Elder Scrolls Online Mega Guide: Skills, Crafting, Gold, Vampire, Werewolf & Emperor

A complete guide for The Elder Scrolls Online.

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The Elder Scrolls Online is finally here – or rather, it’s been here for roughly a week. Given the massive size of ZeniMax Online Studios’ MMO though, it’ll take a lot longer to discover everything that the game has to offer. Quest, loot, skill trees, areas, allegiances and that’s really only scratching the surface when it comes to any Elder Scrolls game. What’re you gonna do?

Using this guide you will know all about earning finesse points, synergy, skill points, crafting across alchemist, clothier, enchanter, blacksmith, woodworker and provisioning professions, strategies to farm gold faster, world skills, weapon and armor skills, race and class skills, learn how to become a vampire and a werewolf, sky shards locations and the different guilds with their respective skills.

Furthermore, you can also learn how you can fish and increase storage/inventory space. The article below also consists guides for mounts, lockpicking, Mundus stones locations and how to become an Emperor. We have also covered basic stuff like how to use soul gems and how to fast travel. Finally, following everything in the guide will make you level up faster.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide of everything you need to know about the game. Whether you’re wondering which is the best class for you or curious about the game and what it has to offer in general, check it out below.

Earning Finesse Points:

Remember the old MMOs? If you have a party of say 5 people and among those one is not at all talented and does not react during a fight, that member will still get bonuses/unlocks. The system is unfair. Bethesda have changed that in The Elder Scrolls Online by introducing Finesse points. Depending on how you perform in a battle, against different enemies, with the right use of block/attack, the game will award you Finesse points. Note that Finesse points will help you recharge your Ultimate Skills which is something we have talked about in detail below.


Synergy requires multiple skills to be combined together to have desired effects. There are potential bonuses that you can earn by using Synergy. Using Synergy will unlock special rewards, Finesse points. Furthermore your team will be able to taken down enemies faster and gain more experience points.

Earning Skill Points:

The Elder Scrolls Online allows a vast amount of customization in terms of classes. Depending on what class and race you choose, there are a lot of different combinations and it really just boils down to what you prefer. You can acquire skills three different ways. Number one is through leveling up and every time you hit a new level you get a new skill point. Second way to get skill points is by collecting sky shards scattered throughout the world. Whenever you get three sky shards you are awarded with a new skill point.

Crafting Guide [alchemist, clothier, enchanter, blacksmith, woodworker and provisioning profession guide]:

The Elder Scrolls Online, just like any other MMO provides a lot of opportunities for loot. But it’s best to get started with crafting as soon as possible. The process might be a bit tough to learn initially but you will get the hang of it once you put your time into it. At the end of the day you will only need the recipes and the ingredients. Bellow you will find an in-depth guide for all the crafting profession. [Courtesy Reddit User Beldorr]. The guide below applies to all the professions in the game including alchemist, clothier, enchanter, blacksmith, woodworker and provisioning.

Please open the images in a new tab/window to see it in full screen.

Furthermore, you can check out the video guide below to get a more detailed understanding on how crafting works in the game:

Farming/Earning Gold Fast:

  • Loot everything and hunt down enemies. Loot can be sold to vendors for gold.
  • Invest in trading and start trading rare items with other items for gold. Sell it at a price that is attractive to other players.
  • You can sell crafted items using one of the professions mentioned in the crafting guide.
  • Complete quests and dungeons.

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