many fighters as you can so  that you’ll always be ready with a strong team based on what your situation demands.

Play the Battle Tutorial mode

This is a great way to learn the mechanics  of the game and it’s also a great way to get a feel for how the combo system in the game works. Once you’re done with this, be sure to play some arcade matches before moving on to playing some online matches.

Use your Sparkling Blast ability wisely

The Sparkling Blast ability is a one-time ability and can completely turn a battle round if used right. It basically powers up your character while restoring their health. The boost in power is more if you have fewer fighters left alive. Ideally then, the move should be used when you’re on your last legs and there’s no way out.

Finish off characters with low health

If you stuck with the tutorials long enough, you would have learnt that you can force to swap an opponent so that you can finish off a character with low-health before they restore their health. To do this, you just have to press L1 or the left bumper in the middle of performing a Dragon Rush guard break. This will swap the opponent’s current fighter out and will give you a chance to finish off that fighter whose health you’ve already got down.


One of the very important aspects of the game you need to master is the use of assists. When you’re assembling your team, you have to make sure you pick an Assist who can really complement the other fighters in your team.

  • SSB Vegeta- Big Bang Attack: Once SSB Vegeta launches this attack, it limits you to the startup period.
  • Vegeta- Aerial consecutive Energy Blast: If this attack is used, Vegeta attacks from a height and builds combo points if the enemy is successfully hit. If the attacks are blocked, then the enemy is forced to remain still until Vegeta is done with the assist.
  • Kid Buu- Ball Attack: This attack keeps circling around an opponent and  keeps them locked in place, whether it hits the opponent or is blocked. This assist is very useful in unleashing deadly combos upon the opponent.
  • Gotenks- Galactic Donuts: In this assist, Gotenks will wrap a circular energy rod around the enemy which will track them and deal damage.
  • Android 18- Barrier: The barrier helps in blocking damage and can be a crucial defensive maneuver if used correctly.


In this game, you’ll have to learn to use some complex combos if you want to master the art of fighting like a Super Saiyan, Fighters have their Normal Attacks, Special attacks and their Super Attacks. To use a Super Attack, you will first have to fill up your Ki meter. There are a total of 24 characters in the game and each of them have their own unique abilities and special moves which set them apart.

The following short-forms will be used to represent keys:

  • QCF: Quarter-Circle-Forward
  • QCB: Quarter-Circle-Backward
  • D: Down
  • d/f: Down/Forward
  • L: Light Attack
  • M: Medium Attack
  • H: Heavy Attack
  • S: Special Attack
  • x2: Two Attack Buttons
  • F: Forward
  • B: Back
  • U: Up

Black Goku

Special Attacks

  • Black Kamehameha: QCF and S
  • Instant Transmission: QCB and L or M or H
  • Binding Black Kamehameha: QCB and S

Super Attacks

  • Holy Light Grenade: QCF and H and S (While in the air)

Android 21

Special Attacks

  • Aerial Connoisseur Cut: QCB and S (While in the air)
  • Hors d’Oeuvre Stab: QCB and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Connoisseur Cut: QCF and S (While in the air)
  • Total Detonation Ball: QCF and L / M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Sweet Tooth: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)
  • Photon Wave: QCF and 2x (While in the air)
  • Excellent Full Course: QCB and 2x (3 Bars) (While in the air)


Special Attacks

  • Fierce Attack: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Catalysmic Orb: QCF and L/ M/H (Hold to Cancel Animation)
  • Multi-Cataclysmic Orbs: QCF and S
  • Wrath: QCB and S

Super Attacks

  • Beerus Ball: QCF and 2x
  • Judgment: QCB and 2x (3 Bars)


Normal Attacks

  • Ki Blast Dash: Down and S
  • Step Kick: Forward and H
  • Teleport Attack: Down and M (While in the air)
  • Spinning Kick: Down and H (While in the air)

Special Attacks

  • Perfect Attack: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Hell Strike: Down and M (While in the air)
  • Kamehameha: QCF and S
  • Telekinesis Crush: QCB and S
  • Rolling Crush: QCF and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Solar Kamehameha: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)
  • Energy Field: QCF and 2x


Special Attacks

  • Kamehameha: QCF and S
  • Wolf Fang Fist: Gale Claws: QCB and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Neo Wolf Fang Fist: QCF and H (requires 1 Bar)
  • Wolf Fang Fist: QCF and  L

