EverQuest Next Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about EverQuest Next.

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EverQuest Next Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

EverQuest Next

Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment



Release Date:2014

EverQuest is an upcoming and hotly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is currently in development at Sony Online Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment (commonly abbreviated to SOE) will also publish the game.

The game is the next instalment in the EverQuest series, its predecessors being EverQuest, EverQuest Online Adventures and EverQuest II. Although a successor instalment, EverQuest Next is not set to act as a prequel or sequel to any of the existing EverQuest games in the franchise. The intent is to offer players a parallel version of the world known as Norrath which will give players the chance to experience the game from a different point of view with locations, races, characters and their relationships having been changed from that stated in the official story.

The game is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Their is no current official release date, it has instead been slated for a vague 2014 release window.

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There is no official date for when development of EverQuest Next began, it was however first hinted at in 2009 by EverQuest creative director, Rich Waters in a chapter of the EverQuest 10th Anniversary Book. It wasn’t officially announced and unveiled until PAX East of 2013 when the games developer Dave Georgeson announced that the would be fully revealed at a Sony Live Entertainment Live Event (SLELE).

It was announced that EverQuest Next would be split into two seperate pieces, one would be the quest based massively multiplayer online role playing game called EverQuest Next. The second piece would be EverQuest Next Landmark, a world building tool which is expected to go into beta in March of 2014. Players wishing to play this Beta can currently submit their application for consideration. It has since been confirmed by John Smedley (a Sony programmer) that the best player worlds created in EverQuest Landmark would be included in the final product when it releases.

He has also said Ever Quest Next was completely redeveloped, “What we are building is something that we will be very proud to call EverQuest. It will be the largest sandbox style MMO ever designed… We are remaking Norrath unlike anything you’ve ever seen, but you’ll recognize it.”

Similar to Guild Wars 2 (another MMORPG of great popularity), EverQuest Next is set to maintain a free to play business model for as long as viable, this means that once the player has purchased the game they won’t need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription like those found in other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. While this hasn’t been confirmed to be a permanent feature of the game, it is one that has been well recevied by the gaming community.


While there are no official details regarding the story of EverQuest Next, the games creative director Jeff Butler has said that players should “Expect a retelling and re-imagining of the EverQuest story, drawing on nostalgia for the franchise and in homage to all the EverQuests that have preceded [EQN].”


The gameplay for EverQuest Next is in a thrid person perspective with the player doing battle against their enemies by using the different abilities and powers of the varied races from the world of Norrath. The development team have said that they intend to bring the gameplay of EverQuest Next back to that of the original EverQuest but while maintaining the more modern advancements that come from the modern day MMORPG genre of games. Combat is split between melee combat and ranged combat through the use of spells and changes depending on the players stats, race and equipment.

Classes and Races

Kerran – The Kerran were once an aggressive people, but their culture changed dramatically when the Elves of Norrath arrived at their homeland of Shadaline. The Elves then civilized the Kerran and forged a strong alliance with the strongest of the clans. Many clans however refused to be “civilized”.

Dark Elves – The Dark Elves are a warrior caste of note from deep within the Elven society.

Ogre – No details have come to light regarding the Ogres of Narroth, apart from the fact that according to concept art they now look different from the old Ogre design.This is likely due to the parallel concept mentioned in this Wikis intro.

Other classes/races include:

  • Dwarves
  • Humans
  • Elf

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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