Fallout 4 Workshops Crafting Guide: Weapons, Armor, Power Armor, Cooking and Chemistry Items

Here is the complete guide for Fallout 4’s workshop crafting and resources.

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Fallout 4 features an extensive crafting mechanism which can be used for developing various assets that will aid your journey through the wasteland. Besides crafting Settlements, workshops can be used to craft Weapons, Armor, Power Armor, Cooking and Chemistry Items.


Fallout 4 has a staggering breadth and depth of weapons. There’s a lot to find and use, and actually, at times, it can be hard to know if what you have is even good. This part of our guide takes a look at all of the weapons in the game, which you can craft as well, as well as their stats and properties, and whether or not these weapons can be further modded:


Name Damage Weight Mods
.44 Pistol 48 5.2 Yes
10mm Pistol 21 3.5 Yes
Alien Blaster 50 2.5 Yes
Deliverer 25 4.4 Yes
Flare Gun 110 2 Yes
Gamma Gun 110 3 Yes
Institute Pistol Yes
Lasor Pistol Yes
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol 34 3.8 Yes
Pipe Pistol 15 2.3 Yes
Pipe Revolver Pistol 28 4.2 Yes


Name Damage Weight Mods
Pipe Rifle 13 2.8 Yes
Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle 34 4.8 Yes
Pipe Revolver Rifle 24 5.4 Yes
Hunting Rifle 28 4.2 Yes
Combat Rifle 33 11.1 Yes
Sniper Rifle Yes
Institute Rifle 15 4.8 Yes
Syringer Rifle Yes
Assault Rifle 50 11.1 Yes
Gauss Rifle 110 15.8 Yes
Laser Rifle 24 4.5 Yes
Laser Musket 30 12.6 Yes
Plasma Rifle 100 14.4 Yes

Melee Weapons

Name Damage Weight Mods
Board 22 3 Yes
Knuckles 16 0.5 Yes
Machete 22 2 Yes
Baseball Bat 25 3 Yes
Shock Baton Yes


Name Damage Weight Mods
Frag Grenade Yes
Molotov Cocktail Yes
Frag Mine No
Bottlecap Mine No
Pulse Grenade No

Heavy Weapons

Name Damage Weight Mods
Broadsider 108 38.1 Yes
Cryolator 20 13.2 Yes
Fat Man 468 30.7 Yes
Flamer 12 16.1 Yes
Gatling Laser 14 19.3 Yes
Junk Jet 40 29.9 Yes
Minigun 8 27.4 Yes
Missile Launcher 150 21 Yes

Hand Gear

Name Damage Weight Mods
Knuckles 16 0.5 Yes


Name Damage Weight Mods
Submachine Gun 10 12.7 Yes
Double-Barrel Shotgun 45 9 Yes
Combat Shotgun 50 11.1 Yes
Switchblade 12 1 Yes
Tire Iron 19 2 Yes

Unique Weapons

Name Damage Weight Mods
Kellog’s Pistol


Cooking can help you keep ahead of the dangers you are likely to stray into in the Wasteland. At the very least, it helps you recover some health, even if you do get inflicted by some radiation sickness in the process. In this part of the guide, we’ve listed the cooking recipes for all major meals in the game, as well as what each meal’s special property is, if any.


Name Ingredients
Dirty Wastelander x1 Mutfruit, x1 Nuka Cola, x2 Whiskey
Purified Water x3 Dirty Water



