Elden Ring’s Storytelling Will Be More Grandiose Than Previous FromSoftware Games – Rumor

More rumors from a well-known insider point to big things for the game’s narrative.

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One of the most anticipated games that has been announced is one we know almost nothing about in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. Outside being a RPG in some similar fashion to From’s previous dark fantasy titles nothing has been officially revealed yet. A well known insider has been posting details in bits and pieces, and today he gave more about the game’s narrative and storytelling.

Well known FromSoftware insider Omnipotent dropped another huge bit of information about what the game will look like. He says the storytelling in this will be more “grandiose” than in their previous titles. It won’t necessarily mean more traditional cutscenes, but just that the environmental narrative and lore will be presented in a much grander and more complex way. You can read an excerpt below, or read the full post made by Onmi at gaming forum ResetEra here.

“As for the Elden Ring itself. I think its my favorite From concept yet and it’s deeply tied into the world itself in a number of aspects, I personally would argue more so than the likes of the Dark Sign, Souls and the linking of the fire or Old Blood. As those prior examples were aberrations of the natural order and state of the world, the Elden Ring was the state of the world, and obviously when something like that is shattered, everything is effected.

“To draw a bit of a parallel to our world. We have things like the moon, our magnetic field, our atmosphere. All of these things have an important role in our life on earth that is so intrinsic to our existence that having one of or all of these things removed would change the planet and all life on it. The moon has an effect on animal life and is used to guide behaviors in different species, as well as the tides, it was once used to measure the passage of long periods of time. The magnetic field helps keep us safe from the likes of cosmic storms and solar flares as well as affecting the fundamental force of magnetism, which is also used by many guiding instruments. I shouldn’t need to explain why our atmosphere is important, and if you need further proof, look at Mars. But why is that relevant? Because the Elden Ring is a fundamental force of this world on that scale and while it’s loss hasn’t literally wiped all life off the face of the planet, it’s had a number of more exciting fantastical effects on the world.

“What happens to the land without it, its people, its visible and tangible effects. What happens when the barrier comes down and all the worst and unimaginable things it was keeping out start to make their way in. When someone you once knew becomes something. When existence itself and everything within and around it just stops working as intended. Its influence has seeped into everything for better or worse and you get to witness the results of that.”

This is more information in a steady stream that Omnipotent has let out about the game, including its open world design and the dynamic aspects it will have. While he has proven to be accurate in the past, we obviously won’t know anything about this game until we get some official information about it. Let’s hope Omni is right, because Elden Ring as he describes it sounds pretty good.

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