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Microsoft are going live with their press conference over at E3 2010 in just an hour. Are you ready to take in the surprises? Get a hold of the live feed here at GamingBolt. Whether you are at work or at school and unable to catch the conference live you can get the complete feed here. Stay tuned.

Just an hour can’t wait!

Hmm, this is where time never seems to pass by. It feels like its half an hour but believe me it’s not.

With 10 minutes to go, the conference got delayed by half an hour. What’s next?

15 minutes to go. NO MORE delays please!

Almost there, waiting for the conference to start.


Techno lights and all, but no sign of the conference starting. I better pull out my sandwiches.

The conference begins with a bang. Call of Duty: Black Ops live demonstration by Treyarch. Apparently shows the player passing through a tunnel and shots down enemies. Second part of the demo begins. Visuals are definitely up from Modern Warfare 2. Now you can pilot a helicopter . DANG! This is amazing as well as intense.

Intense air to ground firing continues and demo ends. We are stunned.

Here come Hideo Kojima. Wow this is gonna be epic. Metal Gear Solid: Rising demo is now LIVE!

The demo shows Raiden slashing and slicing through enemies and just about literally anything.

Here comes Microsoft’s VP. Boasts “this is their biggest year ever”. talks about Xbox Live and Kinect. Wanna get blown? Here comes Cliffy B. Gears of War 3. Hell yeah!

Gears of War 3. New footage was revealed for the much anticipated final instalment of the Gears of War trilogy. This new footage revealed four player story based co-op. It features Marcus and co taking a truck ride when they’re ambushed. Featuring gorgeous viuals and the same gory and frantic relentless run and gun gameplay we’ve come to love, Gears 3 looks promising

Fable 3 announced, short trailer. Out on October 26th, 2010.

Marcus Lehto from Bungie attended Microsoft’s E3 conference and has confirmed that Halo will ship this September. The trailer begins with the main protagonist landing from a aircraft. Apparently looking like the best looking Halo game  to date with the legendary game play intact. Probably the best technically looking game to date on the Xbox 360. Lot of fireworks, we are sold.

Corporate Vice President for XBL is here, Talks about  how XBL has changed online gaming. Talks about Kinect. Apparently it utilize voice and hand gestures. Nothing new technology wise, but yes its pretty new to video games, so might interest gamers. Demonstration of Zune with music and videos.

Voice chat and Party Chat with Kinect. Wii***cought***Wii. Live demonstration of voice and audio chat, shows new capabilities of video sharing and other content. Impressive!

Montage of on demand events from ESPN and their shows like Sports Center. “ESPN have signed an exclusive partnership with Micrsoft”. 3500 sports show available.

Sports Center hosts on stage. “Kinect is going to make taunting even easier.” This is fun and at the same time impressive. You can actually replay section of the game by using Kinect!

Gamers will be able to track statistics of their favourite sports. “ESPN is redefined on Xbox 360” as the guys leave the stage. The big news THIS IS FREE! I am already in the line.

Kudo Tsunoda on stage. “We built experiences that are truly social.”. Introduces 6 new game for Kinect.

A little girl demonstrates with a tiger named Skittles and apparently Skittles is able to respond to the girl’s gestures and voice. You can adopt 40 animals and have 30 types of activities with them.

Second game is about sports. Where the guy is just cheering the crowd! “Japan has the won the world cup! Yeahhhhh!” Displays two player co-op running competition. MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN. Kinect Sports looks and feels good!

Next up Kinect Joyride. Nothing new here. Hand based gestures depicting a steering wheel. MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN…but this time on the wrong turn! DANG!

Next is Kinect Adventures. This one looks really good, where the player has to jump, hip around to avoid the obstacles. Supports video and photo sharing. This is followed by two girls playing the game really jumping on a virtual boat. This game has impressed me BIG TIME! Who does not like jumping?

Felicia Williams from Ubisoft takes on stage and announces Fitness Evolved will be exclusive to Xbox 360. “Feel the magic of the environment”  is what she says! Gives statistics of various physical parameters like height and shape. Fitness Exper Michael George on stage.Yeah! “You have to freedom to choose how you wanna work out”. Demonstrating the various kind of activities you can do with this game. Man! This is one serious game. I am opting out!

Girl on stage dancing, guess what! Rock Band:Dance Central is here! Good Effort, but she cant match the virtual actor on screen! The game will have over 600 tunes  and 90 routines.

Phil Spencer takes on stage. Kinect launches November 4 this year. Star Wars on Kinect. Looks good and can have endless possibilities.

Forza here. We know baby! Explains compatibility with Kinect. “This allows us to create Radical new experiences”, says Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10. You can walk around a vehicle using Kinect. You can also virtually sit inside the gamer. “Welcome to the future of Racing”.

Pat takes on stage again. ” We are transforming the games industry that makes games much more fun for you and your family and today we take the first step in that direction.” New Xbox 360 announced. “Sleeker, Smaller and queit”. Cost: Same Price. Consider me in. Launches TODAY!

Free Xbox 360 slim for all the attendees. FTW!

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