Name Ingredients
Baked Bloatfly x2 Bloatfly Meat
Increased Radiation Resistance.
Bloodbug Steak x1 Bloodbug Meat
+15 Max Health for 1 hour.
Cooked Softshell Meat x2 Softshell Mirelurk Meat
+15 AP for 1 hour.
Crispy Squirrel Bits x1 Squirrel Bits
Deathclaw Egg Omelette x1 Blood Pack, x1 Deathclaw Egg
Small Heath Regen for 2 hours.
Deathclaw Steak x1 Deathclaw Meat
+1 Agility for 1 hour.
Grilled Radroach x3 Radroach Meat
Grilled Radstag x Radstag Meat
+25 Carry Weight for 1 hour.
Iguana On A Stick x1 Iguana Bits, x1 Wood
Mirelurk Cake x1 Mirelurk Egg, x1 Mirelurk Meat, x1 Oil,x1 Razorgrain
Breathe underwater for 30 minutes.
Mirelurk Egg Omelette x1 Dirty Water, x1 Mirelurk Egg
Restores 50 AP.
Mirelurk Queen Steak x1 Queen Mirelurk Meat
+2 Endurance for 1 hour.
Mole Rat Chunks x2 Mole Rat Meat
+5 AP for 15 minutes.
Mutant Rat Chunks x2 Mole Rat Meat
+5 AP for 15 minutes.
Mutant Hound Chops x1 Mutant Hound Meat
Remove 50 points of Radiation.
Mutt Chops x1 Mongrel Dog Meat
Radscorpion Egg Omelette x1 Purified Water, x1 Radscorpion Egg
Cures addictions.
Radscorpion Steak x1 Radscorpion Meat
+25 Energy Resist for 1 hour.
Roasted Mirelurk Meat x2 Mirelurk Meat
+10 AP for 30 minutes.
Squirrel On A Stick x1 Squirrel Bits, x1 Wood
Stingwing Filet x1 Stingwing Meat
+1 Perception for 1 hour.
Yao Guai Ribs x1 Yao Guai Meat
+15 Damage Resist for 1 hour.
Yao Guai Roast x1 Carrot, x1 Tato, x1 Yao Guai Meat
+10 melee damage for 1 hour.


Name Damage
Iguana Soup x1 Carrot, x1 Dirty Water, x3 Iguana Bits
Noodle Cup x1 Dirty Water,x1 Razograin
Radstag Stew x1 Gourd, x1 Radstag Meat, x1 Whiskey,x1 Silt Bean
Squirrel Stew x1 Bloodleaf, x1 Carrot, x2 Dirty Water,x1 Squirrel Bits,x1 Tato
Vegetable Soup x1 Carrot, x1 Dirty Water, x1 Tato


Name Damage
Vegetable Starch x3 Carrot, x3 Mutfruit, x1 Purified Water,x3 Tato


You can make a lot, and I mean a lot of stuff in Fallout 4- I’m talking medicines, first aid, general utilities that can help you maintain your gear, and yes, addictive drugs that you can either use yourself, or sell for some good money on the Wasteland. This section of the guide looks at the crafting system in the game, specifically in relation to Chemistry:


Name Damage
Berry Mentats x1 Anti Freeze Bottle, x1 Mentats, x2Tarberry
+5 Intelligence and highlights living targets for 8 minutes.
Buffjet x1 Buffjet, x1 Jet
Slow Time, +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, +65 max Health, and +35 max AP for 15 seconds.
Bufftats x1 Buffout, x1 Mentats
+Strength, +3 Endurance, +65 max Health and +3 Perception for 8 minutes.
Grape Mentats x2 Hubflower, x1 Mentats, x1 Whiskey
+5 Charisma, barter 10% better for 8 minutes.
Jet x2 Fertilizer, x1 Plastic
Slow Time for 10 seconds.
Mentats x1 Abraxo Cleaner, x2 Brain Fungus, x1Lead
+2 Intelligence and +2 Perception for 5 minutes.
Orange Mentats x1 Asbestos, x3 Carrot, x1 Mentats
+5 Perception and +10% VATS Accuracy for 8 minutes.
Psycho x1 Acid, x1 Circuitry, x2 Hubflower, x1Stimpak
+25% Damage and 25 Damage Resist for 5 minutes.
Psycho Jet x1 Jet, x1 Psycho
Slow Time, +25% Damage, +35 Damage Resist and +40 Max AP for 15 seconds.
Psychobuff x1 Buffout, x1 Psycho
+25% Damage, +Strength, +3 Endurance and +65 max Health for 8 minutes.
Fury x1 Berserk Syringe, x1 Buffout, RequiresChemist
+50% Melee Damage, +25 Damage Resist and -5 Perception for 8 minutes.
Jet Fuel x5 Flamer Fuel, x1 Jet, Requires Chemist
+35 Max AP and increased AP regen for 8 minutes.
Overdrive x2 Acid, x1 Nuka Cola, x1 Psycho, Requires Chemist
+25% Damage and +25% Critical Chance for 8 minutes.
Ultra Jet x1 Bloodleaf, x1 Fertilizer, x1 Jet, x2Plastic, Requires Chemist
Slow Time and +100 max AP for 15 seconds.


