Fallout 4 Guide: Power Armor, Fusion Core Locations, Unlimited Stimpacks And Fusion Cores

Your complete guide for Power Armor and Fusion Core Locations in Fallout 4,

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Power Armor is a special type of armor in Fallout 4, which provides the wearer with bonus damage resistance, strength and a higher encumbrance stat. These armors can be found in a variety of locations around the wasteland, and require Fusion Cores to operate (more on this later). They are fully customizable at Power Armor Stations found across the wasteland.

Power Armors are powered using Fusion Cores, which deplete with time- so when your suit runs out of fuel, you can safely get out of it, and leave it to return to it later for refueling. Your map will track one of your Power Armors at a time (meaning you need to remember where your spares are). Power Armors can be modified at Power Stations, which is also where you undertake routine maintenance on the suits, necessary to keep them functioning and in order, and they can also be given paint jobs, which provide stat bonuses to the suits’ properties, and are not just cosmetic.


Fusion Core Locations:


Fusion Cores are what your Power Armor needs to run. You need to be able to find new ones, because once one has run out, it cannot be recharged. As always, Fallout 4 being massive, we don’t know the location of every Fusion Core in the game- however, we know quite a few, and those are the ones we have shared the locations of with you. At the very least, it should give you a good headstart, if nothing else.

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