Dying Light The Following Guide: Weapon Blueprint Locations, Buggy Upgrades And More

A complete guide for Dying Light: The Following.

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Techland and Warner Bros. had a surprise hit on their hand last year with their first person parkour platforming zombie (whew, what a mouthful) game, Dying Light. Dying Light has since continued to have an active community, but Techland decided to give it a little nudge with the launch of Dying Light: The Following, a brand new, full sized expansion pack for the game (which is also being packaged with the base game as Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition).

As with the original Dying Light, The Following has a lot to see and do. Strap yourself in, and we’ll get to it.


The pride of Dying Light: The Following, the core reason for its existence, the one thing that makes it as awesome as it is, is the buggy. This buggy is your way of getting around town, it’s your way of taking down an amazing number of zombies in extremely spectacular ways, and it is also a hell of a sweet ride to have. And hell, once you have it, you want it to look like it’s your style, right? Right.

Cultist: Head south from Jasir’s farmhouse until you come across the water.

Cherry Bomb: Head southeast from Jasir’s farmhouse, and continue down the path. Eventually, you will come across an abandoned train, and some crates next to it. You will find the paint job behind it.

Rally Prism: Head south of Jasir’s farmhouse, continue along the hillside, and head inside the Hunting Tower. You can’t miss it, it’s in the open.

Zebra: Go to the gas station that is southeast to Jasir’s farmhouse. You can get this paint job inside there.

Black Widow: There is a large statue in the cemetery on the south-eastern edge of the countryside. Check behind this statue.

Buggy Gold Tier Upgrades:

You can find all gold tier buggy upgrades and their locations using the video below:


Yep, not only can you paint your buggy however you like, you can have bobbleheads in it too! This game is really too generous with just how much it lets us deck out the vehicle.

Jasir: As with, like, everything else in the game, Jasir seems to be central to getting the first bobblehead too. Accept Buggy Grail from Bilal. After this, head east from Jasir’s farm, and keep going until you find a trailer. Go inside to pick up a bobblehead.

Bilal: Once Bilal unlocks custom paint jobs for you, check the shelves directly behind him. There’s a bobblehead there.


Your buggy would be a remarkably useless weapon if it couldn’t get about, or power its weapons. And it can’t of any of that unless it’s topped up. And you can’t keep it topped up unless you know where to go. Thankfully, we do, and we’re telling you. All you need to do is salvage fuel from numerous abandoned vehicles scattered around the in-game world. Basically, just walk up to them and press the Search button. That’s it, you’ll get fuel you can use to power your buggy.

Really, I’m not quite sure why this is its own section in this guide.


Look, something in this guide that doesn’t have to do with that buggy!

Blueprints are needed to craft new items needed to survive the apocalypse. Since Dying Light is open world, these blueprints are scattered all around the world, and you need to hunt them down and recover them before you can craft these items.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Paper Plane Weapon – Origami 101

Bow & Crossbow Weapon Locations

Ice Cream
1x Sickle, 1x Cleaver, 1x Metal Parts, 1x Duct Tape, 3x Fluorescent Shrooms
We saved the best for last (also, because this one is a bit out of the way compared to the others, as far as geographical organization goes). Head south from Bilal’s workshop and continue along the path until you come across a Chinese restaurant. The blueprint is inside there.

1x Baseball, 2x Blade, 1x Nails, 1x String, 4x Herb
Get inside that same barn from the window on the upper floor. Check inside the drawer in the desk to find the blueprint.

Super Molotov
1x Fuel, 1x String
On the east side of the lake is a water processing facility. Head inside, open the cabinet, collect the blueprint.

Flame Stabber
1x Short Knife, 1x Long Knife, 1x Metal Parts, 1x Duct Tape, 2x Household Supplies, 1x Aerosol
Go to the watch tower near the eastern side of the lake to find the blueprint inside.

Roast Blast
1x Two-Handed Hammer, 2x Aerosol,1x Two-Handed Axe, 1x Pickaxe, 1x Metal Parts, 1x String, 1x Household Supplies
This is the easiest blueprint to find- it’s located in Jasir’s farmhouse, right where you find the buggy.

1x Scythe, 1x Khopesh, 2x Metal Parts, 1x Alcohol, 1x Duct Tape, 2x Blade, 1x Handsaw, 1x Two-Handed Sword, 1x Short Sword, 1x Blade, 1x Machete, 1x Cleaver
This is another easy one to find- it’s inside Jasir’s desk in his farmhouse.

Bad Plug
1x Short Knife, 1x Long Knife, 1x Blade, 1x Metal Parts, 1x Plastic, 1x Chemicals, 1x Power Cable
Keep going north from Jasir’s farmhouse, until you come across an abandoned building. The blueprint is on a shelf inside.

Stiff Stick
1x Baseball, 1x Crowbar, 1x Metal Parts, 1x String, 3x Fluorescent Shrooms
Travel northwest from Jasir’s farmhouse, until you come across the barn near the northern side of the lake. The blueprint is, yet again, on a shelf.


Afraid To Get Wet?
Dive into the Countryside.

And You Liked Him, Didn’t You?
Meet your old friend again. 

I Was Waiting For You For So Long
Become a Faceless.

Sweaty Palms?
Kill a Demolisher with a car.

It Wasn’t That Hard, Was It?
Win Bilal’s race.

What If You Picked The Other One?
Make that call.

I Felt Your Presence
Witness The Following’s meeting.

You Realize it’s Only Points, Don’t You?
Reach Driver Rank 12.

Formidophobic? Interesting…
Destroy 50 scarecrows.

I Don’t Approve of Mindless Fun
Kill 500 zombies with your vehicle.

This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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