Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Mega Guide: Rare Weapons, Armor, Perks, Collectibles And More

A complete guide to Fallout 4: Far Harbor.

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor is the most extensive bit of post launch content that Bethesda have ever worked on. Considering the sheer scope of some of their previous expansions and DLC, the size of Far Harbor promises to be simply staggering- far beyond that of an average post launch expansion, for sure.Given just how big the DLC is, there is no shame if you get overwhelmed or lost- after all, there is simply so much going on.

And that’s where we come in- this guide for Fallout 4: Far Harbor, covers everything from how you can access the DLC, find unique and rare weapons, rare armor, recipes, new perks and abilities, buy hounds, find recipes, workshop locations, Islander’s Almanac Magazines, new map locations, find the biggest secret loot room and the Bowling Ball launcher. And lastly we also take a look at at how you can unlock some of the trophies and achievements within the game.


Of course, before you can conquer Far Harbor, you need to access it- and Bethesda make it generally easy. The new area can be accessed relatively early in the game, though there are still some early game story quests that you need to have completed before you can get to Far Harbor. Essentially, this is what you need to do:

Before doing any of this, make sure you purchase and download Far Harbor– naturally, you cannot access the expansion without having purchased and installed it.

  1. Go to Diamond City- once you get there, you will see signs all over the city pointing to Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency
  2. Once you get there, you find out that Valentine has been kidnapped, initiating the Missing Valentine quest. Complete the quest, to get the next one in the line- Get A Clue.
  3. Complete Get A Clue, then pull up your Pip Boy. Select “Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio.” This immediately unlocks the “Far From Home” quest.
  4. Follow “Far From Home” to reach the new Far Harbor area.


There are multiple new, pretty awesome weapons that Far Harbor adds to the mix- weapons that, in general, are among the best ones available in the new expansion. This section of the guide provides a full list of all of these new Unique and Rare weapons, while also including a video showcase for each of them.

The Fish Catcher: A devastating close range melee weapon.

Radical Conversion: Ignores 30% of the enemy’s damage and energy resistance


Defender’s Harpoon Gun: Another weapon that ignores 30% of the enemy’s damage and energy resistance

Hitman’s Institute Rifle: +10% damage while aiming

December’s Child: Lighter, with faster reload, faster fire rate, and 5.56 ammo usage

The Harvester: A devastating melee weapon that may stagger enemies

Bloodletter: A melee weapon that makes targets bleed for an addition 25 HP of damage

Butcher’s Hook: Refills your AP on a critical hit

Admiral’s Friend: Does double damage to enemies at full health

The Striker: 50% chance to cripple the target’s leg

Kiloton Radium Rifle: Bullets explode on impact

Atom’s Judgement: +100 radiation damage

Old Reliable: Shoots and additional projectile


Similar to high grade unique weapons that have been added to the game in Far Harbor, there is also some new, unique armor added to the game, too. This section of the guide covers that armor. Unless otherwise noted, all armor sets end up cumulatively granting a whole range of buffs and bonuses during combat or exploration- with different pieces in an armor set providing different benefits. These exact benefits can be learned by watching the provided videos.

Recon Marine Armor Set

Captain’s Hat & Cap

Inquisitor’s Cowl: Wearer’s intelligence increases with Rads

Vim! Power Armor

Hunter’s Pelt Outfit and Hunter’s Hood

Rescue Diver Suit: Wearer gains ability to breathe underwater, and protection from radiation


Perks are the fundamental mechanic for leveling up in Fallout 4– and Far Harbor throws some new ones into the mix, adding new bonuses, buffs, and abilities to help you on your way through the wasteland. The video below acts as a handy guide to these new Perks that have been added into the game with Far Harbor.


You can, in fact, buy hounds in Fallout 4, thanks to Far Harbor. The video below shows you where to go and what to do- I just don’t know why you’d want to do any of it, but hey, no judgement.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor adds multiple new recipes into the game- these let you cut off parts from the wasteland creatures you encounter, and use them to feed yourself for some unique bonuses and buffs.

Strong Sludge Cocktail: 

Dirty Water X 1, Blight X 2, Condensed Fog X 1

Agile Sludgepak: 

Fertilizer X 2 , Stimpak X 1, Condensed Fog X 1, Dirty Water X 1

Fried Fog Crawler:

Raw Fog Crawler Meat X 1, Oil X 1

Gulper Slurry:

Purified Water X 1, Acid X 1, Crystal X 1, Gulper Innards X 3

Grilled Hermit Crab: 

Hermit Crab Meat X 1

Poached Angler: 

Angler Meat X 1

Durable Sludgepak: 

Fiberglass X 2, Stimpak X 2, Condensed Fog X 1, Dirty Water X 1

Resilient Sludge Cocktail: 

Condensed Fog X 1, Rax-X X 1, Bloodbug Meat X 1


There are four new Workshops to find in Far Harbor:

Echo Lake Lumber: Complete the Rite of Passage quest, and during the Turn Back The Fog quest, refuse to return the land to Malcolm.

National Park Visitor’s Center: Complete the quest Rite of Passage quest, then talk with Mitch in The Last Plank bar. Starting the next quest will gain you access to this workshop.

Longfellow’s Cabin: You need to go to Arcadia during the Walk in the Park Quest to unlock this workshop. The workshop is directly north of Far Harbor.

Dalton’s Farm: You need to speak with Cassie in Far Harbor, and complete Blood Tide. The workshop is on the far northwestern shore of the island.


There are multiple different kinds of collectibles in Fallout 4: Far Harbor. This part of the guide helps you track the locations of all of them:

The Islander’s Almanac Magazines

New Map Locations

The Biggest Loot Room

The Bowling Ball Launcher

  • Far Harbor->Beaver Creek Lanes ->The Manager’s Office which is located behind the bowling lanes.
  • Mini Nuke Launcher Variant, Using Bowling Balls as Ammo, With 50% Chance to Cripple


Far From Home
Complete The Quest ‘Far From Home’

Where You Belong
Complete the quest ‘Where You Belong’

The Way Life Should Be
Complete The quest ‘The Way Life Should Be’

Cleansing the Land
Complete the quest ‘Cleansing the Land’

Close to Home
Complete the quest ‘Close to Home’

The Islander’s Almanac
Collect all issues of “The Islander’s Almanac” magazine

Defeat 30 Far Harbor creatures

New England Vacationer
Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations

Push Back The Fog
Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations. Refer the guide above.

Just Add Saltwater
Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes. Refer the guide above.

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