Fallout 4: Why All The Speculation Regarding Graphics Is Ridiculous

Stop complaining, it’s getting old already.

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Fallout 4

As someone that is primarily a PC gamer, I typically enjoy a higher level of visual fidelity than console gamers unless the game receives a shoddy port. But does that mean that graphical fidelity alone is what makes me happy? Not at all. And nor should it make you happy.

The long and short of things is, some people are angry that Fallout 4 doesn’t look enough “next gen” for them. But the point to be noted is that Fallout has never been, and never will be, about looking beautiful. The series is simply not about cutting edge visuals or the one that will use the most advanced technology. And honestly, at this point we don’t even know what the game will actually look like in action. The trailer that we received recently may reflect the final product, and it might not. But that doesn’t matter.

When Fallout 3 came out, the visuals were not outstanding, when Fallout New Vegas launched things looked a little bit better, but nobody cared because the game was so fun and filled with content. Look at Skyrim. The game’s visuals are underwhelming even on a high end gaming PC, yet it’s one of the most played titles, purely because it had a ton of content and this is the precise reason why it’s often ranked amongst the top 10 last gen console games.

“But we’re the consumers, if it doesn’t look nice I won’t buy it!” Then you’re lying to yourself, you’ve been waiting a long time for this, non-“next gen” visuals or not, you’re going to buy it. Just please stop complaining about the game that is not even out yet. Fallout 4 is finally happening and it looks beautiful. Here’s an idea, anyone that is complaining about the game should be left outside their nearest vault when the missiles start to rain down.

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