Name Damage
Molotov Cocktail x2 Adhesive, x1 Cloth, x2 Glass, x4 Oil
Baseball Grenade x2 Adhesive, x1 Baseball Bat, x2Fertilizer, x1 Oil, x2 Steel
Cryogenic Grenade x3 Acid, x3 Adhesive, x3 Aluminum, x2Nuclear Material, x1 Spring
Fragmentation Grenade x3 Adhesive, x2 Aluminum, x2 Fertilizer, x3 Oil, x1 Spring
Pulse Grenade x4 Adhesive, x3 Aluminum, x1 Circuitry, x2 Nuclear Material, x1 Spring
Plasma Grenade x4 Adhesive, x4 Aluminum, x2 Circuitry, x3 Nuclear Material, x1 Spring


Name Damage
Glowing Blood Pack x1 Antiseptic, x1 Blood Pack, x1Irradiated Blood
+75 Rad Resist for 10 minutes.
RadAway x2 Antiseptic, x3 Glowing Fungus, x1Plastic, x1 Purified Water
Removes 300 Rads.
Refreshing Beverage x3 Antiseptic, x1 Blood Pack, x2 Purified Water, x2 RadAway, x1 Stimpak
Removes all Rads and cures additcations.
Skeeto Spit x1 Blood Sac, x1 Bloodleaf, x1 Glass, x1Steel
+25 max Health for 20 minutes.
Stimpak x2 Antiseptic, x1 Blood Pack, x1 Steel
Basic healing item


Name Damage
Bottlecap Mine x2 Adhesive, x2 Fertilizer, x2 Oil, x2 Steel, x1 Vault-Tec Lunchbox
Cryo Mine x3 Acid, x3 Adhesive, x4 Aluminum, x2Circuitry, x2 Nuclear Material
Fragmentation Mine x3 Adhesive, x3 Aluminum, x3 Fertilizer, x3 Oil, x2 Steel
Pulse Mine x4 Adhesive, x4 Aluminum, x3 Circuitry, x2 Fiber Optics, x3 Nuclear Material
Plasma Mine x4 Adhesive, x5 Aluminum, x3 Circuitry, x3 Fiber Optics, x3 Nuclear Material

Syringer Ammo

Name Damage
Beserk Syringe x1 Anti Freeze Bottle, x1 Bourbon, x1Dirty Water, x1 Steel
Chance to Frenzy target for 2 minutes.
Bleed Out Syringe x1 Fiberglass, x1 Oil, x1 Steel
Does 30 points of damage over 10 seconds to target.
Bloatfly Larva x1 Bloatfly Gland, x1 Glass, x1 Psycho
Chance on death for target to spawn a bloatfly.
Endangerol Syringe x1 Acid, x1 Glass, x1 Med-X, x1 Pencil
Reduces target’s Damage Resistance by 25% for 2 minutes.
Lock Joint Syringe x1 Dirty Water, x4 Lead, x1 Steel, x1Stingwing Barb, x2 Tarberry
Chance to Paralyze for 10 seconds.
Mind Cloud Syringe x1 Abraxo Cleaner, x2 Asbestos, x1Glass, x1 Purified Water
Target believes the player has vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you for 30 seconds.
Pax Syringe x2 Mutfruit, x1 Nuka Cola, x1 Steel
Chance to make the target non-violent for 30 seconds.
Radscorpion Venom Syringe x1 Glass, x1 Radscorpion Stinger, x1Steel
Does 40 points of damage over 10 seconds to target.
Yellow Belly Syringe x1 Anti Freeze Bottle, x1 Fertilizer, x1Glass, x2 Silver
Chance on hit to cause target to flee for 30 seconds.


Name Damage
Cutting Fluid x2 Acid, x8 Bone, x2 Purified Water, x3Steel

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