Super Attacks

  • Spirit Ball: QCF and 2x (Tap to keep attacking more)
  • Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Change the Future: QCB and S
  • Cyclone Buster: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Masenko: QCF and S
  • Shining Slash: QCF and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Burning Attack: QCF and 2x
  • Heat Dome Attack: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Crusher Knee Kick: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Intercept Kick: Down and L (While in the air)
  • Ki Blast Rush: QCF and S
  • Super Dash Kick: QCF and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Big Bang Attack: QCF and 2x
  • Final Flash: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Afterimage Strike: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Kamehameha: QCF and S
  • Senzu Bean / Rock Throw: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Solar Flare: QCB and S

Super Attacks

  • Destro-Disc: QCF and 2x (Tap Buttons to Continue Attacking)
  • Split Energy Wave: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Dragon Flash Fist: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Kamehameha: QCF and S
  • Rapid Kick Rush: QCB and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Instant Transmission Kamehameha: QCF and H and S
  • SSJ3 Meteor Smash: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)
  • Super Kamehameha: QCF and L and M


Special Attacks

  • Death Saucer: QCB and S
  • Earth Breaker: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Next Time You’ll Die: QCF and S
  • Warp Smash: Down, Down and S

Super Attacks

  • Death Ball: QCF and 2x
  • Sorbet’s Ray Gun: S
  • Golden Frieza: QCB and H and S (requires 3 Bars)
  • Nova Strike: QCB and L and M (requires 3 Bars)
  • You Should Be Killed: Hold H and S (While Knocked Down) (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Cartwheel: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Mount Drive: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Potbelly Attack: QCB and S
  • Sweeping Breath: QCF and S

Super Attacks

  • I Hate You: QCF and 2x
  • Snack Now: QCB and 2x

Android 18

Special Attacks

  • Back Grab: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Barrier: Down, Down and S
  • Destructo-Disc: QCF and S
  • Support Attack: QCB and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Energy Wave: QCF and 2x
  • Accel Dance: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Strong Jersey: QCF and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Tigether We Are… the Ginyu Force: S (While in the air)
  • Tigether We Are… the Ginyu Force: QCF and S (While in the air)
  • Recoome Boom: QCF and Hold S

Super Attacks

  • Powerful Energy Wave: QCF and 2x (requires 3 Bars)
  • Body Change: QCB and 2x (While in the air)


Special Attacks

  • Icy Glare: QCB and L/ M/ H (Hold to Increase Range)
  • Deadly Intent: QCF and S (Hold M or H to Change Stance)
  • Mark of an Assassin: QCB and S
  • Tides of Time: QCF and M/ H
  • Time Release: L, Down and L/ Up and L

Super Attacks

  • Realized Power: QCF and L and M (While in the air)
  • Death Blow: QCF and H and S
  • I Keep Improving: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Demon Elbow: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Demon Slicer: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Homing Energy Blast: QCF and S

Super Attacks

  • Special Beam Cannon: QCF and H and S
  • Hellzone Grenade: QCF and L and M
  • Light Grenade: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)

Super Sayian Goku (Blue)

Special Attacks

  • Divine Void Strike: QCF and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Dragon Flash Kick: QCB and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Instant Transmission: QCF / QCB and S (While in the air)

Super Attacks

  • Extreme Speed Kamehameha: QCF and 2x (While in the air)
  • x10 Kaioken Kamehameha: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Volleyball Fist: QCF and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Crane Strike: QCB + L or M or H (While in the air)
  • Dodon Ray: QCF and S (While in the air)
  • Telekinesis: QCB and S

Super Attacks

  • Tri-Beam: QCF and 2x (While in the air)
  • Neo Tri-Beam: QCB and L and M (requires 3 Bars) (Can be Performed in the Air)


Special Attacks

  • Arm Break: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Saibamen: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Blazing Storm: QCF and S (While in the air)
  • Too Bad for You: QCB and S

Super Attacks

  • Giant Storm: QCF and 2x
  • Break Cannon: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)

Adult Gohan

Normal Attacks

  • Ultimate High Kick: d/f and H
  • Machine Gun Straight: d/f and L

Special Attacks

  • Jet Upper: QCF and L/ M/ H
  • Machine Gun Kick: QCF and L/ M/ H (While in the air)
  • Masenkou: QCF and S
  • Ultimate Back Attack: QCB and L/ M/ H

