Eight Franchises That Will Look Insanely Awesome In 3D

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They say 3D is the next big thing. And surely they have a point, because games in 3D looks absolutely amazing. We had witnessed Killzone 3 live at Sony’s presentation at E3 last year and it seemed that the Helghans were right in front of us. That is the kind of immersion that 3D game play brings to video games.

But there are a few franchises that have not supported 3D, well it’s only been a few months so thats understandable. Today we take a look at eight such franchises which would look awesome if they had 3D support on them.

Super Smash Bros

We want to brawl in 3D!

Super Smash Bros Brawl is pretty much about fighting out enemies on different plains, and what better way to implement that than implement it in 3D? Imagine jumping across platforms in the third dimension and battling your enemies in the same chaotic way that has become a trademark of this fabled fighting franchise. We sure hope Nintendo plan to release a Super Smash Bros title for the 3Ds. It would be truly awesome.

God of War

This is why this needs to be in 3D

Adding the third dimension to the God of War franchise wouldn’t change the gameplay of the games as much as it would change the aural experience. The entire atmosphere of the game would change. Seeing the old, mythological gigantic and epic environments, the huge bosses, the awesome cutscenes in 3D would make for a truly unforgettable experience. If there ever is a God of War IV, we sure hope it utilizes Sony’s 3D technology.

Professor Layton

We would love to solve the depth based puzzles

Imagine how cool it would be to solve depth based puzzles. Already the puzzles of the Layton series are next to perfect, utilizing almost all the input methods of the DS, but with the depth of a third dimension involved, we would be in for a whole new experience. And just imagine how cool it be to see Luke’s huge finger pointing at you after you solve a puzzle. Looking forward to a lot of such awesomeness with Professor Layton 3D!

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