Fallout 4 New Details: Diamond City, Companions, Perks, NPC Factions And More

Looks like this game well and truly will be Game of the Year.

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Fallout 4

As was promised, we got to see more of Fallout 4 at QuakeCon this month, and in the process, we also learned more about the game. Todd Howard took the stage, and managed to show us a lot more of the highly anticipated RPG, giving us loads of snippets on the game in the process.

For instance, take the level of detail in the game, which is staggering- Mr. Handy’s internals have been all modelled and detailed, and if he is destroyed or damaged, you can actually see them. Bethesda have also recorded over 1,000 character names, which will be spoken and voiced in the game. Amusingly enough, this includes some of the more profane options, such as ‘fuckface.’ The factions in the game will also all behave believably- there are battles between the different NPC factions, and the player can stand back and let them kill each other, or intervene.

Human companions can all be romanced, and there will be no restriction based on gender- you can have a full, pansexual harem now, if you so wish! Also, terminal hacking and lock picking systems are included in the game. They will function similarly to how they did in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Your inventory will, as always, be capped, as you can only carry a certain amount of things- that said, that cap can increase if you invest in your Strength stat. When you level up, there are perks, chosen by the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menu, and you can pick one every time you level up. There are seven categories and ten rows of increasingly better perks.

It sounds, basically, as though Fallout 4 will ultimately be the kind of living, breathing, persistent RPG world that Bethesda is so well known for. It launches later this year, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned for more coverage and information.

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