Super Attacks

  • Family Kamehameha: QCB and 2x (Need 3 Bars)
  • Release Power: QCF and 2x
  • Release Power Unlimited: QCF and H and S


Special Attacks

  • Aerial Kick: QCF and L / M / H (While in the air)
  • Dragon Flight: QCB and L/ M/ H
  • Five Strike Combo: QCF and L/ M/ H (on the ground)

Super Attacks

  • Father Son Kamehameha: QCB and 2x (Hold to Consume 2 More Bars)
  • No Motion Kamehameha: QCF and 2x

Android 16

Special Attacks

  • Dynamite Driver: QCF and L / M / H (Ground Attack)
  • Flying Powerbomb: QCB and L / M / H
  • Flying Slide Powerbomb: QCF and L / M / H (While in the air)
  • Hell Heat: QCF and S

Super Attacks

  • Hell Flash: QCF and 2x
  • Hell Flash (Full Power): QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)
  • Suicide Bomb: QCB and H and S

Kid Buu

Special Attacks

  • Arm Ball: QCB and S
  • Arm Swing: QCB and L / M / H
  • Ball Attack: QCF and L / M / H
  • Chocolate Beam: QCF and S
  • Kamehameha: QCF and S (While in the air)

Super Attacks

  • Human Extinction Attack: QCF and 2x
  • Pearl Flash: QCF and 2x (While in the air)
  • Planet Crusher: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)

Super Sayian Vegeta (Blue)

Special Attacks

  • Super Dash Kick: QCF and L / M / H
  • On a Scale of One to Ten, I’ll Give You a Three: QCB and L / M / H (While in the air)
  • Big Bang Attack: QCF and S

Super Attacks

  • Niagara Pummel: QCF and L and M (Hold to Cancel Attack Animation)
  • Galick Gun: QCF and H and S
  • Final Flash: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars)


Special Attacks

  • Miracle Super Punch: QCF and L / M / H (While in the air)
  • Great Special Rolling Kick: QCB and L / M / H (While in the air)
  • Galactic Donuts: QCB and S
  • DIE DIE Missile Barrage: QCB and S in the air
  • Vengeful Shout: QCF and S (Hold S to Cancel)

Super Moves

  • Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: QCF and 2x
  • Charging Ultra Volleyball: QCB and 2x (requires 3 Bars) (While in the air)


There are a number of ways to earn zeni quickly in the game. However, you’ll need a lot of zeni if you want to unlock SSB Goku and Vegeta, so here are some tips on how to farm some zeni in this game.

Complete the Quests

There are some starting quests you’ll come along in the game that are a great source of zeni. Additionally, also make sure you comple the the Daily Quests. These quests are pretty easy to complete and they net you a decent reward of 2,000 zeni.

Story Mode

Playing fully through the story mode will net you at least 200,000 zeni. Once you finish playing the game on Normal however, be sure to try playing through it again on Hard difficulty and you will be able to get the ‘Victory Zeni Up Level 6’ skill and it can help you earn up to 5000 zeni from a single match.

Combo Challenges

The combo challenges in the game are a nice way to earn some zeni as passing each challenge will net you 5000 zeni. This is a great way to learn some of the more complex combos and to also make some money while doing so.

Arcade Mode

In the arcade mode, the Snake Way Course is a great  way to earn some zeni. With a higher grade when completing the course, you’ll also receive more zeni so be sure to bring your best game when you’re trying this out. The first time you finish  this course, you’ll be able to make 7,000 zeni. The great part about this method is that you can continue earning zeni by doing the course over again after the first time.

Versus Mode

For every versus match that you play, you earn 300 zeni and  it’s great way to make some zeni without having to pay too much attention to what you’re doing. Since this method works in battles against CPU opponents as well, you can just set the difficulty to low and then use the following method. First, just map your heavy attack onto your X button or A button if on an Xbox. Then select Goku Black.

Since the X button serves also to confirm whether to start the next battle, it requires no effort from your part at all and the next battle will automatically begin.  Once you’ve set changed the button mapping as instructed, just figure out a way to hold down the X button so that it is continually pressed.

Congratulations! You can now just go about doing anything else you want. This is a great way to make some zeni if you want to just be doing something else but want to get some zeni while leaving your consoleon.


