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Sony are going live with their press conference over at E3 2010 in just an hour. Are you ready to take in the surprises? Get a hold of the live feed here at GamingBolt. Whether you are at work or at school and unable to catch the conference live you can get the complete feed here. Stay tuned.

Here we go, the conference has started.

Jack Tretton takes stage. Is cracking crazy jokes, the crowd agrees and laughs! Talks about Heavy Rain and Kaz Hirai.He talks about how Sony are the king in the 3D world. Talks about Bravia 3D tvs are roaring in the market which will be ready for the 35 million ps3’s around the world.

20 titles coming for PS3 which will be 3d enabled by March 2011.

McWhertor is coming! Killzone 3! Apparently he is going to demo Killzone 3 in 3D. Looks fantastic with the Helghans flying around with their jet packs. Later in the demo Sev equips a jet pack himself, jumps and hops around. Intense fire fights with the helghans and Sev uses not his gun but the turret of his jet pack. Second demo takes place with the player now flying those crazy things and attacking something which apparently looks like Helghan base.

Demo ends, “Killzone 3 will be available worldwide next February, will be compatible with Move.”

Kaz comes on stage and boasts about 3D and how PlayStation is the only platform that supports native 3d support. Gran Turismo 5 will be a 3d enabled game. Great number of games will support PlayStation Move and 3d, very very strong developer support.

New video for 3d rolls in.Shows various game. Mind== Officially blown!

Tretton again takes stage. 10 years for PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 was the second most played consoles in 2009.

Peter Dille is excited to be at E3. “PlayStation Move does it again.” Talks and describes about Motion gaming that we have been listening for the last 2 years. Video running which explains how MOVE is revolutionizing video games and how people play them.

Peter Dille says Sony has support from over 40 publishers who are developing games on PlayStation Move! New Games being revealed on the PlayStation 3!

Sorcery from The Workshop exclusively on PlayStation 3 designed for MOVE. Apparently the game is taking place in some sort of a dungeon with the main character running with a wand. You can combine spells when the spell is ready the ball changes color and then the guy just drank it! Pure awesomeness! The player then sets the goblins on fire…this thing is fun.The demo ends with a boss running towards you…very promising, launch spring 2011.

Now on to Sports. Andrew Wilson from EA sports takes the stage. Demonstrating Tiger Woods 2011 for the PlayStation Move. He is trying to  take a shot in front of “thousands of people” . Shot misses. I am not very impressed. One thing though the fluidity and the overall is impressive.

He calls for supports and gets a small cheer. Guess what? He finally scores. Demo ends.

Heros on the Move, ratchet and clank, sly and cooper and jak and daxter. I am sold. Thats super smash bros from Sony.

Coke tie-in for PlayStation Move…huge cheer! Kevin Butler is here! ” Who is with me with gaming? ” This is getting funny and intense. “I love gaming. I love walk off homers and headshots.” “Staying up 3 am to get a trophy isnt real but is.” “I love gaming.”

“And we can all box with game characters with important features like arms, GAMING! FOREVER MAY HE REIGN!!!!” SOLD SOLD BABY SOLD!

PlayStation Move launch details. Europe Sep 15th, US 19th, Japan October 21st. Bundle announced at 399$. First party Move games are priced at 39.99$.
Playstation Move standalone $49.99.

Montage showing as to what you can expect from MOVE. Brunswikc pro bowling, PGA 2011, Sports Champions.

Tretton on stage. PSP campaign running to promote the thing. Meet Marcus, the psp kid.

Invizimals, new game for the PSP. God of war for the PSP. New trailer being shown. Tron Evolution, Ace Combat, UFC, Kingdom of Hearts this fall. 70 games by this December. Video Montage is full swing. Overdive,Valykria II, ModNation Racers…video ends.

PSN has 50 million accounts.”Its the most comprehensive network out there.” The Tester Season 2 begins soon. Talks about PlayStation HOME and how its still existing :S.

Little Big Planet 2 and Mod Nation racers mentioned. Alex Evans from MM takes stage to demonstrate LBP2. Four players take the stage.
Super Block Race is a puzzle game made using inbuild tools, features scoring system. Next up bumpy cars where you can crash in to others, Next up Createnator where you can fire missiles to others, looks good.Catch point: Create any damn genre from first person shooters to RTS. “Its truly a platform for games.” Demo ends.

PSN subscription package is in called PlayStation Plus. Automatic downloads, firmware updates, discounts etc. The first three months will be free, 49.99$ for the first full year, 17.99$ for three months.

John Schappert from EA takes centre stage. Greg Goorich from Medal of Honor takes stage to demonstrate the game. Short video showing a new character for the Wolfpack. Multiplayer map revealed for Medal of Honor for Team Assault modes.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 special edition with Medal of Honor: Frontline included.

Demo for Dead Space 2. Boss Battle is pure awesomeness. Dead Space 2 + Dead Space Extraction for PlayStation Move 2. Good stuff.

Valve surprise. PORTAL 2..WTF. PORTAL 2 on the PlayStation 3…will be the best version to play. Trailer shown.

Final Fantasy XIV shown. 2k Games now, Mafia 2 will have exclusive content for the PlayStation 3 version. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Beta will only be on the PlayStation Network.. new trailer shown.

Montage of various PS3 games, Socom 4, Killzone 3, Dead Space 2,Mafia 2, NFL 2011, NBA 2k11, eye pet, LBP 2 and others. Long montage ends….phew!

Gran Turismo 5 being shown. Release it already. Release date announced: NOVEMBER 2ND 2010.

Infamous 2 revealed, this guy has ICE power as well.

Last Surprise …Twisted Metal exclusively for the PlayStation 3, David Jaffe takes stage. Multiplayer Death match..wait…there is a helicopter! MIND BLOWN!

New mode, Twisted Metal Nuke which is objective based game play. Objective is destroy the opposite faction’s huge statue. When you charge the missile you then have to guide the missile and destroy the statue.

That wraps it up!

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