One of the interesting mechanics in this game is the ability to summon Great Dragon Shenron once you’ve collected 7 Dragon Balls in a match. However, in any actual battle, it’s not going  to be a probable outcome to be able to summon the Great Dragon. There are 2 ways to earn the Dragon Balls and these are explained below.

The first way is to simply execute a light auto-attack combo and to then do it over and over again until you have all 7 Dragon Balls. The other method requires to get a specific number of combo hits to get a specific Dragon Ball.  For example, if you want Dragon Ball number 4, you would need to perform a combo that goes up to 40-49 combo hits. Anything more or anything less will not get you that particular Dragon Ball. Listed below are the specific requirements for each Dragon Ball.

  • Dragon Ball #1: 10-19 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #2: 20-29 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #3: 30-39 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #4: 40-49 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #5: 50-59 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #6: 60-69 Combo Hits
  • Dragon Ball #7: 70-79 Combo Hits

Keep in mind that players share the same pool of Dragon Balls so what’s important is who is first able to summon Shenron. So even if you were the one who collected all the Dragon Balls, it might be your opponent who summons the Great Dragon before you get a chance to. To summon the Great Dragon, you’ll need a full meter and if you have this, then you just need to execute a light auto-attack combo. As soon as you’re done executing this combo, the Great Dragon will be summoned.


Please use this at your own discretion. Using cheats online will lead to an immediate ban.  You can get cheats by referring here. The following are the list of cheats you can enable.

  • Change Zeni By 5000
  • Freeze Timer
  • One Hit Kills
  • Weak Enemy
  • Super Speed 4
  • Change EXP By 500
  • Unlimited Remaining Turns
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Support
  • Infinite KI
  • Change Premium Z Coins By 500
  • Change Zeni
  • Add Premium Z Coins
  • Selected Character: EXP.


There are a total of 35 achievements to earn in this game and you can check them all out below.

  • Snake Way Sensei: Arcade – Complete the Snake Way Course.
  • Extreme Gravity Guru: Arcade – Complete the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course.
  • Hyperbolic Heavyweight: Arcade – Complete the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course.

  • I Am Goku,the Legendary Super Saiyan: Story – Complete the Super Warrior Arc.
  • Link Level 20: Story – Raise Link Level to 20.
  • Link Level 40: Story – Raise Link Level to 40.
  • To Test Myself, I Too Will Fight: Local Battle – Play a match.
  • Ladies and Gents, We Have a Winner: Tournament – Emerge as champion.
  • Battle-Ready: Practice – Complete all battle tutorials.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Practice – Perform a combo that deals 5000 or more damage in Training Mode.

  • Don’t Underestimate Earth: Practice – Complete 30 Different Combo Challenges.
  • The Power to go Beyond the Super Saiyan: Practice – Complete 100 Different Combo Challenges.
  • Before Creation Comes  Destruction….: Practice – Complete 200 Different Combo Challenges.
  • Goku Isn’t The only Super Saiyan….: World Match – Play a Ranked Match.
  • You Can’t Win This…..: World Match – Play 10 Ranked Matches.
  • This  Pain Will Make Me Stronger!: World Match – Play 20 Ranked Matches.
  • My Power Level is 530,000: World Match – Acquire 530,000 BP.
  • Casual Combatant: World Match – Play 10 Casual Matches.
  • Arena Enthusiast: Arena Match – Play a match.
  • Arena Expert: Arena Match – Play 10 matches.
  • Just Looking: Arena Match – Observe a match.
  • It’s Play Time!: World Match – Play a Casual Match.
  • Lemme Play Too!: World Match – Play 20 Casual Matches.
  • Stamp of Approval: Replay – Use a Z Stamp while watching a Replay Channel.

  • Deep Pockets: Acquire 5,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.
  • Arena Afficionado: Arena Match – Play 20 matches.
  • Millionaire: Acquire 1,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.
  • Yo, I’m Goku!: Complete a quest tutorial.

  • Farewell, Tien…: Complete seven or more quest tutorials.

The following are the secret achievements.

  • Ho ho ho…. What an Unexpected Thrill: Story – Complete the Enemy Warrior Arc.
  • My Appetite…Is Insatiable…!: Story – Complete the Android 21 Arc.
  • Bye-Bye Buu: Story – Defeat Clone Kid Buu.
  • Conversationalist: Story – Trigger a special conversation sequence.
  • Set for Life: Acquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing.

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